Monday, February 22, 2021

Big Tech vs Humanity

'They want to live forever. They want to be gods'

As Big Tech continues to expand its control over all things on the internet, a new alarm is being sounded over what's purported to be its next targets: the human body and soul.

The warning is coming from Andrew Torba, the CEO of, a free-speech alternative to the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

During an appearance Saturday on "War Room" with former President Trump aide Steve Bannon, Torba, an outspoken Christian, asserted the tech giants are looking at creating a "post-human race."

"They're talking about ascending the human race biologically," Torba said.

"They're talking about chips in your brain or altering your DNA all sorts of things that apply technology to the human biology and try to take it to, I guess in their minds, the next level, essentially making them gods and having all of us, the rest of us, under their control. It's fundamentally destroying our humanity by appending technology to our bodies and, they believe, to our souls. They want to live forever. They want to be gods, which, of course, God is not going to take lightly to and God will pass judgment on." WATCH A CLIP:

He said Christians need to recognize this is going on.

"This is not a conspiracy theory, this is not some sci-fi movie," Torba explained. "This is the future that these guys are focused on bringing into power is consolidating their power, consolidating all the wealth to them, consolidating all the data to them."

When Bannon asked if the Big Tech powers were looking to create a post-homo-sapien race, Torba responded:

"Post-human, and they make themselves gods with this technology and they enslave the rest of is with this."

He said in actuality, people have been enslaved to some extent already.

"They have us enslaved via these devices, via what we're putting on our phone, where we're putting our data, where we're trusting our private communications," he indicated.

"We don't know it, but we're enslaved digitally and our minds are enslaved to these things, whether the TV or whether it's the phone, the oligarchs have us mind-slaved right now. But where they want to take it next is they want to enslave our biology, they want to enslave our bodies by implanting chips or altering our DNA or whatever it is they have to do to control us and make us complacent while also using that same technology to lift them up as gods and make them live forever and control the rest of us as digital serfs essentially. That's what's happening right now and people need to be aware of it."

The term "transhuman" has been discussed for years about intentionally altering human beings to reach a higher, superhuman, physical level, and Torba stressed the leaders of Big Tech consider themselves as powerful as divine beings.



Anonymous said...

In my opinion, after reading this Article, with it's description of some very sick lost souls wanting to play God on Earth, and their quest for living forever, might we assume they are indeed afraid of "Death"?

When people reject they can live forever through Christ, that we all will perish on Earth, and if your soul is saved, you will have eternal life, explains how their rejection is now their insanity, IMO!!! Those who want to control and suck life from the souls on Earth like some kind of vampires through manipulation of DNA, etc., they don't think eternal life is a place they will go, they fear where they will go, in my opinion! They don't know God, and allow darkness into their souls obviously from what Agenda's have been attempted by them, in my opinion!

Pray for those delusional people that consider themselves as powerful as divine beings! They don't sound very smart, and hide behind their Technology they weaponize;
CRAZY! We are dealing with pure evil if all is reputed to be such, in my opinion!

Zach said...

Sounds similar to Hitler's aryan race. He also wanted to exalt himself in a similar manner. They didn't have technology back then, but Hitler was also interested in the occult. I mean he brought satan's throne into Germany, and became truly fixated on making his own race, enslaving others, and erasing the memory of God by trying to eradicate the Jewish people. We must remain vigilant against these new "Hitlers" rising up because they have been planning their deception for years, decades even. Slowly but surely the whole world will be taken over without ever firing a gun. It's already begun.