Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Twitter CEO Dorsey Warns About Hyperinflation Coming and 'Change Everything', 'It's Happening'

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey Warned About the 2020 Election Night Steal – Now He’s Warning about Hyperinflation

Somehow Jack Dorsey knows that hyper-inflation is going to hit later this year.  Kinda like how he knew the 2020 Election wouldn’t be called on Election night. 

Somehow Jack Dorsey and the other Big Tech billionaires knew that there wouldn’t be a declared winner of the 2020 Presidential Election on Election night.

Now Jack Dorsey claims he knows hyper-inflation is coming.  The Daily Mail reported on Dorsey’s tweets.

The co-founder of Twitter has warned that ‘hyperinflation’ could soon hit the US and ‘change everything’ in the world.

Jack Dorsey, 44, who is currently the CEO of both Twitter and Square – a mobile payment company – issued a warning about the rise of inflation in America over the weekend.

Taking to Twitter on Saturday, Dorsey wrote: ‘Hyperinflation is going to change everything. It’s happening.’

 It makes you wonder what he knows that we don’t.

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