Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Now Is The Time

Not Now, I Have My Life to Live

Jonathan C. Brentner

One would think that with all the chaos in just the first six months of 2020 we would see a concentrated focus by pastors on biblical prophecy and warnings about what is to come, but such is not the case.
Why do we see such a lack of urgency in our churches as biblical signs of the coming tribulation explode around us like fireworks in the sky? Why do Christians, some of whom profess to believe in the pretribulation rapture, flock to churches where they sadly hear no mention the Lord’s soon appearing or the imminent tribulation?
Could it be that we do not want to hear about the coming disruption to our lives? Is it not much easier to attend a church that never talks about Jesus’ imminent appearing, but pushes it to the far distant end of the age where it will not disrupt careers or our hopes of grandchildren, retirement, and future travel?
Please know I am not discounting the joy of these things. What I am saying is this: a major disruption to our lives looms in the near future. This will either come via the rapture or the intensifying chaos under the banner of Marxism that will someday lead to the world government led by the antichrist and the hell on earth known as the seven-year tribulation.
Why am I so certain of this?

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