Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Live Updates: New Threats Emerge From California Fires, Iran Spreading 'Atomic, Biological And Chemical Weapons Of Mass Destruction'

Live updates: New threats to Santa Rosa and Green Valley, Solano County

Latest developments in the North Bay fires:

1:33 a.m. Santa Rosa water alert: Santa Rosa Fire Department officials are advising residents of the Fountaingrove neighborhood to boil their water to ensure it is safe to drink — if they have low or no water pressure. 
11:49 p.m. More evacuations in Solano Co.: Residents in the Green Valley area west of Green Valley Road from Mason, north to Valley End Lane, are being told to evacuate now, according to Fairfield police.
11:31 p.m. New wildfire in Santa Rosa: City officials said that a new wildfire has moved from Annadel State Park into the Oakmont community, which is being immediately evacuated.
9:30 p.m. More than 100 missing: Sonoma County has received more than 100 missing-persons reports, said Scott Alonso, a county spokesman.
8:56 p.m. Solano County evacuations: Officials have issued mandatory evacuation orders for Twin Sisters Road and Joyce Lane in Solano County due to the Atlas Fire. These are the first mandatory evacuation orders for Solano County. 
8:25 p.m. Tubbs Fire grows slightly: CalFire officials report that the fire has grown some 2,000 acres since Monday afternoon. The fire is now at 27,000 acres. Meanwhile, the Atlas Fire remains at 25,000 acres burned as of Monday night.

Fires raged across Northern California as firefighters battled back the Wine Country fires Monday night. Click here to see the latest fire locations. Photo: San Francisco Chronicle

Iran made dozens of attempts to illicitly obtain missile and nuclear technology,  even after it was bound by the nuclear deal with world powers, according to recent intelligence assessments by German regional states, Fox News reported Tuesday.
Intelligence reports from September and October from three of the 16 constituent states that make up Germany found that Iran tried 32 times to obtain related technologies.
The German state of North Rhine-Westphalia found that Iran made “32 procurement attempts… that definitely or with high likelihood were undertaken for the benefit of proliferation programs.”
Iran engages in “spreading atomic, biological or chemical weapons of mass destruction,” the report said, and noted that Iran used front companies in the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and China to get around international restrictions on its nuclear and missile research.
The third report from state of Saxony-Anhalt, said Iran is continuing “unabated” in its missile program and could threaten Europe and beyond.

Spain's D-Day is here: the country's biggest political crisis since an attempted military coup in 1981 is about to get a resolution - one way or another - and as Bloomberg reports, Spanish police are ready to arrest Catalan President Carles Puigdemont "immediately" if he declares independence in the regional parliament, according to two people familiar with the government’s plans.
In what may be a preview of a possible upcoming civil war should today's event be handled incorrectly, Bloomberg writes that while a final decision on whether to act has not yet been taken, Spain’s National Police force has elite officers deployed in Catalonia who are prepared to join a raid if Catalan police try to shield Puigdemont. If Puigdemont makes a statement that falls short of immediate independence, the government in Madrid may stay its hand. Puigdemont has called a press conference for 1 p.m. in Barcelona.
The National Police and the Civil Guard "have sufficient officers in place to overcome any resistance they might meet" Bloomberg's sources note. A government press officer declined to comment other than to say that any such decision would have to be ordered by a judge.
Also today, Puigdemont is due to address the regional legislature at 6 p.m on Tuesday with many of his supporters looking for him to announce a new republic to follow through on the makeshift referendum held on Oct. 1. With his core supporters demanding he make good on the illegal vote for independence and officials in Madrid urging Rajoy to finally crack down on the separatist campaign, Puigdemont’s rebellion may be running out of road.

This evening at 6 p.m., Carles Puigdemont will appear before the regional parliament to discuss "the general political situation" in Catalonia. Most of the country expects that to translate as some kind of declaration of independence from Spain. 

The precise wording of that statement, and to what extent it will be interpreted as a genuine declaration of independence by courts, prosecutors, the central government and Catalan separatists themselves, is unknown this Tuesday morning. 

The size and reach of the Spanish state's response to any declaration of independence is also unknown: the options range from criminal charges of sedition or rebellion, through the suspension of home rule in Catalonia for an unspecified period of time and even to articles of the Spanish Constitution that allow for the declaration of a state of alarm or exception.


WVBORN56 said...

What are everyones thoughts on the Las Vegas shooting? Do you believe it was a false flag event planned and executed by the "deep state"? If so what is the compelling evidence for you? My first thought was how did this guy get all these fire arms up to his room without a shred of video evidence? I think I'm on board myself that Paddock was simply the fall guy but with time being short in my mind for the return of Jesus my only plan is to pray for justice. I can't fathom the evil in the heart of men to do this to innocent people....their own people. It's so evil I think most people just believe the Main Stream Media lying narrative. It's so much easier. We tend to judge other people by our own moral code. Apparently there are some really really warped folks among us.

WVBORN56 said...

Also please pray for the Alliance Redwoods camp near Santa Rosa, CA. (Occidental) The fires are very close. That is part of my church denomination and my son worked there for a couple of years back around 2005.

Scott said...

Will do - as far as LV goes - its kind of like 9-11. I have no idea what really happened but the narrative we are given isn't holding up. Period. Many many reports of multiple shooters, shootings at other hotels causing them to be on lockdown. No one interested in interviewing people who said multiple shooters. Police scanner has police saying multiple shooters. Telling us he checked in on the 28th although there is solid evidence he checked in sooner definitely the 27th (room service receipt) and possibly earlier. The plane trips which seemingly make no sense and the dead body didn't have his distinguishing tattoo on his neck which is really strange. Plus within 12 hours after the shooting they tell us definitively that he acted alone??? How in the world could they reach that conclusion in 12 hours???? That should take weeks of investigations to determine. And where are the videos of his comings and goings through the hotel?

WVBORN56 said...

Thanks Scott.... all great questions.... and with all that not a peep or a question from the MSM "journalists". Very very sad. It's also unfortunate that Drudge, Brietbart, Sean and Rush aren't asking or shinning much of a light on this either. Reputations to protect I suppose?

Mrs.C said...

The Las Vegas slaughter of innocent people was to me, similar to 911 only in the sense of the deep, sick feeling within me, at such an evil act. Perhaps I can help with questions about this evil act.
- Other hotels in the area were on lock down, but not due to any other shooting.More so the standard practice until folks are safe. Strictly a precautionary measure. Added to that, some Hotels began searching folks luggage.
-There was MASSIVE confusion that evening, as to where the shots were originating. Multiple videos, clearly show the acoustics from different locations of the Filmer, present, seemingly different locations for a shooter. Just sound bouncing off of buildings near by.I saw interviews with people confused about how many shooters, that was not hidden in any way. In fact I stayed up to the wee hours and watched it live. They were interviewing victims, folks just escaping, and there was panic, mass confusion. Yes, the Police initially were confused at the VERY initial attack, as to where the shots were coming from, and the number of possible shooters. This is easily explained, as this evil killer went back and forth to different windows to shoot.
- The supposed "waiters" receipt, is highly questionable IMHO. He posted it on FB, and has since removed it. Regardless, one days date doesn't make a difference.
- 12 hours - The press conference on 10/2, the Sherriff didnt make that declaration about the killer acting alone, it was a local politician. A DEMOCRAT running for Governor in 2018. His name is Steve Sisolak, and he is a member of the Clark County Board of County Commissioners.This is what he said:
“It was a sole shooter, there is no further threat that we are aware of. No immediate threat. I want to assure everyone that is listening, that hears our words, that Las Vegas is safe. “
In context, he was TRYING to not have people panic. He also continued, trying to assure "tourists" they were safe.
- "tattoo" - not...there are current and past pics of his with no "tattoo". That specific photo looks like it was taken in a bar, or private party. Both he and the blocked out gal with him, have wrist bands on, and he is taking shots. That doesnt not look like a permanent, professional, real tattoo.
This is a fluid, on going investigation. Just as they updated today about the Mandalay Security Guard, and the timing of when he was actually shot. Awful! He was shot before the killer started his shooting. He was called for a door left ajar alarm that he was checking out in another room. They have interviewed the prostitute he is with. She has said the following:
She told how Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock acted out violent rape fantasies and bragged: “I was born bad.”
The escort described him as “obsessive” and “paranoid”
He boasted in text messages about his father Benjamin being a bank robber who escaped jail in 1969, reports The Sun.
He wrote: “I didn’t have anything really to do with him but the bad streak is in my blood. I was born bad.”

Mrs.C said...

BTW, Steve Wynn let it slip out the other day in a Fox interview, that Paddock used the Service Elevator unescorted! It is common for celebrities, high rollers to use these elevators, but they are escorted. Wynn is in a position to be in the know about that. This evil man also had an escape plan, and was most likely going to cause more death and destruction with a car bomb. According to his Bro-in-law, they vacationed with him several times, in the Philippines & Vegas. He said Paddock was meticulous, and a planner. The note for example in his room, were calculations he made on trajectories of his shooting, taking in to account the dropping of the bullets when fired from a distance. He also planned, calculated, the way he could kill the most people!
This animal was evil, plain and simple. Mentally ill multi millionaire. Sean, Drudge etc are not be "shining much of a light" WV, because there is nothing there. It is a mass murder, who committed an evil act. '

We should not be surprised by this, as Jesus made it clear the evil too will accelerate. The growing of Evil in this world, is not excluded from the birth pangs...

Iowa B said...

I keep thinking it's to take the attention off of the isis/U.S. story that Russia keeps trying to bring up

Scott said...

The police are now admitting that he checked in on the 25th (I believe) rather than the 28th)
The police scanner at the time has several police saying that the gunfire was coming from different directions and that there were multiple shooters.
There was one man who stated that his wife was shot front-->back as they were running away from the hotel thus the guy would have been shot from the opposite direction from the hotel.

Its looking more and more like ISIS may have been involved - Im in the process of updating this now

Scott said...

Additionally there should have been several hundred if not thousands of casings on the floor when they only showed a couple of dozen....Also look at the casings next to his head..If those casings had been there prior to his suicide they would have been splattered with blood, but each of those casings are perfect - not a drop of blood on them. That makes no sense.

If you listen to the sound its clear that two different guns were being fired at the same time.

He was probably involved, but it sure looks like others were involved as well.

Despite what elevator he used, there should be cameras recording his coming and going from the hotel -

Mrs.C said...

There are plenty of camera footage unquestionably, and the Sherriff clearly stated that they are pulling camera footage from all over the place. He also made it clear, that they have hours upon hours of footage to review, and not just from Mandalay. As for the shooting, there was massive confusion and panic. There also was an enormous amount of ricocheting bullets all over the place. There were two windows punched out, no more. His shooting positions were clear, and extremely calculate trajectories to kill as many as possible. Also he projected which way the crowds would move to avoid his shooting, so as he could get them at the other side so as to speak. There were several videos where you can here the ricocheting, one in particular is filmed by a guy & his girl overlooking the venue from the VIP tent high up. His testimony was exactly that, that they had to not only dodge the spraying, but also the ricocheting bullets all around made it absolutely crazy!
Hmm...I seem to recall hearing that ISIS and Al Qaeda joined up in a few places. My first thought was Al Qaeda was behind this. His frequent visits to the Philippines, which is fighting major Islamic groups. But more so, Al Qaeda is slow in waiting. Just as they waited for the Twin Towers, first in 93, then in 2001 to finish the evil job. At that time, they prevented, discovered that Al Qaeda wanted to attack Disney Land & Las Vegas. Those plots were stopped. So Las Vegas being a target is very real with them. Also, the other thing that sticks with me is his method of attack, the double kill so as to speak. He was going to most likely blow a hotel up. That is classic Al Qaeda mo, example first bomb kills, then they set a second one to kill those coming to help the first victims. The casing around his head? I dunno...IF he used the automatic, they could have been airborne and landed after the fact. As for the other casings, as I recall, those pics inside dont show his position in front of both windows. That seems to me where most of the casings would be, and possibly some went out the windows....we shall see