Wednesday, February 24, 2021

What's Happening In Texas?

What’s Happening in Texas? Texas woman talks about power outages

What’s happening in Texas? I mean, what is REALLY happening in Texas with all the power outages?

Texas widespread outages have left many Texans struggling to stay warm.

As of Wednesday morning, nearly 3 million Texas households did not have power.

  • Warming centers will not let people in without proof of fake covid vaccine
  • There is no water
  • There is no heat
  • They will not let anyone in to help residents
  • Grocery stores have no water and are very low on supplies
  • Grocery stores (especially walcult) stick to limited people in stores (covid hoax) even during the Texas winter crisis
  • No word when power or gas will be restored
  • No one allowed on the roads in order to “conserve resources” such as gasoline
  • No worthless pop stars organizing funding for Texas (Gitmo may be the reason)
  • Windmill farms (clean energy) just stop working

Families in Houston and all over Texas are doing anything to stay warm, sometimes making deadly choices. Texas Hospitals have treated hundreds for exposure to the cold and for carbon monoxide poisoning.

Texas’ counties warn their water could be contaminated and needs to be boiled, but you can’t boil water without electricity or heat.

What’s happening in Texas? It’s understandable that very cold weather could cause such conditions, but also given that Texas snow does not melt (it burns), things are just not adding up.


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