Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Times Of Israel Liveblogging Tuesday's Events

Times Of Israel Live-Blogging: Palestinian man, 45, critically hurt in violent protest at Gaza border

Palestinian man, 45, critically hurt in violent protest at Gaza border

Palestinians in Gaza report that a 45-year-old man is critically wounded from IDF fire during a violent protest at the Gaza border in the northern Strip.
According to reports from the area, rioters are attempting to approach the border fence and damage it. IDF troops are reportedly firing crowd-dispersal ordnance.

UK’s May said seeking to re-open Brexit divorce deal

LONDON — British Prime Minister Theresa May will seek “changes” to the withdrawal agreement she negotiated with EU leaders last month, her spokesman says, even though Brussels has insisted it will not re-open the deal.
“We have to have a deal which can carry the support of parliament and that’s going to require some changes to the withdrawal agreement,” the spokesman says ahead of a series of parliamentary votes on Britain’s Brexit strategy.

China tells US to stop ‘unreasonable crackdown’ on Huawei

BEIJING — China calls on Washington to “stop the unreasonable crackdown” on Huawei after the United States stepped up pressure on the tech giant by indicting it on charges of stealing technology and violating sanctions on Iran.
Beijing will “firmly defend” its companies, a foreign ministry statement says. It gives no indication whether Beijing might retaliate for the charges against Huawei, China’s first global tech brand and the biggest maker of switching gear for phone and internet companies.
Huawei Technologies Ltd., which has spent a decade battling US accusations it is a front for Chinese spying, denies committing any of the violations cited in Monday’s indictment.
The foreign ministry complains Washington has “mobilized state power” to hurt Chinese companies “in an attempt to strangle fair and just operations.”
“We strongly urge the United States to stop the unreasonable crackdown on Chinese companies including Huawei,” says the statement read on state TV. It says Beijing will defend the “lawful rights and interests of Chinese companies” but gives no details.

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