Monday, June 22, 2020

Things To Come?

Waking A Sleeping Giant

The air is still, but there is a tension. You can feel it. It’s a stillness that makes one nervous, as a sleeping volcano that’s beginning to awaken, showing smoke and ash. For right now, people are quiet, wondering what is around the corner.
Common folk are continuing to be bombarded by the Left, behind their high walls with a self-righteous, phony ‘heart felt’ drone of why the country we all love, having so many of us fought and died for, is a sham, a fraud, illegitimate, irredeemable. Former Secretary of State, John Kerry is even predicting a revolution if Trump wins re-election.

The Left recruits the protesters, the placard walkers, the mindless bull-horn loudmouths spilling their gratuitous and absurd cacophony. It’s the reticent, restrained, hard-working citizen who plays by the rules, wasting no time complaining, that is muted, and for the time being controlled. These folk listen in silence, growing immune to the continuous noise.

For many decades, at least since the sixties, the Left has deliberately planned and carried out the gradual destruction of our culture, what made us the greatest country in all of human history, to a point unrecognizable. They went from blue jeans to three piece suits…destruction from the inside. They have dismissed God from the public square, devastated our schools, taught our children to hate God, country, and parents, destroyed countless Black and White families with welfare and handouts, keeping them in ‘their place.’ They killed millions of children, disproportionately Black, and called it ‘healthcare.’ Everything God declares as sin, they call good. No big deal, they don’t believe in God anyway. To them. everyone creates their own reality.

Theirs is an evil, disordered, Marxist culture of the superiority of government over God and mankind. They hate everything that is good and clean. They needed to divide us and so they have. They say they hate fascism, but don’t really know what it is. They are willing to accept communism, but have no idea what they are asking for.

The Left wants limited free speech. Unlike what we were taught as children, they believe words can actually hurt them. They demand no guns (while they stockpile weapons), no borders, police, prisons (except for political prisoners), or churches. What they want is a full Red Chinese-style, student-led, paramilitary, socio-political cultural revolution. Unacceptable history, movies, speech, private property, books, especially the Bible, will be banned. Thought police have already arrived.

Police in all their states are being ordered to stand down to one extent or another while they tear cities apart. The Washington state governor, Jay Inslee, claimed recently he actually didn’t know anything about the partial city takeover in Seattle. New York City, on Mayor de Blasio’s orders, released 250 prisoners. They have since been rearrested 450 times, having committed unspeakable crimes. One of them walked past a 92-year old woman and for no reason hit her hard in the face as she passed with her walker, dropping her to the ground where her head hit a fire hydrant. Police are being shot, and ambushed. Precincts are being stormed. People are being assaulted wholesale in all the Democrat strongholds just for being White. Murder in New York City is up 25%.

They ‘liberate’ a section of Seattle and call it their Autonomous Zone to show the world how to live. In the meantime they put up walls, destroy almost everything in sight, arm themselves to the teeth, accept deliveries of food and sanitation from people who actually work for a living, beat a man senseless by their ‘police’ for stealing. How’s that for police brutality? Police without law or inhibition. A true Animal Farm. I doubt they even see the irony of it all. The mayor of Seattle, being the hapless public servant, decides it’s just a block party…true anarchy with government approval.

Many ask why the anarchy? It is simple. The Left needs a total societal breakdown so as to introduce their own form of law and order, a tyrannical, communist, godless government. Think Soviet Union, North Korea, Red China. They will promise Scandinavia, but will deliver Red China. They’re hoping people will demand it.
Their cause remains a thin veneer, cheap, a counterfeit. We paid too dear a price for it to be anything else. Hence, they will lose this war, this revolution, once again. People are waking up, beginning to feel their families and stuff being threatened. In America, you don’t mess with one’s family and stuff. They worked too hard to find some happiness in this troubled world. The Left thinks they are gaining the upper hand, using treason and insurrection at a time when no one seems to meet with justice. They have miscalculated.
While the insurgents burn cities, the Left hopes people will demand change that only they can deliver. Yes, the people will make demands, but not to their liking.
If the anemic response such as what we have seen from both Democrats and Republicans continues, vigilante justice will come and it will not be pleasant. The people will not cower, they will not cringe. They will do what no one else is willing to do.

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