Thursday, June 25, 2020

What Caused Huge Explosion Near Tehran?

A large explosion occurred east of Tehran
Sputnik International

A large explosion occurred east of Tehran, Iran, late Thursday night, but it remains unclear what caused the event. 
​Saudi outlet Al Arabiya reported that the explosion took place at a military base east of Tehran; however, speculation surrounding the incident has run rampant, with some claiming that the explosion was the result of a power plant outage or a munitions disposal gone wrong. 
Early reports from the area also claimed Parchin, a military base "where Iran has conducted nuclear activity" was the site of the blast, according to New York Times reporter Farnaz Fassihi
Tehran-based Mehr News Agency reported that it heard a "terrible sound" and believed the bright light in the sky was related to the noise. 
Local footage shows the night sky lighting up from the explosions in the distance. 
Another perspective of the incident was later posted by analyst Joe Truzman. 

It remains unclear whether any injuries or fatalities were associated with the explosion. 
Iranian authorities are currently investigating the bright light and loud noise, according to Reuters, which cited state TV.  

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