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Socialism: A Utopia Where Everything Is Equal, Bilderberg 2016

Sometimes reality get in the way, unfortunately. 

Most of us have seen the heartbreaking images and videos flowing out of Venezuela where food lines are hours long, basics like bread are unattainable for many and recent reports showing Venezuelans are so hungry and desperate they are hunting dogs, cats and pigeons, but that is only half the story.

Due to government corruption, there are "two Venezuelas," one where the poor are having their electricity and food rationed by the government, causing civil unrest and bringing the country to the brink of civil war, but the other "country within the country" is living high drinking champagne and vodka, eating Belgian chocolates and lobster, wearing brand name clothes, and dining in exclusive restaurants.

Via Telesur, a man by the name of Agustin Otxotorena, a Basque executive living in Caracas, grew tired of constant calls from friends and relatives in Spain telling him that there was no food in Venezuela, so on May 20 he began publishing photos on Facebook of supermarkets in upscale sectors of Caracas filled with goods.

What you will see below is what the ABC news bureau in Venezuela censors from their reports, images from Otxotorena's Facebook account which when seen side by side with the tragic images of starving Venezuelans show a sickening contrast between who the government allows to starve and who doesn't.

Translated by Google, hence the grammatical errors in the quote below:

And this was precisely the claim Otxotorena that accompanied the news that yesterday, Sunday, a reporter from ABC decided to publish. However, soon after, this means clearing the information on its website. His trail is still active Internet searches, but when we tried to access the news is no longer available. 

In other words, it was reported then taken down.


Stores for the poor in Venezuela show empty shelves, where people can shop only on designated days and are limited to what they can buy, with some having to undergo fingerprinting scanning to prove their identity.




Compare images above to the images Mr. Otxotorena has been posting on his photo page.

In addition to showing evidence of an abundance of food stuffs, Otxotorena also analyzed the situation. He concluded that there are two countries in Venezuela—one where "there are many people having a hard time, who don’t have the money to live,” and another where there is "an upper class that has a living standard higher than Europe."



Via Telesur - "If you have money there is champagne … vodka, Belgian chocolates … lobster, brand-name clothes, exclusive restaurants … nightclubs, beaches … yachts, golf clubs—a whole country within a country where there are no poor, women and children are blond, go to exclusive schools, exclusive universities, and vacation, where Blacks or poor are the waiters … ,” he posted on his Facebook page.

While many would criticize the "rich" and lament over how they don't care at all for the poor, what we are looking at in reality is socialist government corruption in its purest form, as explained by Otxotorena.

In his analysis he stated that the phenomenon stems from corruption in import processes, subsidies by the government, and the existence of buying, re-selling and smuggling of subsidized essential goods by "bachaqueros", linked to Colombian paramilitary groups.

During the great famine of China caused by insane communist party policies, tens of millions starved to death while party members and the ruling elite lived in luxury and abundance. The same was true during the famines of Communist Russia under the terror reign of Joseph Stalin. During Hitler’s rule, when hyper-inflation had people going to the bakery with wheelbarrows full of cash, party members and the wealthy class, again, had access to anything they needed or wanted.

I would add a third point to that, which is how so many think this could not happen right here in America, yet government "benefits" being paid out to Americans are unsustainable and much larger in scope than most understand.

Roughly one in five Americans receives government assistance each month, according to the most recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

"Approximately 52.2 million (or 21.3 percent) people in the U.S. participated in major means-tested government assistance programseach month in 2012," said a report issued by the Census Bureau.

Participation in the programs has increased significantly over the last decade: in 2004, there were almost 42 million monthly recipients, an increase by 24.9 percent in the intervening years.

The socialist revolution in Venezuela has resulted in a country with sky-high inflation, no medicine, no food and, finally, no security. The Los Angeles Times has an excellent piece on the rise of robbery, kidnapping and murder that have made the nation a place where dead bodies in the street are a common sight:

Savvy motorists avoid certain thoroughfares after dark, when carjack gangs set up ambushes, sometimes laying down nail-embedded strips to puncture tires of vehicles ferrying potential quarry.  Motorists speak matter-of-factly of spotting body parts along roadways.

The exact murder rate in Venezuela is a subject of debate but an outside group puts the number at 27,875 murders in 2015, which works out to 90 per every 100,000 people. And because most of the murderers are never arrested, much less convicted, many have given up on the police. Some Venezuelans are resorting to gruesome revenge attacks on those they believe responsible:

In a country where most perpetrators are never found, mobs are increasingly launching impromptu revenge attacks, often dousing suspected muggers with gasoline and setting them alight — inevitably  targeting the innocent by mistake at times. There have been 74 possible lynchings this year, according to authorities.

With the streets to dangerous to travel by night, many businesses now close early:

“The police still make their rounds, but we have been robbed three times,” said Carlos Castillo, 47, owner of a bar-restaurant in Chacaito, a mostly middle-class district in eastern Caracas.
Once open until 11 each evening, the establishment now closes at 7 p.m., a common scenario here.
Meanwhile, Reuters reports people desperate for food are resorting to looting. Reuters reports that one woman looter was shot in the face by a police officer today:

Relatives of hotel worker Jenny Ortiz, 42, said she died in hospital after being shot during the melee late on Sunday in San Cristobal, a town near the border of Colombia, where looting and antigovernment protests have occurred in recent months.
Family including her mother-in-law Carmen Rosa, 58, who said she saw the incident, alleged that a policeman shot Ortiz.

Again, this is not a 20-something looting an electronics store. This is a middle-aged woman in a crowd of hundreds who is desperate to find food. People are close to panic and the ruling socialist government has done nothing but blame the misery on an economic conspiracy theory involving the United States.

The secretive Bilderberg Group, which is set to meet in Dresden, Germany later this week, will discuss how to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president, the possibility of mass riots as a result of wealth inequality, the migrant crisis, as well as the United Kingdom’s vote on leaving the European Union.

The influential meeting of bankers, politicians, media heads and business moguls has released its official participant list and agenda for 2016.
As per usual, the list of topics to be discussed is extremely vague;
• Current events
• China
• Europe: migration, growth, reform, vision, unity
• Middle East
• Russia
• US political landscape, economy: growth, debt, reform
• Cyber security
• Geo-politics of energy and commodity prices
• Precariat and middle class
• Technological innovation

However, we can easily infer from the agenda and some of the names on the participant list what the group will be discussing in more detail.

Bilderberg will obviously be discussing Brexit – Britain referendum vote to leave the EU – because it threatens the future of the European Union federal superstate that was the brainchild of Bilderberg in the first place.
The inclusion of “precariat and middle class” on the list also means that the powerful lobby group will be ruminating on how they can exploit and manage the inevitability of more riots and civil unrest in the west, a topic that elitists were also concerned about at the 2015 Davos Economic Summit.

 “Precariat” describes those who are struggling to survive in today’s economy and who have no long term wage security. Studies have shown that wealth inequality increases the likelihood of mass social disorder.

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