Friday, February 19, 2021

Christian Ministry Cancellations Begin

Network pulls plug on major Christian ministry for carrying Christian message

The "cancel culture" has struck the influential D. James Kennedy Ministries, founded by the influential Presbyterian minister.

The organization said it's been deplatformed by Lifetime TV, to which it paid "enormous fees" over the years, because of its Christian perspective on issues such as abortion.

Lifetime TV had demanded that the ministry remove all "controversial" content or it could not continue to purchase time for its program "Truths That Transform."

Frank Wright, CEO of the group, said Lifetime imposed an unacceptable demand to remove all programming that addressed abortion or left-wing financier George Soros or it would be banned entirely.

Just last October, Lifetime ran – without protest – D. James Kennedy Ministries' blockbuster documentary, 'Billionaire Radical: George Soros and the Scheme to Remake America,'" the ministry said.

But it wasn't a surprise, since a "growing number of private media firms – among them Twitter, Facebook, Google, Apple and others" now are "deplatforming and silencing outspoken Christian and conservative voices."

"We will not cave to the cancel culture," said Wright. "D. James Kennedy Ministries is committed to proclaiming biblical truth and defending freedom in America. We simply cannot water down our message to please Lifetime and be faithful to our mission."


Zach said...

Soon we will see thousands of Christians on the street, preaching the Truth. Hallelujah

Anonymous said...

The left will soon get their wish. Born Again Christians gone and AC, their messiah, will lead them straight to hell.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Zach, the word will continue to circulate!! For those that try to cancel God from our Nation shows us why there are such crisis in America, those whom do not know the Lord, must know God is bigger than them, and this will be shown as always has!!

We must pray for our Nation, pray for those that reject God at their peril, and know God is in control, not man!