Sunday, October 24, 2021

Protests Increasing In The U.S.

Protesters Crash Through Barricades Carrying American Flag to Protest Vaccine Mandates in New York City

Sometimes all it takes is a spark to change the tides of history. And that spark may have been provided by the unlikeliest of heroes: Brooklyn Nets star player Kyrie Irving.

On Sunday, protesters crashed through the barricades at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York bearing an American flag and shouting anti-vaccine mandate slogans like “no more mandates!” and urging the NBA to “let Kyrie play.” Watch the explosive moment:

The anti-vaccine mandate protesters were wearing shirts like “Freedom over Fear” and “Stand with Kyrie” as they stormed towards the arena while security finally gave up trying to stop them all.

What is striking about the protesters is how racially, ethnically, and ostensibly, politically diverse they appear to be. This shows that there is starting to become a broader coalition of understanding among people of different backgrounds that these vaccine mandates are wrong, even if you advocate that at-risk people take the vaccines to protect their health.

New Yorkers have been protesting off and on since mid-September. A teacher’s group protesting mandatory vaccinations marched across the Brooklyn Bridge, while some protesters chanted f*ck Joe Biden.

While Kyrie Irving was crucified in the press for being a ‘selfish’ NBA player, there was a selfless reason that he stuck to his refusal to surrender to the league mandate. According to a report by the sports publication “The Athletic,” Kyrie didn’t refuse to comply because he is against vaccines. He refused to comply because of millions of Americans are losing their jobs over the unlawful and un-issued federal vaccine mandate.

“Irving is not anti-vaccine and that his stance is that he is upset that people are losing their jobs due to vaccine mandates,” The Athletic reported.

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Anonymous said...

Million are rightly more concerned about reactions to their health with pushed out jabs with no long-term data, with short term frightening adverse reactions, and DEATHS; Why are those poison jabs still on the market, we ask ourselves only to realize, it's all about control, sick agenda's, and nothing good about a sickness more deadly to the majority of American's than the man-made bio-weaponized bat parasite sent here on purpose, as reputed!!! Early treatments are smart, and when Government doesn't recommend this, you know crimes against humanity are the only answer to that much stupidity IMO!

Also if the Jabs worked, they don't, but the un-vaccinated should not be a concern, right, but they are? They think American's are plain stupid, they push stupid, and yes, many are brainwashed filled with fear, but the majority of people are free thinkers; When two plus two equals five, too many folks won't accept it, and let freedom ring one way or another!!!