Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Second Wave Of 'Biblical' Locust Plagues In Africa

Second wave of biblical locust plagues hits the Horn of Africa and Yemen (videos)

New biblical swarms of desert locusts are forming in the Horn of Africa, threatening agricultural livelihoods and the food security of millions of people.

FAO recently said in an alarming news release: “New locust swarms are already forming and threatening to re-invade northern Kenya and breeding is also underway on both sides of the Red Sea, posing a new threat to Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, the Sudan, and Yemen.

This year had already seen the worst East Africa invasion in 70 years.

Uncontrolled Swarms of Devouring Locusts to Hit East Africa, Middle East, and Southwest Asia IN NO TIME Leaving Behind Barren Earth

In just one day, a swarm of locusts the size of Paris could eat the same amount of food as half the population of France. And that’s pretty much exactly what has been forecast for an enormous region reaching from Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya (hit right now) to Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. … Continue reading

It could be as bad as what we’ve seen in the past year because the area of breeding ground in these countries is as big as 350,000 sq km (135,000 sq miles).

Invasion of new Desert Locust swarms in Beledweyne is threatening and disrupting crop production and food security initiatives of poor household farmers in the region and entire Somalia.@FAOSomalia @WFPSomalia @FSCluster @OCHASom @MoAI_Somalia @MoHADM_Somalia

Locust infestations increased over the past month in Ethiopia and Somalia as a result of extensive breeding, favourable weather and rainfall, with populations predicted to increase further in the coming months.

Cyclone Gati brought two years of rainfall within two days and what could have been a hostile terrain for the locusts turned into a favourable breeding ground.

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