Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Vaccine Passports And Stepping Stones Towards The 'Beast System'


Mac Slavo

Mainstream media is ramping up the propaganda in order to get the public on board with an unnecessary and unwanted vaccine. The rollout of “vaccine passports” is here, and if you want to travel, you’ll need to show proof of vaccination.

The beast system is arriving with the invention of COVID-19 and far too many Americans still don’t get it.  The dystopian future we’ve been warned about is here and it’s only going to get more tyrannical as the digital dollar is rolled out. The mainstream media is putting a nice spin on the adaptation of the beast system of control:

Now that coronavirus vaccines are starting to roll out in the US and abroad, many people may be dreaming of the day when they can travel, shop, and go to the movies again. But in order to do those activities, you may eventually need something in addition to the vaccine: a vaccine passport application.

Several companies and technologygroups have begun developing smartphone apps or systems for individuals to upload details of their Covid-19 tests and vaccinations, creating digital credentials that could be shown in order to enter concert venues, stadiums, movie theaters, offices, or even countries. –CNN

The message is clear: if you want to buy or sell or move about freely, you’ll need proof of vaccination.

Big Tech also wants a cut for helping install the beast system of control over every single human on this planet.  “You can be tested every time you cross a border. You cannot be vaccinated every time you cross a border,” Thomas Crampton, chief marketing and communications officer for The Commons Project, told CNN Business.He stressed the need for a simple and easily transferable set of credentials, or a “digital yellow card,” referring to the paper document generally issued as proof of vaccination.

Large tech firms are also getting in on the act. IBM developed its own app, called Digital Health Pass, which allows companies and venues to customize indicators they would require for entry including coronavirus tests, temperature checks, and vaccination records. Credentials corresponding to those indicators are then stored in a mobile wallet.

Authoritarian regimes such as Nazi Germany have often used papers not for identification purposes but as a means to control and restrict access and mobility.

Despite the ongoing debate and even deep distrust over the role of government and pharmaceutical corporations in dictating demands for a dubiously dangerous disease, those who hope to maintain good social standing may soon be obliged to drink the Kool-Aid.

According to CNN Business, globalist entities are now conspiring to develop a special app that would punish those who wish to keep the government out of their bodies.

Called the Common Trust Network, it claims it would “help governments implement more flexible, risk-based policies and develop a more reliable assessment of individuals’ health status as a part of a multi-layered risk management approach.”

Understandably, countries that have not yet reached the point of herd immunity may want to keep borders closed in the short span of time that the risk of a serious outbreak remains.

But those dreaming of the “Great Reset” undoubtedly envision something more long-term, where the nanorobots circulating through one’s blood stream could emit a GPS signal to allow anybody within the New World Order network to track your coordinates and check your biorhythms at a moment’s notice.

The result will look much more like the Orwellian nightmare-scape of Black Mirror than the morally unambiguous Indiana Jones.

“Several countries have implemented digital platforms for travelers to submit their health information prior to departure,” said the CTN pitch. “However, given the interconnectedness of global travel and the global economy, it is not practical for each country or jurisdiction to implement its own independent methods for verifying the health information of incoming travelers from every other country or region.”

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