Saturday, February 20, 2021

Photo Essay: Third World Washington DC

Shocking Pictures Of Third World DC

A Cesspool is a filthy, disgusting, or morally corrupt place. Perfect description of Washington, DC. Jacob Dreizin is a US Army vet and has written the following, which provides an excellent report on the current conditions in DC.

From Jacob Dreizin:

Some folks wanted to know who I am before forwarding my work, make sure I’m not a lunatic—fair enough!  I am 43 years old, a U.S. Army veteran, two Masters degrees, Deplorable, a GOP “donor” (into the five figures since 2017, won’t give another cent until the party gets its head out of the sand), an immigrant, married to an immigrant, a father of three, living with my wonderful family in northern Virginia, 18 miles from Washington, DC.  Naturally, I have to keep this newsletter far apart from my day-job.  In line with that, I don’t have a Twitter or Facebook or any other social media account or web presence, besides some pieces I got published on various blogs.  But I got tired of dealing with editors who usually don’t respond.  Now, doing it my way.  Thanks for reading!

You wouldn’t know it from (lack of) news coverage, but Washington, DC, our nation’s capital, has become a dump, a real disaster zone.  Few know that DC had the toughest virus rules in the country.  By law, you had to (maybe still do) wear a mask outside at all times.  Between the suburb dwellers working from home, the virus closures, the BLM riots, and the Inauguration “army show” and road closures—when the only doors open for a week in three square miles of downtown were McDonalds, 7-11, and a few coffee shops—they killed the city.

Two-thirds of ground-floor “storefront” businesses downtown—restaurants, cafes, banks, the odd financial advisor or asset manager—have closed, most of them permanently.  Even the Starbucks near the World Bank has closed.  When Starbucks checks out, you have a problem.

I spent 15 minutes recently at the Hilton on 16th Street and did not see a single customer, only two employees doing nothing.  The hotel restaurant and almost everything but the elevator lobby were roped off.  Closer to the White House, the damage to city property from last year’s BLM riots has not been repaired.  The city is short on taxes and evidently tapped out.  It has no money but what it can get through Federal bailouts. 



Anonymous said...

The states need to rewrite the constitution and phase out the federal government including DC. When completed allow BLM to loot and burn a non-government building - Federal Reserve. By all means necessary.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, right in our own backyard most folks are concerned about enjoying life best they can, and hoping our Criminals in Government are removed; Globally IMO, we could survive better once those that are crooks within our Gov., get removed and soon!