Saturday, June 27, 2020

India: Locust Invasion 'Biblical' - Sends Dark Cloud Over India

Locust invasion: 'Biblical' plague sends terrifying dark cloud over India

A terrifying swarm of locusts have formed a dark cloud over the grey skies of Gurgaon – putting authorities on red alert. On Saturday afternoon the short-horned species of grasshopper made a formation over the northern city – located south west of New Dehli.

A horrific video showed the locusts whizzing past the overcast skies before locals reported seeing the swam settle upon trees, rooftops and plants.
The pests travelled on their path of destruction more than two kilometres towards the capital.
K L Gurjar from the Ministry of Agriculture said: “The swarms moved from west to east.
“They entered Gurugram around 11.30am.”

A locusts invasion is seen across the skies of India (Image: TimesofIndia )

India’s environment minister Gopal Rai has urged officials to remain on alert ahead of another outbreak.
Authorities in India faced an outbreak of locusts in May destroying thousands of acres of farmland.
Last month a swarm devastated crops in Rajasthan before spreading to decimate harvests across Punjab, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.
Earlier this month in neighbouring Pakistan, a national emergency was declared following an invasion.
The pests wreaked havoc across farmland in the eastern Punjab, southern Sindh and southwestern Baluchistan provinces.
The scale of the disaster even forced officials from India and Pakistan to briefly work together to combat the attack.

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