Monday, October 25, 2021

Watch: BLM And Anti-Mandate Propesters Join Rally For Kyrie Irving

WATCH: Black Lives Matter and Anti-Mandate Protesters Join to Rally for Kyrie Irving

Black Lives Matter and anti-mandate protesters joined forced to storm Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on Sunday in support of Kyrie Irving, an NBA player who has been banned from playing for not being vaccinated.

The Brooklyn Nets player was barred from playing in home games and has been essentially shelved from the team.

The unlikely mix of protesters from across the political spectrum were chanting “Stand With Kyrie” as they burst through the doors during Sunday’s game.

Protestors marching through Brooklyn to Barclays Center, chanting "Stand with Kyrie." Irving is ineligible for #Nets home games - and was essentially shelved by the team altogether - because he won't adhere to the city's COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

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Thousands of NYC Municipal Workers March Across Brooklyn Bridge

Jim Hoft 

THOUSANDS protested Monday in New York City against the Biden and DeBlasio vaccine mandates.

THOUSANDS of workers marched against the vaccine mandates in the city.
The municipal workers marched across the Brooklyn Bridge.


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