Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Shots Fired At Israeli Troops On Gaza Border

Shots fired at Israeli troops on Gaza border; IDF tank destroys Hamas post

Shots were fired at Israeli troops on the Gaza Strip border Tuesday morning, prompting the Israeli military to destroy a nearby Hamas post, the army said.
According to the Israel Defense Forces, soldiers stationed along the northern Gaza security fence came under fire. No troops were harmed.
In response, an IDF tank attacked a nearby observation post that belonged to the Gaza-ruling Hamas terror group.

The Israeli military did not indicate who it believed fired the shots. As a rule, the IDF holds Hamas responsible for all violence emanating from the Gaza Strip, where the group seized control in 2007 by ousting the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority.
Tuesday’s exchange came as Qatar prepares to transfer $15 million in payouts to Hamas civil servants in the Gaza Strip, the third such installment for the terror group to be approved by the Israeli government. The funds were expected to be transferred later this week, after they were initially stalled by Israel in response to a flareup in cross-border violence, a Qatari diplomat said on Sunday.

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