Monday, February 8, 2021

Digital Covid Passport Set To Be Launched In Denmark

Denmark set to launch digital coronavirus passport

Denmark is set to launch its own digital Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) passport within the next few months. This document will show whether people have been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

If the bearer of the passport has been vaccinated, it may grant them special travel privileges such as the waiving of mandatory quarantine. It could even allow them to visit certain areas such as restaurants, music festivals, sports events and conferences.

The leftist government of Denmark is hoping the passport can be the first step in a return to normalcy. Acting Finance Minister Morten Boedskov said on Wednesday, Feb. 3, that the passport will be ready “in three, four months” and that Danish citizens will be able to use it for business-related flights.

“It is absolutely crucial for us to be able to restart Danish society so that companies can get back on track,” said Boedskov. “Many Danish companies are global companies with the whole world as a market.”

According to Boedskov, the government will launch a health website by the end of February that will show confirmation whether each Danish citizen has been vaccinated.

“It will be the extra passport that you will be able to have on your mobile phone that documents that you have been vaccinated,” said Boedskov, explaining the passport. “We can be among the first in the world to have it and can show it to the rest of the world.” (Related: Here it comes: If you want to board a plane or travel internationally, you’re going to have to have a COVID “vaccine passport.”)

Denmark is currently under its second lockdown, which was introduced in January. All non-essential retail stores are closed while bars and restaurants are only allowed to offer takeout.

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