Thursday, June 25, 2020

New Chinese Structures Being Built Near Site Of Deadly Clashes

Satellite images show new Chinese structures near site of deadly border clashes with Indian forces after New Delhi sent more soldiers to disputed Himalayan region

China appears to be building new structures near the site of a deadly border clash with Indian troops earlier this months - despite both sides pledging to 'disengage'. 
Satellite images taken on June 22 show what appears to be a new Chinese encampment and road under construction on a terrace overlooking a bend in the Galwan River, where a month ago there was nothing.
Meanwhile defensive positions appear to have been built on the Indian side, and a nearby forward operating base appears to have been significantly scaled back when compared with images taken of the same area on March 22.
It comes after 20 Indian troops were killed and 76 wounded in brutal hand-to-hand fighting with Chinese forces, because guns are banned in the region. China is also thought to have lost men, but has not reported any deaths. 

A satellite image taken on June 22 shows a road under construction on the Chinese side of the border, including several trucks, tents, diggers and cranes, along with a newly-constructed culvert over the river

Show of force: This newly-released image shows a Chinese base further along the valley. Both sides have officially agreed to 'disengage' in the region, though observers say forces are building on both sides

China's foreign ministry did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the apparent activity.
India's defence ministry also did not respond to a request for a comment.
Indian military officials have previously said they will be closely monitoring the planned disengagement process and verify it on the ground.
'There is a trust deficit so far as the Chinese are concerned,' said former Indian army chief Deepak Kapoor.
'So if they are telling us verbally they are ready to pull back, we will wait to see it on the ground. Until then the armed forces will be on alert.' (Reporting by Simon Scarr and Sanjeev Miglani; Additional reporting by Tony Munroe in Beijing; Editing by Lincoln Feast.)

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