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Cascadia Rising Drills, Fifth Major Quake In June In Indonesia, Fed's Strange Behavior, U.S. Spy Plane Intercepted By Chinese Jets

"Doomsday Drills" Begin In FEMA Region X

The Cascadia Rising 2016 Earthquake drills are beginning today preparing for what could be the biggest natural disaster that America has ever seen and in this 2nd ANP story in this ongoing series, we'll take a look at a few 'conspiracy theories' that have arisen surrounding these massive drills that involve the White House, FEMA, the Department of Defense and more than 20,000 people across the Pacific Northwest

While this ABCNews story calls Cascadia Rising 'doomsday drills' and tells us of what they hope will be a 'best-case response' to a 'worst-case scenario' that would involve US, Military, State and local emergency reponse managers all across the region working together along with local Native American tribes as well as emergency officials in British Columbia, Canada, there is always 'the other side of the story' as the videos contained within this story look at. 

Is 'Cascadia Rising' preparation for something more than just an earthquake and tsunami? 

A look at the screenshot below from the Cascadia Rising website shows us that Cascadia Rising 2016 is just part of a series of ongoing military exercises that also include Ardent Sentry 2016 as well as Vigilant Guard 2016. Interestingly, a group called the 'United States Transportation Command' is also involved and as you can see, they have a rather bizarre emblem that appears to be part-dragon. Their purpose may tell us what Cascadia Rising is really all about. From Wikipedia:

The United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) is one of nine unified commands of the United States Department of Defense. The command is located at Scott Air Force Base Illinois, was established in 1987. USTRANSCOM is a syllabic abbreviation formed from United + States + TRANSportation + COMmand.

This command is the single manager of the United States' global defense transportation system. USTRANSCOM is tasked with the coordination of people and transportation assets to allow the US to project and sustain forces, whenever, wherever, and for as long as they are needed.

We're also told some rivers in this same area where the Cascadia Rising drills are happening are polluted beyond repair, yet government does nothing. Why suddenly such massive preparation, with hundreds of millions of dollars spent, for a huge event that may not happen for another 20 years or another 150 years, or more? Do they know something that we don't know or has government turned into the 'ultimate preppers', preparing for a future event that may not happen in their lifetimes? 

A new story from KBKW tells us that over 50 counties from California to Canada will take part in the drill, taking place in the heart of FEMA region 10 and surrounding the devastation that could be caused by a quake and the resultant tsunami along an 800-mile long fault, only days after the White House announced a 'FEMA camp app' while warning America to 'prepare for disaster'. From the KBKW story which offers us some good solid advice.:

The event is being coordinated through FEMA Region 10, and will provide every citizen, community, jurisdiction and response agency of the County, an opportunity to participate and work with Military, Federal, State and local response organizations in order to develop a robust plan for disaster response.
Take a minute at some point today, or maybe later this week, and think what would you do? right now, if there was a Cascadia earthquake creating a tsunami right now? The quake would last around 4 minutes, and you would have roughly 20 minutes to get to the highest ground possible, depending on where you are. Do you know where the highest ground is right now? Or where the nearest, highest ground to your home is, and does your family know to meet there?
You can’t drive there. liquefaction and damage from the 4-minute quake will make roads impassible, and bridges bend at the piers.
These questions may seem simple but can save lives if you know them well, because in the event of a major Cascadia earthquake you will be the first responders, to your family, your neighbors, and to people you will meet in crisis.

Are the Cascadia Rising 2016 earthquake drills simply more drills preparing for something we hope never comes or something more sinister as hinted at in the videos below? 

A magnitude 6.3 - 126km WNW of Kota Ternate, Indonesia, is the fifth major quake of June and the ninth major quake around the globe in the last nine days after a very lean period in the first three weeks of May, which recorded no major quakes whatsoever.
Today's quake is the 70th of 2016.

In the past 100 years, the U.S. has suffered a gradual but immense devaluation in the dollar’s real buying power. We witnessed the first long-term fiscal depression in the nation’s history. We saw the removal of the gold standard. We saw the dismantling of the greatest industrial base in the history of the world. We have struggled through the implosion of the derivatives and credit bubble, which Fed officials have openly admitted responsibility for. And now, we are on the verge of the final implosion of a massive equities bubble and the collapse of the dollar itself.

All of these developments require careful planning and staging, not recklessness or random chance. Free-market economies tend to heal and adapt over time. Only constant negative manipulation could cause the kind of steady decline plaguing the U.S. ever since the Federal Reserve was forced into being.

The Fed has had multiple opportunities to strengthen the economic lifespan of America, but has ALWAYS chosen to take the exact opposite actions needed, guaranteeing an inevitable outcome of crisis. The goal of internationalists and international bankers is to acquire ever more centralized authority, and thus, ever more centralized power. The U.S. is an appendage to the great vampire squid, an expendable tool that can be sacrificed today to gain greater treasures tomorrow. Nothing more.

But this reality just does not seem to sink into the skulls of certain people. They simply cannot fathom the idea that the Fed is a saboteur. Not a bumbling greed fueled monster, or even a mad bomber, but a careful and deliberate enemy agent with precise destruction in mind.

A U.S. spy plane conducting a routine patrol over international waters in the East China Sea on Tuesday was intercepted by two Chinese fighter jets.
U.S. military officials in the Pacific told Reuters that one of the Chinese planes came within “an unsafe excessive rate of closure” to the U.S. aircraft, but blamed the incident on “improper airmanship, as no other provocative or unsafe maneuvers occurred.”
The altercation underscores the geopolitical power struggle in maritime Asia between the U.S. and China. Beijing has claimed most of the contested reefs, rocks and islets of the South China Sea as its own territory. But Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brunei have competing claims to various parts of the region. 
Beijing responded to the incident by accusing Washington of “deliberately hyping up the issue of the close surveillance of China by U.S. military aircraft,” according to a statement quoted by Reuters.
“Chinese military pilots consistently carry out operations in accordance with the law and the rules, and are professional and responsible,” China’s Defense Ministry said.
The U.S. Department of Defense said in a statement it was addressing the issue with Beijing.

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter just went before a Senate Armed Services Committee to wrestle still more billions from the American war chest in support of Middle East regime change. The Barack Obama appointed head of America’s military has presented a supposed comprehensive plan to defeat an enemy that Syria’s Assad and Russia’s air might have already crushed. The real purpose of Carter’s appearance before the Senate last week was to further fund anti-Assad forces, and to further invest in America’s military industrial businesses. United States policy in the Middle East is being unmasked, with inestimable sums of money fueling a perpetual war fire.

The fictitious war on terror America’s leaders milk billions out of, is intended to go on in perpetuity. Worse still, the mission to draw Europe into the fray is intended to make our EU partners further dependent on US military prowess. Barack Obama intendeds to leave his predecessor with an unwinnable war, a war that will break the union of European states permanently. Here’s that story.

Breaking this all down for you, the Bush administration began the Assad overthrow operation back in 2006. Sanctions and other levers were applied, to put the regime under intense pressure. Covert CIA efforts to help anti-Assad elements then grew exponentially, as Iraq and Syrian militants were cooked into an extremist stew. Then Obama took office, and upped the ante using the CIA, the Saudis, Turkey, the Kurds, and with the behind the scenes support of Israel. The news “Weapons of Mass Destruction” lie was concocted, and only Putin and Russia stood in the way of some full scale invasion. 

Arming and Funding (Train and Equip) took on a massive, half a trillion dollar scale approved by ALL of America’s leadership. And now the same DOD is in charge. The plan has only changed to emulate the Bosnia plan, and the proxy war with Russia goes on full scale. America’s treasury is bankrupt, the American people are left out of the equation, and a new “hybrid” form of World War is underway. Now even European allies are literally being attacked by the United States, though this is less obvious visibly. If you read the documents, and examine the rhetoric, then you’ll see the intent is there. NATO and EU nations bogged down, and with casualties in Syria…. Where do you think this puts NATO and America? Think protection racket.

This morning BBC is reporting that Washington wants peace in Syria. This proves the collusion in between UK’s rulers and the Washington elites running this horror show.
“The United States says it is working on specific initiatives to de-escalate fighting in Syria and revive a nationwide cessation of hostilities.”
The White House and the US Congress are still intent on “Train and Equip”, when it is clear the war on ISIL could end tomorrow. If Barack Obama’s last executive order before leaving the White House in November were to throw al-Qaeda (our sworn enemy) and al-Nusra (more extremist jihadists) under the bus, then Syira, Russia and Iran would decimate ISIL within weeks. Furthermore, if the coalition led by the US had coordinated and assisted Russian air forces rather than trying to shoot them down (Turkey), ISIL would no longer have arms, money, or the moral to continue. Again, this is incontrovertible. This is the reality. This is the truth of Syria and the refugee catastrophe. Think about it.

The secretive Bilderberg Group is set to discuss plans to implement an Internet ID to eviscerate anonymity on the web as well as a global tax on financial transactions and air travel, according to an inside source who spoke to Infowars.
The clandestine organization is set to begin its annual meeting tomorrow at the Taschenbergpalais Kempinski hotel in Dresden, Germany.
According to our source, the creation of a virtual passport that web users will need to obtain before they can use many Internet services is high on the agenda.
The Internet ID will be justified under the guise of “cybersecurity” and creating a convenient method for citizens to access government services, but free speech advocates will view the proposal with deep suspicion as it would threaten online anonymity and possibly chill dissent.
Services such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter could also use the online passport to revoke posting permission if a user violates terms of agreement, another obvious threat to the free flow of information that has made the web what it is today.
As we reported last week, a project by the European Union Commission which is being spearheaded by former communist official Andrus Ansi is pushing an Internet ID system that will track what people buy and what they say online.
Last year, it also emerged that the Communist Chinese government was involved in setting up a huge “social credit” database that would rank citizens based on their “trustworthiness.” A pilot project called Sesame Credit, run by Chinese corporate giant Alibaba, is already monitoring social media activity to give citizens a social credit score based on their buying history and, according to come critics, their political views.

Bilderberg globalists are also set to re-invigorate momentum behind another long term goal – a global tax system presided over by the UN.

Efforts to introduce a global tax, which Bilderberg has attempted in the past, will be focused around three possibilities – a tax on oil at the well-head, a supplementary charge for international financial transactions, and a green tax on all air and sea travel.

The Panama Papers will also be cited as a reason to impose the global tax on large corporations, although the costs will inevitably be passed on to the public. The first incarnation of the project will take the form of a “global body on tax cooperation,” which will be overseen by the United Nations.
The tax will be sold to the public as a means of addressing environmental concerns and helping destitute people in the third world, although whether those reasons are enough to convince anyone remains to be seen.
The topic of Brexit – Britain’s vote to leave the European Union – will also be a key focal point of Bilderberg’s discussions.
Specifically, Bilderberg will explore what options it has should the ‘leave’ camp emerge victorious. The European Union has previously quashed national referendums on further EU political integration by either changing the name and making citizens vote again, or simply ignoring their vote altogether.
Infowars reporters will be in Dresden all week covering the Bilderberg conference.

The destruction of the US military keeps humming along at a breakneck pace.

The Democrats were the maestros of incrementalization during the Vietnam War. They were also very good at tying the hands of those fighting that war. They are at it again.
Of course the bad guys can see right through the Pentagon smoke and mirrors show.
No matter how many Bridge too Far airborne exercises we have in Poland, it ain’t scaring Vlad Putin. He knows he’s dealing with worms. He knows the US Army’s armored warfare capabilities are slim to none. What was once a gigantic, heavily trained armored goliath in Western Europe has been transformed into an army of light infantry, Lawrence of Arabia wannabes. No doubt light infantry is needed and has a purpose, but grunts usually don’t fare that well against tanks. Read about the British 1st Airborne Division dropping in on the 9th and 10th SS Panzer Divisions during Operation Market Garden in September of 1944.
What’s the plan to beef up the US Army’s Armor Corps, you got me? I don’t think there is one. The US Army can always hurl breast pumps at the Russians. We seem to be well stocked in that category.
Okay, so the Army basically is incapable of fighting anyone except ISIS or insurgent groups, there’s always the Navy, right?
The Navy is in big trouble too. Last week, a group of high ranking US Navy officers testified to the House Armed Services committee about the Navy’s sinking readiness. As the American Thinker reported on the officers’ testimony:
“Cannibalization” — pulling scarce spare parts off one ship or plane to fix another about to deploy — is now routine, the captains testified. For example, the USS Normandy has served as an organ donor for 13 different “mission critical” components over the last 45 days, crippling the anti-aircraft cruiser‘s radar. “I could not possibly surge right now” for an emergency deployment, testified Normandy skipper Capt. Scott Robertson.
Naval air forces are in similar straits. Four of the Navy’s 10 carrier air wings are fully manned and equipped, but those four are the ones either deployed or about to deploy, said Capt. Randy Stearns. Getting one of the other six wings ready to go in an emergency would take six to 12 months, “three times as long” as when he was a young officer, Stearns said: “As of today, we don’t have that surge capacity.”

It’s possible that in the near future the US Navy might have to fight the Chinese Navy in the South China Sea.
In the South China Sea, as of February, China had finished construction on no less than six different island reefs from which to project its power in the South China Sea. Included in its military effort is the construction of a 3,000 meters (9,842 feet) long runway on the artificially expanded Fiery Cross Reef as a base for Chinese fighter aircraft.
Of course with all of these calamities, the Pentagon is focusing on what really matters, the real sinews of war, diversity and LGBT rights. June 2016 is LGBT Pride Month throughout the DoD. The enablers of the LGBT agenda in the military believe that shoving these directives down the throat of the military somehow make it a more inclusive force. In actuality, the LGBT agenda is destroying morale.
In contrast to what the Pentagon may present to the world, nothing is going well for the US military.  Some have compared these times to the late 1970’s when the Carter Administration severely weakened the US military. But, things are far worse now. The military today is suffering from the same readiness issues as in 1978, but it is also being destroyed by lunatic social engineering never seen before in any military, anywhere.
That is the difference.
Back then we had a weak military with strong leaders and tough troopers. In 2016, the US military desperately needs strong leaders with moral rectitude and fortitude. The US military also needs good soldiers, sailors and Marines who aren’t there to make a political statement for someone’s left wing agenda.

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