Saturday, January 26, 2019

Yellow Vest Protests Continue In France: 'Heavy Clashes', Night Protests Planned

Yellow Vests Rage For 11th Straight Week; Organizers Plan Night Rallies, Human Chain Of 50,000

France's Yellow Vests are out again en masse - taking to the streets of Paris and other cities across the country for the 11th straight week of anti-government protests despite rainy conditions. 

Once again, the tear gas flew as protesters clashed with police - as documented by journalist Sotiri Dimpinoudis
French riot police began storming protesters in Paris who had lit barricades on fire: 

Night protests planned
Yellow Vests on Facebook are now planning night protests, during which organizers asked participants not to engage in "violence" or "threatening behavior." 
"We’ll gather every night from this Saturday onwards, and we’ll keep coming till at least the end of the national consultation [Grand Debat]," reads one Facebook post. "We’ll make Place de la République our giant ring road."

Human Chain
On Sunday, Yellow Vests have planned a human chain of 50,000 people along the "entire west coast of France, from Hendaye to Versailles," according to France Bleu. The human chain will converge with four other human chains. 

The yellow vests hope to mobilize 50,000 people in the Landes alone this Sunday, January 27. It is not a new manifestation, but a human chain between Hendaye in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques to Versailles. Four other human chains will be formed in parallel, starting from Lille, Marseilles, Strasbourg and Chateaulin, and all will converge at the same right, in Yvelines.

Looks like they're getting some practice in:  

Meanwhile, the Yellow Vest movement is gaining momentum again outside of France - as Iraqis donned yellow reflective vests to protest corruption and poor services. 

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