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Summer Of Chaos Coming...Then What?

This summer promises to be very interesting - the main question becomes - what happens next?

Many of you may have been paying attention and have been seeing in the alternative-news (and even in the mainstream) the violent upheavals that are taking place all around the country by ‘anti-Trump’ protestors of the ‘far left’ who are provoking and inflaming ‘the right’ as they kick the hornets nest…

This morning after watching several videos of the thuggish behavior during a Trump rally in San Jose last night, I felt angered and compelled to alert you as to what is coming… This is the first time I’ve posted on this specific subject, and it likely will not be the last.
Here’s what they’re doing and why I believe this is not going to end well:

A clash of political ideologies. This time it’s different…
This time the violence is not focused towards the government or authority figures (e.g. the-60’s), but it is people against other people. It is seemingly people against other people with traditional American values. The left (apparent Sanders/Hillary supporters) are pro-actively and violently targeting Trump supporters wherever they can and wherever Trump happens to go, and is escalating way beyond just shouting in the streets. It is turning violent and dangerous.
It is very, very unmistakably evident that the provokers are the anti-Trump thugs. They are rioters. Over these weeks I have watched numerous videos of these incidents and observed the vast majority appear to be in their 20’s, they are burning American flags, they are beating people up and damaging property. It is escalating.

I have seen:
-Trump supporters getting attacked (physically)
-Old people shoved and having their (Trump) hats ripped of their head
-People bouncing cars, attempting to flip
-Trump supporters beaten over the head until bloody
-Blood all over the sidewalks
-Thugs in masks and hoodies
-Lighting fires
-Burning Trump hats, signs
-Burning the American flag
-Rock throwing
-Broken windows
-Thugs attacking the police
-Verbal diarrhea and countless profanity
-Huge mobs

And all this is from the anti-Trump crowd. There is a powder keg in this country and my gut tells me it’s going to blow…and once that fire is lit, who’s going to put it out? Can it be put out? Or will it burn until the fuel itself has run out…
If you want to see what’s going on for yourself, one way is to simply search on YouTube for ‘Trump Protests’, and there will be a zillion choices to observe what we’re facing.
When observing this stuff, I feel like the country is lost. The radical (socialist/communist/marxist) left have successfully indoctrinated our youth (for decades) and we are now witnessing the violent results – which will certainly and without a doubt…get much worse.
Get ready folks, this summer is going to be a scorcher…
Here are a few incidents from last night in San Jose:

Some thug attacking a Patriot:
Person wearing Trump shirt getting attacked:
Another Trump supporter smacked in the head:
And this 18 minute clip:
With that said, I’m just saying that my observations are enforcing what my gut is telling me – that the radical left is going to try and ‘blow this thing up’, and when they do, it’s going to get real ugly… When you back a tiger into a corner, watch out…

Today, if you take a look at the American media, you will immediately notice that the vast majority of articles are centered around two primary topics: constant, ruthless and often sponsored criticism of Russia and the resentment most American have towards the White House and its policies.

Never before America has been so deeply divided, and it seems that it can start coming apart at the seams, which has been clearly manifested over the course of the presidential campaign. The Important News would note:

Waves of anger, frustration, violence and civil unrest are starting to sweep across the United States, and political rallies for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump have become a focal point for releasing some of that energy.

This media source would point out that American politicians and the mainstream media have been pitting various groups against one another for years, which resulted in people’s hearts growing cold. Once you start dismantling fundamental institutions such as the family and the church, people start to behave in a predictably cruel way.

All across the country the number of violent crimes has been skyrocketing. In Chicago, the number of people that have been shot so far in 2016 is 50 percent higher than during the same period last year. Experts can not agree on what to call the recent rise in homicides, much less its cause, but new data has showed a sharp spike in homicide rates in more than 20 cities of the US, raising the question of whether it is time to sound the alarm.

However, instead of addressing the social concerns of the US population, authorities took the path of strengthening repressive measures against their fellow citizens.
It’s been reported by AlterNet that the NYPD announced its plans to stock more powerful and potent pepper spray, a step that has been opposed unanimously by activists and human rights organizations.

The source would note that only in the twisted minds of NYPD officials would “more powerful weapons” be a solution to prevent their officers from abusing their own power. Nevertheless, they claim that this would be intended to prevent police from shooting people.

Therefore, it is hardly surprising that against the emergence of more potent pepper spray, human rights organizations in New York are accusing the city police of excessive abuse of power (the new plan to stock high potency pepper spray has been opposed unanimously by activists and human rights organizations).

As for those who are not tasked with the mission of upholding Washington’s “regime,” they are going to jail by hundreds, often without the slightest chance of proving their innocence. The Huffington Post would note that California has squandered hundreds of millions of tax dollars on faulty convictions that have led to people collectively wasting hundreds of years behind bars, according to a new report on the state’s criminal justice system. According to the report prepared by the Law School of the University of California, Berkeley, after examining 692 failed adult felony convictions that occurred in the state between 1989 and 2012, it was found that 700 individuals who were subjected to these failed prosecutions perhaps paid the ultimate price – collectively, they lost over 2,000 years in jails or prisons.

It’s not surprising then that the angry mob that threw rocks and bottles at police and Donald Trump supporters on May 27 wanted to get the attention of the national media. Now that the election is less than five months away, this kind of angry behavior is going to be repeated over and over again. Millions upon millions of young Americans have fully embraced the radical, and they are intent on making it clear that they are not afraid to use violence to advance their cause.

Under these conditions, most sober American analysts are asking the only logical question: If this is happening now, with the stock market growing and unemployment being a bit lower than it was during the depths of the last recession, what is going to happen when things start getting really bad? It’s hardly a secret that desperate people do desperate things, and if people are willing to hurl rocks because they are upset at a presidential candidate, what are they going to do when there is no food left for their families?

The Cloward-Piven Strategy (known as “Coward Proven”) is alive and well in America today. It’s based on the teachings of Saul Alinsky, a communist/socialist, who wrote “Rules for Radicals” in 1971, and Reveille [for Radicals] in 1946. Alinsky is idolized by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama; Hillary wrote her college thesis on his writings and Obama wrote about him in his books.
A few years ago, The Washington Free Beacon reported that Alinsky had a greater influence on Hillary than was previously known. It obtained copies of letters exchanged between them from the archives of the Industrial Areas Foundation, a community organizer training center founded by Alinsky and housed at the University of Texas in Austin.

A self-proclaimed radical, Alinsky advocated guerilla tactics and civil disobedience to correct what he saw as an institutionalized power gap in poor communities. His philosophy divided the world into “haves”—middle class and wealthy people —and “have nots”—the poor. He took an ends-justify-the-means approach to power and wealth redistribution, and developed the theoretical basis of “community organizing.”
The Prince was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power,” wrote Alinsky in his 1971 book. “Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away.”

According to Alinsky, eight levels of control must be achieved in order to transform a democratic republic or democracy into a Communist/Socialist State.

1. Healthcare: 

The government must control healthcare. Once it does, it controls the people.

2. Poverty: 
The government must increase the poverty level as much as possible. Poor people are easier to control and will not resist control if the government continues to provide everything for them to live.
– The poverty rate stood at more than 15 percent for three consecutive years under Obama.
– SIX million more people are in poverty under Obama than previously.
– Obama has set the record for the largest number of Americans not working (more than 102 million) than at any time in U.S. history. He may claim that unemployment rates have dropped since his first years in office, but any drop since Obama entered office is due to workers leaving the work force and no longer being counted as unemployed. The rates don’t reflect new jobs being created, only more lost.
– The number of unemployed Americans has increased to roughly 25 percent under Obama. It’s a known fact that the Department of Labor releases false informationabout the economy, employment, underemployment, and dependency on government subsidies.
– Roughly 60 percent of Americans are fully employed under Obama; and the underemployed, marginally employed, and unemployed Americans represent 40 percent of the working-able population.

3. Debt: 

Increase the national debt to an unsustainable level. An increased debt necessitates increasing taxes, which will produce more poverty.

– The national debt is over $19.2 trillion, and climbing. According to, the total of all accumulated deficits under all U.S. presidents– combined– is $11.6 trillion through the end of 2014.
– Compare these deficits to those incurred by Obama, it becomes clear that under Obama, more deficits were accrued in just six years than all prior years combined. And– this excludes the estimated more than $205 trillion in unfunded liabi

4. Gun Control:

The government must remove citizens’ ability to defend themselves. Removing weapons from the hands of a free people is the surest way to create a police state.
(Executive orders and unconstitutional federal gun laws.)

5. Welfare: 

 The government must take control over every aspect of the people’s lives (Food, Housing, and Income).
– For the first time in U.S. history, total welfare spending (excluding social security) reached $1 trillion in 2013.
– Under Obama, a record number of people are on Medicaid (72 million— 1 out of 4 Americans) and Medicare (more than 47 million Americans).
– In 2009, 31.9 million people received food stamp benefits. Within six years that number increased to 46 million— a 44 percent increase under Obama. By January, 2015, food stamp recipients topped 46 million for 38 consecutive months. Now, nearly 50 million people are on food stamps.
(Since 2009, 13 million more people are receiving food stamps. That’s more than twice the population of El Salvador.)
– Obama is requiring the poor to move to different housing or receive less subsidies.

6. Education:

The government must take control of all information being communicated to the public. It must control what people read, watch, and hear. It must take control of the public school system and what children learn.

7. Religion: 

The government must remove any Christian belief in God from public places, the government, and public schools.
(Arresting and targeting Christians; ignoring Islamic mosques and groups that support terrorism.)

8. Class Warfare: 

 The government must crate division among the people; dividing them by skin color, education, and income. Division will cause more discontent, making it easier for the government to tax the wealthy to support more of the poor.
– (Soros-funded BLM devised to create false racism.)
– Under Obama, according to Reuters, Federal Reserve survey data evidences a disintegrating middle class. It specifically points to families in the middle fifth of the income scale who earn less and their net worth, which is lower now than before Obama took office.
– Because of Obama, the American Middle Class is no longer the world’s richest. It only took six years for Obama to slash middle class jobs (including both white and blue collar jobs).

Alinsky simplified Vladimir Lenin’s goal to conquer the world (via communism and controlled by Russian rule.) Stalin described his converts as “Useful Idiots.” (“It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.”)

History reveals that the “Useful” Leftist Idiots have destroyed every nation in which they have seized power. And they are succeeding in America at an alarming rate.
Sadly, Hillary’s goal is to achieve all of these objectives, starting with #4, to eliminate as much as she can the Second Amendment.

Huge miss for jobs, the US only added 38,000 jobs in May worst since 2010. The unemployment rate dropped to 4.7% on horrific data. More waiters, waitresses and bartenders were added as manufacturing jobs disappear. There are over 100,000,000 people that the government does not count, who want a job but just can’t find one. Service sector imploded. Obama wants to give more Social Security benefits to the people as the country collapses. Corporate defaults are exploding higher.

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