Saturday, January 26, 2019

Things To Come:

Roger Stone's SWAT team arrest: Are we even America anymore?

After news broke of the pre-dawn raid on Roger Stone's home Friday morning in Florida by twenty-nine heavily-armed agents in nineteen vehicles, lights flashing, CNN serendipitously on hand to film the raid, millions of us realized once and for all that we are no longer living in the America we knew and loved.
Those same millions of us have known for over two years that the Mueller "probe" is a huge and well orchestrated cover-up.  There are now at least two books, Gregg Jarrett's and Dan Bongino's, and well researched investigative articles that prove this beyond doubt.
Mueller was appointed by Rod Rosenstein not to investigate Trump collusion with Russia.  The principals all knew that was not remotely true.  He was appointed to conceal and obliterate the volumes of evidence of crimes committed by Hillary Clinton; her campaign; and a group of higher-ups in the FBI, DOJ, and CIA, all of whom were involved in a scheme to prevent Trump from being elected.  All of them have lied under oath and before Congress.  Mueller himself was involved in the Clinton scheme to sell 20% of U.S. uranium to Russia.
All of these felons are walking free; their homes are not being raided in the wee small hours of the morning, but their crimes are far more serious than anything Roger Stone or Paul Manafort might have committed.
That such an aggressive show of force could be visited upon a non-violent person accused of alleged verbal crimes is truly frightening.  That so many in the media are celebrating the use of such a Gestapo tactic is horrifying.  Suddenly, it is catastrophically clear that America is no longer a constitutional republic, a nation of laws and justice.  An unelected, tangential officer of the DOJ has for two years abused his position of power to destroy many lives in the cruelest of ways with impunity.  No one is stopping him and his band of legal bullies. 
As for those who for all these many months have continued to maintain that Mueller is a "straight shooter," a man of "impeccable credentials," none of which is true, now is the time to reconsider your wishful thinking.  The man is every bit the scoundrel others have reported him to be for years.  Read Sidney Powell's book, License to Lie.  It is a primer on the abuse of power long exercised by Mueller and his pit bull, Andrew Weismann.  These thugs revel in destroying people, and they keep getting away with it.  Someone must stop them.
American must be restored to its former glory as an example to the world of the sanctity of the rule of law.  The fact that so many powerful people on the left despise the president cannot mean that the Constitution no longer applies to the citizens of this nation.
Where is the investigation into the leaks to the media from Mueller's office?  Who tipped CNN about the raid on Stone's home?  What is acting DOJ head Whittaker doing?  Twiddling his thumbs?  How could the FBI head, Christopher Wray, have allowed this raid to happen?
There are so many crimes being committed here, one on top of another.  Is Whittaker a Mueller-Rosenstein plant, too?  Are we to "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain"?  Just who is the man behind the curtain?  Is Mueller the Wizard, or is someone else pulling the strings?  Is Mueller more powerful than the president?  It seems that he is.  He has morphed into an American version of Lavrentiy Beria.
May Mueller one day be tried for his crimes.  May he be found guilty for the lives he has ruined, many of them long before he became special counsel for the current investigation.  This man is a menace.
"What makes a king out of a slave?  Courage!" said the Cowardly Lion.  Trump is a courageous man; he needs to have the courage to put an end to this charade that is nothing but an engine of vile and corrupt hatred speeding toward his presidency with malicious intent.  Mueller and his henchmen are violating every tenet of the Constitution and thousands of laws on the books since its drafting.  They are out of control.  That raid on Stone's home was the last straw.  They don't use that much firepower for known gang members who they know are armed and dangerous.
For whom was this bit of theater performed?  The left media certainly loved it.  The ladies of The View, the dumbest show on television, were ecstatic, as were all the anchors and guests on CNN and MSNBC.
Does Mueller actually think the left needs any more ammunition to validate his faux investigation?  This entire enterprise, from the Clinton-DNC plot to ruin Trump to the Mueller "Russia collusion" probe is all of a piece and is the most monstrous political scandal in American history.  We are definitely not over the rainbow; as a nation, we are in the throes of self-destruction. 

Friday was a bad day in Washington

More disturbing is the arrest of Stone.  He has a long history of questionable tactics in political activity.  However, he is not a flight risk, nor is he a violent person.  So why did Mueller's team send 29 FBI agents to an early-morning raid on his home?  Normally, such persons are allowed to turn themselves in to the authorities.  Stone, as other defendants with ties to Trump, has been financially ruined.  The indictment, as others, does not allege any Russian collusion with Trump.  Looks as if Mueller is not done yet.  He has ruined anyone in his way.

One theory holds that the special counsel will not finish until Trump is out of the White House.  In this scenario, Mueller has hired Democrats to ruin the Trump-supporters, which will drive him from office either from direct testimony or by the accumulation of death by association.  This is certainly occurring as we can see from the past indictments and convictions.
More consequential and troubling is another possibility.  Robert Mueller was appointed to protect the Justice Department career personnel and high-ranking politicos.  Under this scenario, the effect encompasses the above theory.  To the objective observer, there is something wrong at the Justice Department.  Leaving aside the process crimes pleadings Mueller has secured and is now prosecuting against Trump advisers, one wonders why justice was not meted out against Clinton campaign personnel when they participated in their own Russian collusion and gave questionable testimony.

Remember that both CIA director Brennan and DNI director Clapper have given false testimony to Congress, but are now treated as heroes by the press.  They served the establishment, of which the press is one portion.  There is little investigation against Hillary Clinton and her associates for destroying e-mails under subpoena by the Congress.

Deputy attorney general Rosenstein appointed Mueller, whom he has know for many years.  He was a federal attorney while the Uranium One deal was undertaken.  When Mueller as FBI director sought to prosecute Manafort years ago for the banking fraud as early as 2006, Rosenstein was the federal attorney who refused to prosecute.  When one considers all the signers of the FISA warrants against Carter Page, it is clear that misrepresentations were made to the court.

The chief justice (Roberts) oversees the FISA Court.  Yet neither he nor any judges he appoints have sought to punish any of the actors in this drama.  Perhaps they seek to protect the authority they possess.  Where is the protection of the innocent?

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