Thursday, December 24, 2020

Situation Update: December 24 -

Situation Update, Dec. 24th – Pence fails, options collapsing, DECLASS priority

VP Mike Pence surprised no one yesterday by proving to be a total coward, refusing to issue a letter to the states in which overwhelming fraud has occurred, wherein Pence could have ordered them to submit legitimate electoral votes to Congress. (The Pence-Raiklin Maneuver.)

Instead, he remained silent, effectively stabbing Trump in the back. Once Trump achieves his second term, he should demand Pence’s resignation and replace him with someone who is willing to actually fight for America.

On December 22nd, I published a list of 10 feasible pathways for Trump to achieve victory. Two of those options have now collapsed (#3 and #5), reducing the number of remaining options to 8. (The incoming acting AG at the DOJ seems unwilling to appoint a special counsel.)

The first option — “declassification” — still appears to be the most viable option, short of invoking the Insurrection Act or declaring martial law. (Which is likely to take place after Jan. 6th, unless things move to a contingent election.)

The December 24th Situation Update is embedded below. Here are the highlights:

  • Bill Barr exits the DOJ. One less swamp creature at the helm.
  • Pence fails to act, proving he will also betray Trump and the nation.
  • GOP party emerging as a party of traitors. A powerful anti-GOP movement is forming among Trump supporters.
  • Trump vetoes the NDAA, which also contained a hidden provision to nullify the Insurrection Act. Congress will need to re-convene to attempt to override Trump’s veto.
  • Karl Rove, a feckless RINO / Bush holdover, calls Sidney Powell a conspiracy theorist for her truthful statements about election fraud.
  • Trump publicly calls for the DOJ to appoint a special counsel to investigation election fraud.
  • Pence publicly states, “We’re going to keep fighting until every illegal vote is thrown out,” but then he stops fighting and allows illegal votes to count. No one is surprised.
  • Jeffrey Prather hints that Chris Miller’s DoD team may have intentionally leaked bad intel to the Biden transition team to see if they passed it to the CCP. Biden’s team may have already been caught in acts of treason.
  • Michigan’s GOP senate leader clears Dominion of any wrongdoing, despite all the overwhelming evidence of vote manipulations.
  • Trump staffers at the White House are told to stop packing up, “Updated information will be shared in the coming days.”
  • Speculation that patriots may begin to mount an uprising against tyranny around Jan. 9th.
  • Arizona may invoke the “Sergeant At Arms” to seize Dominion voting machines from Maricopa county.
  • Hydroxychloroquine factory in Taiwan blown up in mysterious event that may be a Big Pharma attack on the HCQ pipeline.
  • Deep state rumored to be threatening Trump with nuclear weapons detonated in the USA if Trump refuses to concede. (Rumor only.)
  • Rumor that deep state is trying to physically remove Trump from the White House by next week.
  • Miles Guo reveals that Hunter Biden’s sex tapes, pedo tapes and Joe Biden’s CCP financial bribery documents have been handed to Trump.
  • Trump publicly chastises Pence for not fighting hard enough for America.

Here’s the full podcast:


Andre said...

This is a false accusation on VP Pence due to Mike Adams not doing his research. Research the law suit that was filed and please correct this.

Anonymous said...

This article is a false accusation on VP Pence by Mike Adams due to his lack of research on the law suit that was filed.