Tuesday, December 29, 2020

4 Synchronous Large Quakes Off Chile Are Warning Sign

The 4 synchronous large earthquakes off Chile (2 M6.7 and 2 M6.8) are a true WARNING sign of bigger events to come
Strange Sounds

Depending on the app you use, three or four strong earthquakes hit off Chile on December 27, 2020 at 9:39 pm UTC.

These are called synchronous quakes, each of them having a ‘s-wave’ and a ‘p-wave’ (see below for their meaning).

But because those large quakes were SYNCHRONOUS with each other, you can deny, if you want, the existence of the other 2(-3) shocks. So it’s not that they didn’t happen, it’s just that the different seismic networks removed 2(-3) of these strong jolts.

However, the truth is that those Earth tremors are SYNCHRONOUS with the molten magma moving under their epicenters. And this means that the temblors are a true WARNING sign of bigger events to come.

Yes, these quakes in sync with each other at the same epicenter give you a direct WARNING of events which will follow!

This region, adjacent to the fast-moving Nazca Plate, has high tectonic activity as shown by the four M6.7 and M6.8 synchronous seisms and the nearby epicenter of the strongest earthquake recorded in modern times, the 1960 Valdivia earthquake.

Of the world’s 36 known earthquakes with M ≥ 8.5 since the year 1500, one-third occurred in Chile.

So to come back to our 3-4 synchronous earthquakes, 2-3 were removed to have a more ‘readable’ and a less ‘fear-mongering’ and alarmist map… But they have existed and are a true warning signs of bigger things to come

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