Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Totalitarianism: 'We're Here - There Is No Way Around It'

Ex-Clinton adviser on totalitarianism: 'We're here. There's no way around it'

A prominent feminist and former adviser to Bill Clinton is warning about the advance of totalitarianism in the United States through rules imposed by government officials claiming to be fighting COVID-19.

"We're here," said Naomi Wolf, who advised Clinton during his reelection campaign in the 1990s, during an interview with Fox News' Tucker Carlson Monday night.

"We're really moving into a coup situation," she said. "That transcends everything you and I might agree or disagree on."

The author has studied the step-by-step demise of democracies historically.

America, she said, now is in "Step 10," the suspension of the rule of law.

That's when nations "start to be a police state," she said.

"We're here. There's no way around it."

She said many people see the problem, but the nation is "very divided."

Wolf expressed concern about actions by government during the coronavirus pandemic.

"The state has now crushed businesses, kept us from gathering in free assembly to worship as the First Amendment provides, is invading our bodies ... which is a violation of the Fourth Amendment, restricting movement, fining us in New York state ... the violations go on and on," she said.

Government leaders, Wolf contined, are saying, "We're not going to follow the Constitution because there's a pandemic."

"Nowhere in the Constitution does it say all this can be suspended if there's a bad disease," she said.

She also was critical of Joe Biden's leadership, acknowledging that his COVID-19 policies are making her regret her vote for him.

"'I really hope we wake up quickly because history also shows that it's a small window in which people can fight back before it is too dangerous to fight back," she wrote on Twitter.

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