Saturday, October 30, 2021

What I learned From The Communist Party

What I learned from the Communist Party

What I learned from the Communist Party which ruled my country with an iron fist and a heavy boot on our necks and thin, hungry bodies, can fill a lifetime of horror stories. Twenty years living under such depressing ideological, mental, and physical prison surrounded by barbed wire and heavily armed and guarded borders is enough to fill endless books.

But will Americans listen or read about our collective and individual experiences? Apparently not, as they are marching full-steam ahead into communism and, by the time they wake-up from their ignorant stupor, it will be too late – there will be nobody left to caution them and they themselves will not remember what it was like to live free and make personal choices in life without government interference and forced mandates. So they will comply out of fear and cowardice.

The U.S. Constitution is already just a museum piece that the government is ignoring openly and deriding on a daily basis in their kangaroo courts. Law and order only exists for the benefit of Congress and the corporate oligarchy in control of 330 plus million people. Medical tyranny walks in lock step with government tyranny at all levels.

  • If I wanted to eat, I had to keep my mouth shut and get up early every day to stand in endless lines in order to buy enough food for the day if I was lucky and had enough coupons left on the rationing card.
  • If I wanted to enter a church, I had to wait until someone got married, got baptized, or died. Church was another arm of the Communist Party’s indoctrination machine.
  • If I wanted my parents to remain free and not be disappeared, I had to keep my mouth shut around everybody, including the closest relatives who could turn us in for a loaf of bread.
  • If I wanted to go on vacation, I was not allowed to because my parents were too poor to afford a train ticket or a hotel. They were receiving the Communist Party-decided equity pay young Americans and Democrat Socialists are clamoring for and demanding in this country.
  • If I wanted to go to summer camp, I had to join the youth communist brigades first and be subjected to more indoctrination before I was deemed re-educated in the communist ideological “think” and “speak.” But my parents had to be Communist Party members as well.

    • If I wanted to go inside a restaurant or hotel in my hometown, I was told no. I could only watch the sumptuous and luxurious inside from the street through the well-lit windows. It was dark at home as electricity was cut off and turned on only a few hours a day in order to allow us to do housework and school homework.  
    • Cooking was done with a gas stove and even that was cut off every day. Bathing was once a week with hot water that only came on for two hours. We had to schedule baths or showers around that time.
    • If I was cold, I had to wear many layers of clothes as heat was a rare commodity in our homes. The higher up you lived in the concrete and tiny high-rise apartments, the less steam circulated through the heater coils.

    • I learned to disregard the propaganda lies of equity, equality, and abundance we were fed in class by day-dreaming and imagining that I was traveling to and living in a beautiful country with plenty of food, no heavy armed police everywhere, beautiful colored clothes, plenty of doctors, medicine, clean hospitals without rust and blood oozing from the walls and dirty floors, fully stocked stores, and no bread lines. I was smart enough to see the bleak reality outside, totally opposite from the communist dogma fed to us by elites who lived in comfort and confiscated wealth from the masses.

      I learned to enjoy small things in life and to cherish immediate family – we never knew when we would see them for the last time before they were disappeared for their thoughts of freedom and for their dissenting opinions.

    • I learned that aunts, uncles, and friends who worked hard and saved and acquired too much property beyond what the Communist Party deemed necessary, were sent to hard labor camps. Some survived, some did not. They built the roads, the bridges, and other public works while in captivity, existing on meager rations each day. If they survived their sentence, they emerged like walking skeletons, their physical health and minds scarred for life.

    • I learned so much from my experience and life under the Communist Party boot that I am devastated at the communist turn my adopted country is taking now and so rapidly. The land of the free because of the brave is fast becoming a communist tyranny of the government, the corporate oligarchy supporting it, and the medical professionals who swore to do no harm and are doing harm daily with no remorse.

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