Monday, October 25, 2021

9 Earthquakes Rock Western U.S., Including Los Angeles

9 Earthquakes Rock Western U.S., including Los Angeles; Highest Rated 4.7

128 earthquakes have impacted the western United States in the last 24 hours; 9 had a magnitude of 2.5 or greater. While an earthquake that struck the Los Angeles area was the most felt, the largest was an off-shore quake west of the coast of Oregon. Image: USGS

The western United States is shaking a bit today; over the last 24 hours, 9 earthquakes with a magnitude of 2.5 or greater rocked the region, with the highest being a 4.7 which struck just off shore of Oregon. The most felt earthquake was a 3.6 magnitude rumbler which rocked the Los Angeles metro area as people were waking up. There are no widespread reports of damage nor is there any tsunami threat from any of the quakes.

According to USGS, weak to moderate shaking was reported around 7 am today around the southern Los Angeles County community of Maywood, the San Fernando Valley, the Gabriel Valley, and other adjacent areas. More than 2,200 people in the greater Los Angeles area reported to USGS that they felt the earthquake; some even said they heard the rumbling before it hit.

The Maywood epicenter is about 8 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles. The earthquake was first rated a 3.9 but downgraded to 3.6 after additional analysis by USGS scientists. The earthquake had a depth of about 10 miles.

Several other earthquakes struck the western United States over the last 24 hours, with epicenters in Cobb, Westmorland, The Geysers, and Loyalton, California and in Mina, Nevada.

The strongest of the bunch struck about 100 miles due west of Langlois, Oregon under the Pacific Ocean. That earthquake struck at a depth of 6.2 miles according to USGS.


Gary said...

“I took it, I regret it, I wish I didn’t, am I still saved?...absolutely you’re still saved. Now, okay I got it, now what? I want to say as lovingly as I possibly can...You need to pray and ask God for his mercy and by all means to not take another one because of what’s in this thing” Pastor Farag...his latest update. Scott, what in the world is Pastor Farag talking about? People have to ask for God’s forgiveness for taking the vaccine? That’s crazy...There’s some correlation between the vaccine and Satan?
I use to really enjoy his updates...looked forward to them. Now, I really don’t know what to think about him anymore. Should I have to ask God for forgiveness for taking a flu shot? I had so much respect for this man, now, I really question his who he really is anymore. I’m really sad, confused...

Scott said...

I missed hearing that - so I'm not sure what the context was...I personally don't believe taking the vaccine is something that would require forgiveness (?) -so I don't have a clue...There are very few pastors I agree 100% with and if he said that, I wouldn't disown him for that, its not a deal breaker for me

Ele said...

If you knew the shot had aborted babies in it or babies taken alive and used for any purpose I think asking for forgiveness would be a good thing. In our own humanity we probably commit sin without even knowing so asking for forgiveness from a forgiving father is right and just

Unknown said...

Hello Gary,

Pastor Farag is presenting his 20 Talking Points. He refrained himself from speaking further what things inside the vaccine.

Actually the things inside are poisonous to human body, that's why people are injured or dead because of it.

He is encouraging the vaccinated Christians to ask God for His mercy to heal or lengthen their lives.

Hope that clears things up for you.

Alice said...

I heard him say it. I took “mercy” in this situation not to be forgiveness, but rather God’s supernatural protection from what is in these horrific shots.

Kem said...

I did listen to the update and asking God's mercy refers to, at least in my opinion, mercy in protecting one from the harm that the vaccine causes, not forgiveness for taking the vaccine.

Ele said...
So at one time in our life we had no knowledge of this and we went about vaccinating ourselves and our children. Now that we know it's a whole different ballgame. At one time long go Adam and Eve lived in the garden and had all that was needed. Now we live with the knowledge of good and evil and live in the monopoly game. I'm ready to go home and meet at the tree of life

B from Melbourne said...

I heard the sermon, but I don't fixate on any 1 point - as brothers and sisters in Christ, I think we can look up rather than look at each other.

I spent the last 10 years sending out articles on bible prophecy, YouTube videos etc. It feels like I have done all this for nothing.

The people I warned are now claiming they think that now we might possibly be heading into biblical end times.

A good friend recently told me she prayed to God for a sign that we are in the end times, and then we had the earthquake last month. Seriously, I might as well be talking to the deaf - even the deaf would have more manners.

Back to the main point. Those who took the jab did so not just because of job requirements, but also because it's required for going to restaurants and events, luxury shopping etc. Eat, drink and be merry.

A small percentage of believers heeded the end times warnings and prepared themselves financially and spiritually. The organized their lives so they don't have to get the needle.

Then there are those believers who though not really well prepared physically, they are spiritually aware that we are at the end of the end times, so if they avoid the jab and life falls apart, well it might not matter for much longer.

I don't judge my friends for taking the jab, but it is a bit insulting that all the warnings I sent out were ignored.

Those warnings are ultimately from the bible, so imagine how offensive that is to Jesus.

Having said that, once again thanks to you Scott for your faithful updates.

Scott said...

Thanks, my pleasure; and I can relate to the frustration of people not listening, but you did your job, if folks don't want to listen, then thats on them.