Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Another Mysterious Explosion In Northern Tehran Kills 13: Strike On Weapons Depot?

13 Dead After Mysterious Explosion In Northern Tehran

Update (1520ET): New details on the explosion have just landed. Per Sputnik News, which cited Iranian media reports, an explosion and a fire in a medical facility in the north of the Iranian capital killed 13 people, while six people were injured. It was the second explosion in the city in under a day, and the latest in a string of explosions.

Just a day after Tehran called for President Trump's arrest, a mysterious explosion
has been reported in the northern part of the capital city, with unconfirmed sources
on US social media claiming it might be tied with a strike on an Iranian weapons

Iranian state news reported the explosion, and an ensuing fire. It's unclear
whether the fire has been brought under control.

It follows another mysterious explosion a few days ago that was never explained, 
though some attributed it to "disposal" of arms.
Notably, the explosion occurred one hour after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
declared that the end of an Iranian arms embargo would threaten world peace.

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