Saturday, February 27, 2021

WEF Deletes Video Cheering Global Lockdowns That Pushed 100 Million Into Extreme Poverty

World Economic Forum Deletes Latest Video After Cheering Global Lockdowns that Pushed 100 Million Humans into Extreme Poverty

The World Economic Forum (WEF) led by Klaus Schwab tweeted out a video on Friday celebrating global lockdowns.

Schwab and the WEF cheered the empty streets insisting the global pandemic lockdowns were “quietly improving cities around the world.” The video highlighted deserted streets, empty factories and grounded planes. Evidently, the WEF has no concerns for the world’s poorest citizens who suffered greatly under the Fauci lockdowns for a virus that targeted 80-year-olds.

The Fauci global lockdowns will plunge 100 million into extreme poverty.

Klaus Schwab also made clear lockdowns are a wonderful option for fighting global warming. Look for the globalists to push lockdowns in the future for their nefarious agenda.

Looks like Klaus Schwab's WEF wanted to send another signal about his vision of our future. Lockdowns not only "work" for "pandemics," but also as a "solution" to "climate change". That backfired, hence they quickly deleted the disturbing Tweet and video.

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Anonymous said...

100 million need to rise up, say NO to Lock-downs; We allowed this, and never must fold again to madmen, IMO!

Public never was given enough proof or valid information to Lock-down, in my opinion!