Monday, February 8, 2021

The Unraveling

My colleague Bonchie wrote an excellent article about a very long, detailed piece in TIME magazine which exposes what many of us already knew: Democrat elected and unelected officials, Corporations, Big Tech, and legacy and social media colluded to turn the election in their favor.

I recommend you read both: Bonchie focuses more on how we knew it all along, and how the Left just cavalierly used this manipulation and collusion to disenfranchise the other side. The TIME piece is a view into the mind of how people who feel they are on a righteous mission to save the world for “democracy” think. It’s rather like interviewing a serial killer to get more information on his/her viewpoint and methods (more on that later).

The TIME article’s writer, Molly Ball, gleefully makes claims that a secret cabal joined forces across the country to stop Donald Trump from winning re-election, using methods such as manipulating legacy and social media coverage, getting elected officials to change election laws, and using a network of big business and union workers to manipulate voting machines, vote counts, and to push back against anyone questioning the integrity of the vote.
So, what have many of us been saying since before November 3, 2020 and weeks thereafter? Editor of The National Pulse’s Raheem Kassam was on Mark Levin’s radio program Friday to discuss this very article, and how his publication was sounding the alarm bells last year that something like this was being coordinated and organized.

Sadly, it’s like we were all screaming into the void. Now it’s being discussed like last week’s football game.

The mind truly boggles.

I used the word “gleefully” in reference to Ball because she makes it all too apparent from her tone and word choices that she is fully on board with all this, almost like a groupie regaling us with the exploits of her favorite rock band and how she got to come along for the ride. Truly sickening.

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