Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Division In The Church Over Politics:

A Response to Division and Divisiveness in the Church

The current political climate, and more specifically, the politics that have invaded the church, are causing increased division among those who profess to be Christians. Whether it’s a tweet from Beth Moore denouncing so-called Trumpism and nationalism, or a radical right-leaning group pointing to Trump as the Savior, the divide has left many people confused.

Here are a few points I’m hoping will help, but first, I’d like to begin with a question: Since when did being concerned about protecting innocent life become nationalism, and wanting God’s Word honored and the freedom to preach the gospel become Trumpism? Could it be that we are allowing a secular, godless society to wrongly label many of us? Is it possible to love what God has done in America without being stereotyped as a “bad” person?

Granted, many of us, including myself, can do a better job of communicating our feelings via humility and gentleness. But when we see that a Biden administration would promote transgenderism to our little ones, allow eight-year-olds to acquire a sex change, encourage the most perverted legislation any society has ever known, silence all Bible-beliveing churches, mock God, and kill children at nine-months’ gestation, we get a little fired up, and so should you.

(Special note: I will also discuss some of these issues with Dr. Michael Brown, who has a good grasp on understanding both sides. The links to listen are below.)

1. Where we acquire our information can divide us. For example, some believe there is no evidence of massive fraud in the recent election, while many others are convinced there is. Many are arguing opinions, not facts, just because they don’t like President Trump. This is really the root of where the division begins. The fact is that political officials, many news organizations (see the short list below), and attorneys like Lin Wood and Sidney Powell have been sounding the alarm about election fraud and “errors” since day one. Every reputable news outlet is now publishing articles on election fraud on a daily basis.

Do your own research and see where the facts take you. For example, I think there is plenty of evidence to show that the Dominion voting software was designed to influence elections, not simply count votes (again, see the links below). Some people are trusting the mainstream news outlets and never look at the other side. Most of the mainstream news is owned by just a few large corporations who are hell-bent on destroying America, even if it involves lying, stealing, and manipulating. Do your homework. Find sources of actual journalism, and let the facts lead you to your conclusions rather than being told what to think.

Finally, be gracious when communicating with others, and try to be helpful and compassionate. For example, someone who disagrees with me and my wife often on social media is currently going through tremendous hardship. My wife just told her that we could help her out financially. That one gesture broke down the walls of offense.


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