Wednesday, February 24, 2021

The Blindness Of The Sheep

Why Can’t The Sheep See?

A reader brings up a subject worth examining at length regarding the willingness of people to perform the various rites of the Sickness Cult even in the absence of enforcement – as in the case of people who wear their Holy Rag everywhere they go, even within their own vehicle. He brought up the related cult – the Climate Change Cult – and asked why so many people eagerly embrace these faiths, even to their obvious detriment.

He writes:

Last week, Bill Gates appeared on 60 Minutes and talked about climate change, and said something like “every aspect of our lives will have to change” to combat global warming.  (Sort of like the “new normal” for WuFlu?) The next day people at my workplace were talking about how “smart” Gates is about so many things and how it’s so good that he wants to “help people” with his money. They also were looking forward to when they’d be “eligible” for the WuFlu shot.

So . . . a multibillionaire with the influence to do so wants to completely change your life to suit his ideals? And the government wants to inject you with a substance that changes you at the cellular level? This didn’t seem to raise any alarm whatsoever — in fact, they were cheering it on! This brought to mind your article about the “wolves and sheep.” Obviously these people are sheep — but do they even know they’re sheep, and why can’t they see that Gates, Fauci, and Biden are just playing them? And can they ever be “brought around” to be wolves? I don’t care what the likes of Bill Gates, Fauci, and Diaper Joe think — much less want them decide how I “should” live my life.  But why can I see this and all these other people can’t?  What makes “wrong thinkers” (the wolves) different in that we see though the BS?

The answer is as simple as it is frightening. These people do not want to see. They want to believe. 

There is a masochistic, hair-shirting aspect to their fanaticism, too. A desire to suffer for the sins they believe they have committed. Which belief has been inculcated. It is a kind of Savonarola Syndrome extrapolated to and afflicting the general population rather than an individual religious fanatic. This is a natural elaboration of at least 50 years’ worth of general hectoring of the population about “the environment” and its imminent collapse – because of our “selfish” ways. The ways that have given ordinary people hot and cold running water, indoor toilets, lights in their homes and food in their refrigerators, the ability to easily travel almost anywhere; in sum a degree of affluence and comfort unknown to kings as recently as 150 years ago but now taken for granted by fools who believe these things just exist and will always exist.

These must all be sacrificed in the name of the Faith. To save the Earth. To prevent granny from dying.

The Sickness Cult and the Climate Cult give these lost people something to hold onto that they feel is bigger than themselves, which gives their lives the meaning they feel is lacking.

Americans – who once touted their independence – are now characterized by dependence. Of mind and soul.

On Authority.

They not only like – they crave  – being directed; note the casual ubiquity of slogans about “leadership” . . . having been conditioned to it at school. Do what you’re told, without questioning what you are told. Being good means being the same.

Do not disagree.

Social pressure in what has become a hyper-socialized society (viz, the way kids are organized and practically never let alone, almost from the time the can toddle through adulthood) is used to enforce this conformity, this herd instinct. It is a weaponized strain of the childish/schoolyard pressure to wear the “right” clothes and like the “right” music – and so on.

Combine the social pressuring with a habit of mind – or rather a purposeful fracturing of mind; the writer Ayn Rand called it the anti-conceptual mentality. Such minds never developed the habit of mind that was once upon a time the goal of education in modern Western societies; i.e., to examine and question faiths and the do-as-we-say injunctions of Authority, because Authority.

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Anonymous said...

Americans in the 1960's underestimated the repercussions of the 1964 Berkeley Free Speecher Movement and the subsequent birth of the counterculture. They dismissed the counterculture as an extrapolation of aging leftover beatniks from the 50's, a total joke. But in early 1965 with the onset of the Vietnam War and rising draft calls the counterculture took root and became the culture five years later. Free Speechers admitted they intended to change American society from a constitutional republic to a Marxist state immersed in social justice. Many carried and quoted from the little red book written by their kindred spirit Cultural Revolutionary Chairman Mao. In just a few weeks the summit not America but the world led by their messiah Antichrist.