Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Climate Change - The Next Push

Climate Change Replacing Pandemic Panic Leaving Al Gore No Longer Dancing in the Dark

“Fox Weather, the new 24-hour sister network of Fox News, is launching Monday and will strongly embrace climate change as part of its coverage, according to multiple press reports. “The all-weather channel will become a competitor to The Weather Channel and Accuweather, but will be available free on OTT systems and platforms.

Free, that is, to all takers, but worth billions to Fox Weather’s “ad-supported streaming service”—with no ad-blocking by social media giants like Google, currently removing the ability of all other Conservative news outlets who rely on advertising to survive.”

“If you’re asking about climate change, climate change is part of our lives,” Sharri Berg, the Fox executive who will head the division, told Variety.” (Newsmax)

“It’s how we live. It’s not going to be ignored. We will be reporting facts.”

“It’s inevitable that questions would be asked about how the fledgling network will handle the controversial subject of climate change, given Fox News Channel’s long history of discounting it, reports The Washington Post.

“Many of the new network’s early hires are saying the network will have more of a focus on climate science, including Emmy-award-winning weather forecaster Amy Freeze from New York’s ABC affiliate and Shane Brown, a former senior weather product expert from The Weather Channel.”

“Fox News, controlled by media mogul Rupert Murdoch, has long allowed his outlets to cast skepticism on climate change claims and initiatives that would limit traditional carbon-based fuels. (Newsmax)

“But that editorial viewpoint appears to be changing.

“As Murdoch’s sprawling Australian media empire faced the possible loss of millions of dollars in ad revenue for not signing on to a liberal climate change agenda, his outlets did a 180-degree pivot.

“In September, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that Murdoch’s media companies were launching a campaign to promote the benefits of a carbon-neutral economy and back Australia’s zero-emissions goals set for 2050.

“The pro-global warming policy is expected to reach Murdoch’s other properties as well, including Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post, according to media experts.

Is Fox News now ushering In The Great Reset?

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