Saturday, December 26, 2020

Rand Paul: It Was Never Intended That Governors Would Be 'Czars Or Dictators'

“Czars Or Dictators” — Rand Paul On How To Stop Authoritarian Governors

Gateway Pundit

Senator Rand Paul has a way to stop authoritarian governors and mayors: Take away their federal dollars.

In an interview with NewsMax, Rand Paul blasted the lockdowns and the authoritarian efforts of Democrat governors and mayors: has the transcript:

The only thing that will get [New York City Mayor Bill] de Blasio and [New York Gov. Andrew] Cuomo to finally open up is when they run out of other people’s money … So I think that we shouldn’t be passing out any money to the states, we shouldn’t be rewarding their bad behavior. And really, this has probably been the worst time in the history of our country for power being accumulated into the hands of very few people…

…You know, nobody ever intended that governors would be sort of czars or dictators in charge of the economy…

…In my state, you can’t have indoor dining, you can’t have outdoor dining, and your kids are not in school. We’re worse than New York City right now. In Kentucky, our governor has shut the schools down even though all of the science shows that—and all of the evidence—that you really aren’t having a surge when you have the schools open.”

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