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Brexit, The EU And The Transatlantic Money Matrix, Economic Predictions For Summer 2016

Two long articles below but both do a good job of putting recent events into prophetic perspective and definitely worth reading. 

Paul McGuire -- Brexit, The EU and The Transatlantic Money Matrix

[FWIW - I always like to see what Paul McGuire has to say about current events]

Great Britain voted to leave the European Union according to what is called the “Brexit vote.” The corporate controlled media in the U.S. and the EU are chanting the mantra “The middle class are revolting against the elites.” Clearly, the voice of the working class, middle class, and what Bilderberg calls the “Precariat” class has not been completely silenced, if people are questioning things like trade treaties, the European Union, and a global economic system.

Super-billionaires like George Soros and Jacob Rothschild have been issuing ominous warnings about the Brexit, suggesting that the standard of living in the UK would crash and global economic and social chaos is on the horizon. Yet George Soros, like the rest of the elite, knew what was going to happen and apparently he quietly bet against the markets and invested heavily in gold. In addition, Eric Sprott, James Turk, and George Soros invested in a company that moves the world into a cashless society by advancing the digital payments revolution, where you can spend gold with a pre-paid-card globally.

Christine LaGarde, head of the IMF, warned of very serious negative consequences if Britain votes to leave the EU. Back in 2014 LaGarde talked about a global reset, or global reboot of the world’s financial system. When she made this announcement to the Council on Foreign Relations and the National Press Club, she used over half of her speech making references to occult numerology and symbols. Is the British Brexit a true revolt by the middle class, or is it a strategic manufactured crisis? After all, the motto of the Illuminati is “Order Out of Chaos” or “New World Order Out of Chaos.”

It does not appear that the IMF has specifically settled on any single nation’s currency to be the world’s currency, but rather, SDR’s (Special Drawing Rights), which refers to a basket of currencies. But it is worth noting that China has been buying massive quantities of gold and 40 central banks have invested in the Chinese Yuan. Russia is also buying massive quantities of gold.

The Old Testament prophet Daniel became the chief spiritual advisor to King Nebuchadnezzar because of his supernatural ability to interpret the King of Babylon’s dreams. Daniel interpreted a dream of the four great Gentile World Empires, in the form of a giant statue, with a head of gold. The first kingdom represented Babylon and the final empire was the revived Roman Empire, which was represented by ten toes mixed with iron and clay, representing its fragility.

Many scholars believe that this revived Roman Empire refers to the European Union, which would include Great Britain, historically known as Tarshish. Ancient England was known for its importing and exporting of tin. When the Bible refers to the “young lions of Tarshish,” this refers to the colonies of the British Empire such as America, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

Many scholars believe that the European Union along with Great Britain and its colonies constitute the revived Roman Empire. The current exit of Great Britain from the European Union, called the “Brexit,” is in many respects a theatrical event designed by the City of London, which is the powerful international banking center where people like the Rothschild’s have their headquarters, and it is directly linked to Wall Street in America.

This Transatlantic Union of international banking families, multi-national banks, and major financial institutions connects Wall Street and the Federal Reserve with the City of London and the institutions like the IMF, the World Bank, G8, G20, Davos, and the Bilderberg Group, and international banking families like the Rockefellers, and with the Council on Foreign Relations, United Nations, and the Tri-Lateral Commission.

All of the world’s four great Gentile empires were raised up in defiance against God and created their own global governments, global religions, and global economic systems. The foundation of all these systems is built upon the raising up of a Luciferian or occult religious system, a Luciferian or occult economic system and a global government to enforce their implementation. The current revived Roman Empire, which is the one world government, one world religion and one world economic system, is not going to derail due to any Brexit vote.

It would be highly na├»ve not to assume that the Brexit was orchestrated by the elite for the benefit of the elite. This is despite the fact that the world’s 400 richest people lost $127.4 billion the day Britain voted to leave the European Union; the combined loss of certain billionaires totaled $3.9 trillion. It must be remembered that George Soros and many other billionaires made countless billions in profit by transferring their assets to gold. The Transatlantic Union and Transatlantic Matrix is the biggest and most profitable business in the world, which is manufacturing global illusion and virtual reality. The core financial mechanism, which has been driving the global financial system from the Tower of Babel until today, is a Luciferian system based on sorcery and printing money from nothing! The Federal Reserve and the central banks print money from nothing and then loan it to the governments and the people for interest in what is called a debt-based-slavery system.

What’s required is that the masses who live in this Scientific Dictatorship embrace their scientifically induced trance state and learn to love their slavery, as Aldous Huxley said. From ancient Babylon through the Pharaoh-god-king system of Egypt, to the “divine right of kings of Europe,” the Illuminati-based occult and magical system of money is based on the masses believing that each unit of money has some kind of magical or intrinsic worth. This is why Sir Arthur C. Clarke, who wrote 2001: A Space Odyssey, stated “Science is magic.” It is also the reason 2001 director Stanley Kubrick displayed black obelisks which gave Man advanced knowledge through a process of Alchemical Magic and why in the final scenes of the movie Kubrick shows a black obelisk floating through space and a man becomes a “star child.”

The Bank of England is pumping billions of pounds into the financial system, while the European Central Bank said it will give banks all the funding they require. The Federal Reserve said it was “carefully monitoring” financial markets. This is simply code meaning they are not going to tell you what they are really doing. A big clue has been revealed in the fact that members of the European elite in France and Germany are planning to issue an “ultimatum” to all nations in the European Union, which will offer up radical proposals that EU countries will lose the right to have their own army, criminal law, taxation system or Central Bank, with all these powers transferred to Brussels. In short, an all-powerful European Superstate will emerge.

Interestingly, this fits precisely into Bible prophecy and a Revived Roman Empire. But, it all sends a powerful signal about what may be going on behind closed doors in America, where our individual Constitution and Bill of Rights, may be in danger to a North American Union Superstate.

Brexit — the second major landslide in the Year of the Epocalypse — has bankers all over the world scrambling to pick up and prop up their crumbled facades this week. This is one more jolt in the developing global economic collapse that I predicted for 2016.

The ground of an entire nation just dropped several feet. Aftershocks from a drop that size will be felt frequently throughout the summer and to some extent for years to come.
As I’ve said before, US politicians will find it increasingly difficult this year to keep shoring up the US economy until the end of the election cycle. This collapse just made things a lot worse for them. Brexits, Grexits and other exits, oil defaults, job decay, manufacturing malaise and a host of other planet-sized problems are piling up so fast that it will become almost impossible to hold off collapse much longer as global problems press in on the US and other nations.

Near the start of 2016, I described the anti-establishment forces that were shaping up to define the year ahead and the impact those nationally divisive forces would have on the world’s banking system this year:

The resources of all nations and their central banks are just too depleted to handle such a massive rupture of the global economy as we saw in 2008. Yet, this one is appearing that it could be far greater because it is developing all over the world simultaneously. The capacity of nations and their banks is fully taken up by huge monstrous national debts and balance sheets that have swelled beyond anything anyone would have imagined a decade ago.
At the same time, the people of all nations are fatigued from years of hearing about recession. In nations like Greece this is true at a level that is already explosive. If a recession like the Great Recession happens now, it will deplete all hopes because of all the talk of recovery that proved false after the last recession. They will have scaled the mountain — or tried to — only to find themselves shaken to the bottom again. Who would have faith in the central bankers to save the economy this time when all their plans to save it from the last recessionary period blew up in their faces?
Anger, albeit late in coming, is showing itself in US elections this round in the form of a movement in both parties away from the establishment. Who believes, however, that newly elected officials could find a solution once the central banks are proven to have failed? In moving away from the establishment, Democrats are moving further left and Republicans further right. There is little likelihood of agreement on a solution, especially one profound enough to right the entire world. (“Hell Week for the Global Economy“)

We don’t know what will happen with a Brexit or whether a Grexit will raise its ugly head again or whether immigration tensions will spontaneously combust in Europe … but I think the frying pan will certainly be sizzling this summer to cook up the last of the market’s bully beef for the bears to feast upon.
The increasingly scarce market bulls are dead cattle walking thanks to zombie economics. 

In other words, I wouldn’t bet back then on exactly what national breakaway would happen first in the EU, but was certain national tensions would heat up to where Europe started falling apart this summer, particularly over immigration tensions. The falling apart began right on cue. One cannot always see what section of land will give way first, but one can certainly see that so many pieces are ready to give way that collapse is certain and imminent.

To sum up where we are now now, I’ll turn to former Fed Chair Allan Greenspan who said that the Brexit event “may be just the tip of the iceberg” for Europe’s problems. When asked what he meant by that, he responded with the following:

This is the worst period I recall since I’ve been in public service. There’s nothing like it, including the crisis — remember October 19th, 1987, when the Dow went down by a record amount 23 percent? That I thought was the bottom of all potential problems. This has a corrosive effect that will not go away…. 
This problem that’s causing the British problem is far more widespread. 

I think the euro currency is the immediate problem… There’s this whole movement toward European political integration…. The euro area was a major step in that direction, and it’s failing. Greece is in real serious trouble. It is not going to continue in the euro very much longer, irrespective of what’s going on currently. (CNBC)

In other words, if even Greenspan says Europe is falling apart and the euro “is failing,” it must be bad. He’s a centrist saying the center is not holding. It’s not the nature of a central banker — even a former one — to be alarmist by saying an entire economic zone run by his comrades, which he has applauded, is now collapsing into chaos.

Don Quijones, an editor of Wolf Street, adds a note to Greenspan’s candid observations:

Another serious problem (on which Greenspan was somewhat less forthcoming) is Europe’s swelling ranks of heavily leveraged, scantily capitalized, bad-loan bedeviled, zombified banks. It was they whose stocks plunged the most [on Friday]

Spain’s banks suffered as badly as Italy’s, with Bankia shares losing 20% of their value. Spain’s largest bank, Santander, already suffering heavy losses from its operations in Brazil, also lost 20% of its value overnight, as did a third mega bank in Spain, Sabadell. Expect to see more major bank bailouts in Europe.
In the UK, Barclay’s shares plunged 20.5%. HSBC dropped 9%, and the Royal Bank of Scotland fell off a cliff, taking a 27.5% pounding.

We have now entered a global period of bailouts heaping up against the back of earlier bailouts and attempted recovery coming on the back of already failed recovery. Why? Because it is all the same Great Recession, and as I’ve maintained since I began this blog several years ago the “recovery” is nothing but a prop under the Great Recession’s monstrous belly. That prop, I said would fail this year, and we would slide into the abyss of an economic apocalypse in a series of jolting plunges and rallies.

When I say “the Epocalypse is here” or “the end is here,” I don’t mean we are now on the final leg down or that there will be no leveling off or no rally — that its finished. Heck, the central bankers aren’t going to give up the show that easily, and this is an election year in the US where they can expect totally subservient assistance from establishment politicians on both sides of congress. The majority of elected politicians clearly deplore the possibility that Donald Trump could not only be proven right about economic collapse but could be hoisted to a success big enough to give him a political mandate to tear the establishment apart in 2017!

What I mean when I claim “the end is here” is that this is one more enormous jolt like we saw in January that is a part of the end. We are, in other words, going through the end. I’ve consistently stated the Epocalypse will take, at least, a year and half to find its bottom; so it is far from over. This is just the beginning of the end.

Each of these jolts does huge damage to the global economy, weakens banks and central banks and other corporations in substantial ways, and takes us further into the Epocalypse. This one is massive to such a degree that its damage to the establishment will only be discovered over a period of weeks or more likely months. Along the way, we also have smaller jolts like we saw when I quoted Dennis Gartman as saying a month ago:

A few major banks that were already stressed will likely fail in the months ahead because Brexit added more stress than they can absorb. That will probably mean more bailouts, but the populace is not inclined to accept any more bailouts, so that will mean more civil unrest if bailouts happen.

National economies that were already crumbling like Greece, Brazil, Italy, Spain and France, will fall faster. As a result, other parts of the Eurozone will likely break off like icebergs in the summer heat. They may not announce their break from the EU this summer, but you’ll see major cracks form around their circumference.

Areas of marginal economic weakness will develop visible fault lines and experience serious tremors. In the US that would include jolts to jobs and wages, more falloff in GDP, increasing social unrest, increasing corporate collapse.

The calm between January and Brexit was longer than I expected between legs down, and the expected intervening rally went twice as high as I thought it would, but this is an election year. Regardless of the extended pause, global economic breakdown is continuing along the fault lines where I’ve indicated it would and in the year when I said things would all come apart, and the scale of Brexit is as huge as I said each leg of our journey into the Epocalypse will be.

The journey into our decline has now resumed. Each part that gives way makes all the other parts weaker and their own collapse more certain and more imminent. It’s going to be a summer filled with aftershocks.

You cannot stop this collapse, nor can you talk it into happening with negativity either. It is going to happen because it has to happen. It has inevitability all over it. Economic structures that should never have been created in the first place are giving way in what will become total structural failure. They are giving way because of their own flawed design...

This last part is a longer-term outlook than just 2016, and is added as an afterthought. Rather than loosen their bonds to become more democratic and less centralized in order to keep dissatisfied states from pulling out, I think the EU’s most powerful states crave power enough that they would choose to close ranks and tighten their agreement for more highly centralized power, letting those states that demand more localized authority fall away. Tightening the squeeze is certainly the approach Germany chose when Greece considered pulling out. It seems to be the German way.

If other states start to follow Britain’s lead, the EU may consolidate into a smaller, more tight-knit European superstate, which may hope to dominate the nations that pull out. I say that because Germany and France have a long-standing intense clench on power that already dominates the EU. They also share a Franco-Germanic history that may incline them to believe they can aggregate power around themselves, and those who are fundamentally seeking greater centralized power don’t become more democratic just so the center of a larger enterprise can hold.

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