Thursday, June 16, 2016

N Korea Predicts War, Modern Terrorism, Top Communist Military-Intelligence Officials To Inspect U.S. Defense Facilities

North Korea Predicts War in August, Says US Planning a Preemptive Strike

The country’s foreign ministry released a statement accusing the United States of planning preemptive airstrikes and vowing to treat such an assault as an act of war.

On Thursday, a spokesman for North Korea’s Foreign Ministry accused the Obama administration of planning airstrikes to destroy the country’s nuclear facilities in a "blatant war of aggression."
Pyongyang’s state-controlled KCNA news agency claims the spokesman has evidence that Washington is openly considering a bombing campaign to degrade North Korea’s nuclear capabilities, raising the stakes for an all-out war on the Korean peninsula.
"The fact that the United States is openly discussing ‘precision strike operations’ is a sign it is on the brink of taking an extremely reckless step," the spokesman said. "The fact the operation was made public ahead of the US-South Korea joint military exercise, the dangerous 'scenario of war' taking place in August, cannot be overlooked." 

During his deadly attack on a packed Orlando nightclub where he killed 50 people and wounded many more, Omar Mateen called 911.  
On the recorded call, he pledge his loyalty to ISIS.  
A day later, a terrorist outside of Paris, used Facebook livestreaming to pledge his loyalty to ISIS while stabbing a police chief and his wife to death.
What's going on?
The answer is that these pledges aren't simply expressions of loyalty, they are expressions of fealty, a much more powerful means of connection.  
Fealty is something we haven't seen since the middle ages.  ISIS became capable of employing fealty once it rebuilt a barebones Caliphate and it is using it to transform modern terrorism.

  • Fealty is a strict, lifelong pledge of loyalty from a vassal to a lord.  It's public and irreversible.  (If you watch Game of Thrones, it's why everyone hates the Kingslayer, even if he was justified in his actions)
  • Fealty obligates the vassal to act in the service of the lord, without any need for specific direction.  It also gives the protection of the lord to the vassal (in a religious context, salvation and redemption).
  • Fealty made it possible to build large, geographically segmented networks in a world without instant communications and rapid travel.   

Fealty allows ISIS to get around some of problems of modern open source insurgency.   For example:
  • A potential terrorist shouldn't express fealty until the attack.  Benefit: This prevents discovery during the grooming process.
  • A public expression of fealty (FB, Twitter..) provides them with instant acceptance by the "lord"  Benefit: this provides them spiritual protection for the attack and maximizes the publicity for ISIS
  • A Jihadi, or their local network, shouldn't ask for permission, planning, or support.  They should act on their own.  The attack itself is a demonstration of loyalty.  Benefit: this reduces chances of discovery and maximizes the innovative potential of the global network.
The more I think about it, fealty is an extremely useful way of harnessing and directing the power of an open source insurgency (aka, herding cats).

This past April, on Obama’s orders, some of the U.S. Southern Command’s top officers gave an in-depth tour of the Southern Command’s most vital facilities to some of Cuba’s top Military and Intelligence officials—probably to some of the very ones who earlier got this vital information from their WASP charges via “encrypted software, high-frequency radio transmissions and coded electronic phone messages," as the FBI affidavit showed.
If this sounds impossible or like the plot for the next Austin Powers Movie, here’s the story from The Miami Herald.   
And never mind the convicted Cuban spies, some of whom helped murder four U.S. citizens. They’re all living like celebrities in Cuba now after Obama gifted them back to Castro  in December 2014, upon commencing his smoochfest with the terror-sponsoring drug-runner who came closest to nuking the U.S. 
It gets better: 
Coincidently (perhaps) the vital U.S. defense facilities that Obama invited the eager Communist drug-runners to carefully inspect serve as the U.S. Defense Department’s  “command center on the war on drugs.”    
Coincidently, (perhaps) on top of serving as a base for terrorist group Hezbollah and probably  laundering funds for Al-Qaeda as late as two years ago,  the Castro-Family-Crime-Syndicate also help facilitate much of world’s cocaine smuggling. The dots are not overly difficult to connect. Let’s have a look:
*The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) attributes half the world’s cocaine supply to the Colombian Terror group FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.)
*The FARC itself gives credit where credit is due, attributing their rollicking success to the Castro regime: 
"Thanks to Castro" boasted late FARC commander Tiro-Fijo in an interview, "we are now a powerful army, not a hit and run band."  A few years ago a report from Colombia’s military intelligence obtained by the Colombian paper El Espectador revealed that the FARC maintains a major office in Havana. And their officers “receive a $5,000 monthly stipend through the Cuban bank account of a Venezuelan government office.”
Given the hefty piece of the action which the Castro-Family-Crime-Syndicate (called “Cuba” by the media and Obama State Dept.) undoubtedly gets from FARC it’s only proper that FARC kingpins have the run of the Castro Family Fiefdom.  In fact, some of these distinguished gentlemen were seated just a few rows from Obama himself when he attended that baseball game in Havana during his visit last March.
And lest we forget, just a few months ago the same fine folks invited by Obama to snoop around our vital Defense facilities were found (by anyone with half-a-brain) to have stolen sophisticated U.S. missile technology.  
In sum, the Castroites can’t possibly be the only international criminals delighted with Obama’s “generosity.” To wit: 
"Cuba is intelligence trafficker to the world," stresses Lieut. Col. Chris Simmons, recently retired from the Defense Intelligence Agency. “Among many others, the U.S. military secrets stolen by Castro’s spies have been sold to former regimes in Iraq, Panama and Grenada, alerting these dictatorships to U.S. military plans and costing untold American lives.”

The latest, chilling video released by the Islamic State on Tuesday not only praises the Orlando shooter, who massacred 49 people on Saturday night, but also promises that it will carry out more attacks on American soil.
Lauding the killer’s, identified as Omar Mateen, actions and claiming him as one of their own, the video opens by calling the 29-year-old the “2016 Islamic State fighter” as part of radical Islam’s ongoing mission to rid the west of ‘infidels’. Graphic depictions, such as body outlines in chalk and cartoonized bloodstains, accompany the opening credits.
From there, the filmmakers introduce Mateen as “one of Islamic State’s lions” whose praiseworthy actions were done in order to “avenge the death of Muslims.” Adorning the text is the now infamous photograph of Mateen that has become easily recognized in the wake of the worst shooting attack in American history.
Before showing footage from the deadly night in Orlando, ISIS emphasizes in the clip who their intended victims were by labeling the nightclub where the shooting took place as “Target: Nightclub for Homosexuals.” Scenes of police cars surrounding the area and audio from reporters who covered the horrific events then fill the screen. Several seconds taken from President Barack Obama’s statement following the shooting as well as words from GOP candidate Donald Trump and an FBI agent are included in the footage. 
Each new scene is marred by bold words written in capital letters: “Blood for Blood”, “Revenge for the Muslims”, and “Taste Terror in Your Countries”; alarming messages from ISIS to the western world.

The video ends off with a threat to New York, Washington (DC), and Orlando who ISIS swears “will not feel safety and comfort” while cities in Iraq are “being attacked and fought” by America.
Making the entirety of the five minute clip even more eerie is the ominous background music of arabic chanting mixed with a slow heartbeat, which lend an overall creepy aura and a certain feeling of intimidation to anyone with the stomach to watch.

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