Thursday, June 25, 2020

Bill Gates And Microsoft Banned In Russia

Gates’ Dream of Controlling the World is Hitting a Brick Wall

Bill Gates and Microsoft have been banned in Russia. This is seriously preventing Bill Gates’ dream of vaccinating the entire world so he can track everyone. Russia is going to add Bill Gates to the blacklist along with George Soros and Jacob Rothschild.

The entire scheme of Microsoft and the others is to take everything that we do, create profiles, and then sell that to companies to endlessly market stuff to us. If I am paying for a program like Windows, I do not want endless updates that are really phishing for everything I do. They are not satisfied with paying for a product. They much destroy all privacy for a buck.
We are now faced with the second wave of Marxists determined to create a Marxist world despite the fact it has never worked. Guess what — they are right on time. The collapse of Communism was 1989.95; add 31.4 years, and we arrive at 2021.35 perfectly as we head into the Monetary Crisis Cycle.
Putin is at least protecting the Russian people against the manufactured pandemic. There are far about 9.5 million people who die every year from cancer compared to Bill Gates’ virus of fewer than 500,000 deaths worldwide. About 645,000die of heart attacks annually. There are about 15.2 milliondeaths annually from various diseases. We do not hear about that every night on CNN delivering a daily death count. If they did, it would probably also change behavior. In comparison, Gates’ virus is overly exaggerated for the sole purpose of terrorizing people into complying with his agenda.

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