Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Angela Merkel Calls For 'Rules-Based And Values-Based Global Order'

Merkel: We Must 'Stand up’ to ‘Excessive Populism and Nationalism'

Globalist chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel has used an award acceptance speech to call on the international community to “stand up” to “excessive populism and nationalism.”

Dr Merkel said that as those who lived through World War II are dwindling in numbers, the lessons learnt from the conflict are being lost, resulting in a rise of “populism and nationalism,” affirming that “we have to resolutely stand up against this type of thinking.”
The Chancellor made the comments after being awarded the Fulbright Prize for International Understanding in Berlin on Monday, the first time the American award was presented outside of the United States. While Dr Merkel made her thinly-veiled criticism of President Trump, his hand-picked ambassador to Germany Rick Grenell looked on.
Praising supranational bodies as the arbiters of order and peace in a post-WWII world, Dr Merkel continued, “We need to remind ourselves why the United Nations was established in the first place, why NATO, why the World Trade Organization and other international institutions…

Merkel: EU States Must Prepare to Hand National Sovereignty over to Brussels
— Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) November 23, 2018

While expressing gratitude to Germany’s “American friends” who helped rebuild the country, and war-torn Europe, post-1945, her comments veiled a criticism of President Donald Trump’s patriotic-nationalist domestic policies, saying that with “all the differences that one has,” nations “need to talk with one another, we need meetings, encounters, lines of communications” to solve global problems.

Attempting to redefine patriotism as a means of working for “the vested interests of others,” Merkel added, “And this is why I will never tire of making a case for the strength of a multilateral, rules-based and values-based global order.”

This is just Merkel’s latest attack on nationalism and patriotism, when in November she stated that objection to the global-wide United Nations regulation on mass migration was “nationalism” — in the pejorative — “in its purest form” and declared that European countries should be ready to surrender their sovereignty to the EU.

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