Sunday, January 27, 2019

Venezuela's Maduro Denies New Elections 'Ultimatum', Slams U.S., Europe For Arrogance, Disrespect

‘No to new elections ultimatum’: Venezuela’s Maduro slams Trump, EU for arrogance and disrespect

Donald Trump despises Venezuela, Latin America and the whole world, while EU leaders, who demanded the country to hold a swift election, bow down to him, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro said.
The American attacks on Venezuela became “worse” since Trump, whom he described as a “man with extreme ideas,”became the US president, Maduro told CNN Turk.
“And now they planned a coup attempt,” he said, blaming Washington for the ongoing crisis in the oil-rich Latin American country.
Washington immediately supported Juan Guaidó, the opposition leader who declared himself interim president last week. 

The US was supported by its allies in the region while several European countries simultaneously issued an ultimatum that new elections should be called for within eight days. 
“They should withdraw this ultimatum. No one can give us an ultimatum,” Maduro said. “Venezuela is not tied to Europe. This is complete insolence.”

Trump “despises us. In fact, he despises Latin America and the world. This is his ideology,” Venezuela’s leader pointed out. “It’s unacceptable since there is no place for racism and despise in the modern world.”
The problems on an international level must be solved behind the negotiations table, he said.
“We will continue denouncing US lies, and I will continue to encourage national dialogue because I am up for a dialogue with all the political opposition, with the opposition media. I think dialogue should prevail. I believe in dialogue.”
When asked about the possibility of meeting with his US counterpart to defuse the tensions, Maduro replied: “It’s not impossible, but it’s not likely,” adding that he sent messages to Trump, but got no response.

He still stressed that the US President “wasn’t the leader to cope with problems” and blasted the EU for dancing to his tune.
“All of Europe is bowing down to Donald Trump. It's that simple, especially, when it comes to Venezuela,” he added.
As for Guaido, his actions were a violation “the Constitution and all laws” and it was up to the judicial system to decide what to do with him, the president said.
“I am not the attorney general. It will be the job of the attorney general, it will be up to the courts to determine the steps to follow and we'll see. This pertains to the justice system.”

The Trump administration has been vocal about its desire to see socialist president Maduro removed from power in Venezuela. He was branded a “dictator,” responsible for a crackdown on his own people, with several high-ranked US officials even mulling what they called a “humanitarian intervention” into the country.

The harsh US sanctions against Venezuela largely contributed to the severe social and economic crisis in the country as it was hit by hyperinflation, the devaluation of the national currency and a shortage of basic necessities due to the government mismanagement and the fall of oil prices.
“This is the reason for the coup. They don't want us to get better. They sabotage us and try to destroy the economic system,” Maduro said, expressing confidence that “Venezuela will overcome this coup, and no imperial power will break the moral resistance of the people.”

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