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Persecution Growing

Muslim Terrorist Brutally Slaughters Coptic Christian Bishop With A Dagger In Broad Daylight And Then Draws Crosses On Himself With His Blood, CCTV Captures The Entire Ordeal

CCTV camera captured an Egyptian Christian bishop being slaughtered by a Muslim in broad daylight. The Muslim man puled out a large knife and stabbed the bishop repeatedly in the torso and the neck, then drew crosses on himself with the bishop’s blood before fleeing but was later caught and arrested according to a recent report:

Coptic Orthodox bishop from Upper Egypt was slain outside Cairo, Egypt yesterday.
The assailant struck Bishop Samaan Shehata in the head, neck and torso with a machete in the El Salam area near El Marg District on the outskirts of Cairo, according to local reports. Shehata was born in 1972.
While a security spokesman said the suspect, Ahmed Saeed Ibrahim, was mentally ill, neighbors reportedly denied this, saying he was a
Muslim who had been “radicalized” a year ago. Since then, they said, Ibrahim had begun praying in the street, shouting loudly and calling Christians infidels.
The suspect walked calmly out of the warehouse after killing Shehata, according to security camera footage. Captured by people on the street and now in custody, Ibrahim had reportedly approached Shehata wielding the large knife while the bishop was waiting for another clergyman in his car.
Stabbed in the neck and torso near the Virgin and Bishop Shenouda El Daeiry church, the wounded Shehata fled on foot into the warehouse, according to security camera footage obtained by El Youm el Sabe News agency, which shows the assailant following with the machete.

Police said eyewitnesses reported that the assailant had seen Shehata in his car, forcibly stopped him, ordered him out and then started to stab him in the neck and torso. Shehata fled, and the attacker followed him into the warehouse and finished his attack there with several blows to the head, they said.

A preliminary autopsy reportedly showed the cause of death to be blows to the head with a long knife (machete), causing a longitudinal deep crack in the skull and internal bleeding in the abdomen.
Area residents said on social media that the suspect was known for insulting numerous Christians, picking fights with them and assaulting them. Christians made several complaints to police, which were largely ignored, according to local reports.

 In the Venn diagram of intersectionality, one group doesn’t intersect with the others.
“Intersectionality” is the left-wing word of the day. Academically, it means that various identity-based “oppressions” overlap and interact to reinforce each other. Practically, it means various “oppressed” groups must stick together. Having graduated from the academy to the street, it has become the social justice warrior version of the early labor movement’s One Big Industrial Union.
Skeptics argue that a coalition organized around identity-group power will eventually come to tears over conflicting grievances. After all, there are only so many redistributed taxes, political appointments and endowed chairs to go around.
So far, though, it’s mostly Jews who are getting shut out by progressives and their anti-Israel supporters who post fake eviction notices and decry “Jewish privilege.” Beginning with the Ferguson riots, the Black Lives Matter movement has been infiltrated by militant anti-Zionists, who have now used Black History Month as a platform for their hate. Linda Sarsour, a lead organizer of the Women’s March, seeks to isolate Jews from feminism, calling it incompatible with Zionism.
Unsurprisingly, liberal Jews have responded with weakness and confusion. Days before the Women’s March, The Forwardpublished an op-ed literally titled, “Why Jewish Feminism Should Embrace, Not Fear, Intersectionality.” The Anti-Defamation League, having written glowingly of intersectionality and the Women’s March on its official blog, appears not to have any response at all. Benjamin Gladstone, like any true believer, argued in Tablet magazine that the fault lies not with intersectionality, but with flawed intersectionalists.

Intersectionality, however, isn’t about fairness or rights. It’s about group power. Intersectionality promotes group rights based on group grievances. It’s a tool for dividing our country by focusing on our differences rather than on our commonalities. It inevitably turns politics into a hate-fueled group shoving match, and we’re always the smallest group in the room.

  • Long touted as a beacon of Muslim tolerance and moderation, Indonesia joined other repressive Muslim nations in May when it sentenced the Christian governor of Jakarta, known as "Ahok," to a two-year prison term on the charge that he committed "blasphemy" against Islam.
  • The blasphemy accusation is based on a video that Ahok made, in which he told voters that they were being deceived if they believed that Koran 5:51, as his opposition said, requires Muslims not to vote for a non-Muslim when there are Muslim candidates available. The Koran passage states: "O you who have believed, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies. They are allies of one another. And whoever is an ally to them among you -- then indeed, he is one of them."
  • "Morocco's 2011 constitution allows for freedom of religion. The authorities claim to practice only a moderate form of Islam that leaves room for religious tolerance. Yet, in reality, Moroccan Christians still suffer from persecution." Mustafa said: "I was shunned at work. My children were bullied at school."

One month after Islamic militants bombed two Egyptian churches during Palm Sunday and killed nearly 50 people in April 2017, several SUVs, on May 26, stopped two buses transporting dozens of Christians to the ancient Coptic Monastery of St. Samuel the Confessor in the desert south of Cairo. According to initial reports, approximately ten Islamic militants, heavily armed and dressed in military fatigues, "demanded that the passengers recite the Muslim profession of faith" — which is tantamount to converting to Islam. When they refused, the jihadis opened fire on them, killing 29 Christians, at least ten of whom were young children. Two girls were aged 2 and 4. Also killed was Mohsen Morkous, an American citizen described as "a simple man" whom "everyone loved," his two sons, and his two grandsons.

According to eyewitness accounts, the terrorists ordered the passengers to exit the bus in groups:
"As each pilgrim came off the bus they were asked to renounce their Christian faith and profess belief in Islam, but all of them—even the children—refused. Each was killed in cold blood with a gunshot to the head or the throat.
"By the time they killed half of the people, the terrorists saw cars coming in the distance and we think that that is what saved the rest," said one source. "They did not have time to kill them all. They just shot at them randomly and then fled."

According to another report:
"The dead and dying lay in the desert sand amid Islamic leaflets left by the assailants extoling the virtues of fasting during Ramadan and forgiveness granted to those who abstain from eating during the Islamic ritual. Ramadan ... is often seen as the worst time for persecution of Christians who live in the Middle East."

video of the immediate aftermath "showed at least four or five bodies of adult men lying on the desert sand next to the bus; women and other men screamed and cried as they stood or squatted next to the bodies." According to a man who spoke to hospitalized relatives, "authorities took somewhere from two to three hours to arrive at the scene." The man "questioned whether his uncle and others might have lived had the response been quicker."

EU officials are spreading propaganda to stoke up opposition to  in the UK, two former cabinet members say.
The claims come after the Commission’s chief spokesman accused the UK of creating a gap in last week’s talks by being unavailable on Wednesday.
UK sources said the claim is “completely wrong” and that talks took place on Wednesday.
Former Northern Ireland Secretary Owen Paterson said: “This looks like a Soviet-style disinformation campaign designed to weaken Britain’s resolve.

“The claims they are making are without merit and designed to whip up the opponents of Brexit in the UK.”
Former Single Market Minister under Margaret Thatcher, John Redwood said in the Telegraph: “They wrongly think they can manipulate British public opinion.
“They still haven’t learned from the referendum that those outside bodies who intervened actually made it easier for the Leave campaign
Juncker is reported to have said “I leave Downing Street 10 times more sceptical than I was before”, but this is denied by Downing Street.
The Commission President said that the leak of their discussion during a Downing Street dinner was a “serious mistake” but insists he is not responsible.
Two weeks ago a senior EU official said that the Commission “pretty much dictated” the key sections of Theresa May’s Florence speech in which she agreed to pay a divorce bill.

The video journalist who rocked the nation with his shocking recordings of Planned Parenthood officials allegedly involved in the sale of aborted baby body parts for profit, says he refuses to back down despite numerous attempts by the “abortion empire” to criminalize his work.

Speaking Friday evening at the Values Voter Summit (VVS) in Washington, DC, David Daleiden summarized what life has been like for him in the two years since he released his series of videos depicting Planned Parenthood officials discussing how to perform abortions to obtain the highest quality baby body parts for transfer to biomedical procurement companies.
The charges brought against him have all been fraught with significant conflicts of interest, he says.
In Harris County, Texas, for instance, charges brought against Daleiden and his colleague at the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), Sandra Merritt, were ultimately dropped in May 2016 when an attorney representing Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast admitted he pressured the Harris County District Attorney’s office to drop an indictment against the abortion provider and instead indict Daleiden and Merritt.
Two pro-choice law professors wrote that the indictment of Daleiden and Merrit amounted to “a stunning act of legal jujitsu” and was a “deeply disturbing” outcome, both for the First Amendment and undercover citizen journalists attempting to expose corruption.
In California, Daleiden and his colleague have been charged with 15 felony counts under California’s law protecting “confidential” conversations. However, Daleiden’s recordings were conducted in public places. Additionally, emails obtained by the Washington Times in September 2016 showed that former California attorney general and then-U.S. Senate candidate Kamala Harris’s office collaborated with Planned Parenthood to produce the legislation that specifically targeted Daleiden.
In March 2017, the new California attorney general, Xavier Becerra, announced a criminal complaint charging Daleiden and Merritt with the felony counts. Both Becerra and Harris have received contributions to their campaigns from Planned Parenthood.
San Francisco U.S. District Court Judge William Orrick III has prohibited Daleiden from releasing any further videos exposing the abortion provider’s alleged involvement in the fetal tissue procurement business.

In September, Orrick fined Daleiden and his attorneys $200,000 for contempt of his order when they published online video footage of abortionists at National Abortion Federation (NAF) trade shows. The footage showed abortionists joking about their work, discussing “the head that gets stuck that we can’t get out” and saying that “an eyeball just fell down into my lap, and that is gross!”

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