Thursday, December 31, 2020

Things To Come?

Where Did Covid Come From?

Is public health the focus of mask mandates, lockdowns, and vaccinations, or are other agendas being served?

I am sure that there are more questions.  

But none are being officially addressed, and the presstitutes have zero interest.  This suggests that the origin of Covid is being kept a secret and that a wider agenda than public health is being served.

Sounds like we are being prepared for more control over our behavior, travel, and livelihood. A country in which people are easily regimented is not a place to be living.  

As there is money to be made in a “Covid Passport,” private business will lobby it through and help build the Total Police State (TPS).  Between the private sector’s greed for money and the public sector’s greed for power, we can kiss freedom good-bye.  

Spain prepares a “Registry” of those who refuse Covid vaccination 

And now the World Health Orgnization’s chief scientist tells us that there is “no evidence Covid vaccine prevents viral transmission.”

So what is it all really about?


Anonymous said...

In my opinion, those that subject all mankind to this Covid-19 Psychological operations, IMO, need to offer more proof or origin, with exact break-down of this Flu on steroids, of explanation for Miro-managing this Covid-19 versus seasonal Flu's etc. with regards to who gets it, dies from it, and so forth!

Just like some folks don't get Flu, other bugs, those that don't get Covid-19 should not be persecuted; Reputed Asymptomatic folks, and healthier immune systems, do not transmit Covid, or body does fight Covid from invading their body, this needs to be shouted out loudly! If Covid is meant to control populace, than any info about positive outcomes are not being put out there to the masses, so leaves us skeptical about Covid intent, agreed!? If God won't allow some folks to get Covid, show truths revealed, then shall be it! Man manipulates outcomes that are not reality, and therefore, God shows us in different ways, God won't be mocked! (:

Scott said...

I agree - its a long term plan being enacted right now - the end game is rapidly approaching