Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Will VP Pence Step In And Throw Out State Electoral Picks That Are Based On Fraud?

Will Vice President Pence Tomorrow Step In and Throw Out State Electoral College Picks That Are Based on Fraudulent Results and Ask the State Legislatures to Step In?

Some experts believe that Vice President Mike Pence has the duty tomorrow to throw out electoral college recommendations in the 2020 election that are based on fraud.  

This will then force these states to have their legislatures choose the set of delegates they believe will best represent the state’s election results.

Ivan Raiklin has studied the Constitution and found some absolutely fascinating information.  He is reporting that a peaceful and Constitutionally lawful resolution to the situation we are in is at hand and may begin tomorrow.

America, MUST do this, tomorrow! To defend our Constitution from our enemies: Foreign: China, Russia, Iran & Domestic: BigTech Censorship, MSM Censorship, Corrupt Officials at the Federal, State, and Local levels!

Raiklin reports that the VP has the power tomorrow to throw out electoral slates from states that are based on fraudulent results.

If Pence were to act tomorrow then the election would no longer be confirmed by the Governors and Secretary’s of States in select swing states, it would be in the hands of the legislatures.  From this point forward it would be in the hands of the legislatures.

The Georgia Judiciary Committee has already voted and agrees there is enough information to decertify the vote for Joe Biden.

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