Sunday, June 5, 2016

Soros Ballot-Stuffing Backfires But 'Malicious Assault Against Electoral Integrity Continues'

Billionaire George Soros’s crusade to make voter fraud even easier to commit suffered a setback in Virginia when an attempt to erase a common sense voter ID requirement from the law books was slapped down by a federal judge.

It comes amidst an outbreak of voter fraud, the crime the Left says is a figment of conservatives’ imagination, in southern California. Investigative reporter David Goldstein of CBS2/KCAL9 in Los Angeles discovered official records showing votes have been cast in successive recent elections by 265 dead persons – 86 Republicans and 146 Democrats. Of the 215 dead voters from L.A. County, 212 remain registered and eligible to vote in this month’s primary elections in the Golden State.

“What it does is every single vote that’s cast by a dead voter actually cancels out a vote of a lawful voter cause if they voted for one candidate and you voted let’s say for another, your vote got canceled out,” said Ellen Swensen of civil rights group True the Vote.

Soros helped to underwrite Democrats’ recent unsuccessful challenge to Virginia’s voter ID statute.
"I guess George Soros isn't done wasting his money yet," Matt Moran, spokesman for Virginia Speaker of the House William Howell (R) said of the activist Left’s real life Daddy Warbucks. "Which is disappointing, because he's got a lot more of it than the taxpayers who are stuck paying to defend the Democrats’ politically motivated lawsuit."
Hillary Clinton crony and lawyer Marc Elias of Perkins Coie, who filed similar lawsuits in Wisconsin and Ohio last year, said Democrats are seeking expedited review of the decision from the Richmond-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. He urged the state not “to try to slow walk the appeal in this case. The citizens of Virginia deserve a prompt hearing in time to avoid disenfranchising voters in advance of the 2016 election.”
Except the whiny oft-repeated claim from the Left that anyone could somehow be disenfranchised by a simple requirement to prove who they are in order to vote is utter hogwash.
U.S. District Court Judge Henry E. Hudson noted in his ruling last week that ID cards are available free of charge in Virginia and not even one of the witnesses called to the stand was actually deprived of the vote. The law adds "a layer of inconvenience," but he reasoned that it burdens everyone equally.
J. Christian Adams, president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, praised the court decision. “It’s a shame civil rights groups are wasting so much donor money in failed efforts to block a law most people like and that stops nobody from voting.”
A tiny inconvenience, or course, is a small price to pay to safeguard the process by which we choose public officials.
The Left disagrees.
Voter fraud is relatively easy to commit thanks to the Clinton era “Motor-Voter” law that forces welfare offices to register voters while at the same time forbidding officials from demanding proof of U.S. citizenship. Marxists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven were instrumental in the passage of the law by Congress. Cloward didn't care about fraud. "It's better to have a little bit of fraud than to leave people off the rolls who belong there," he said, spouting a false dichotomy.
Voter fraud in its various forms is distressingly common in America. As I discovered while writing Subversion Inc., at least 52 individuals who worked for the now-dissolved ACORN or its affiliates, or who were connected to ACORN, have been convicted of voter fraud. ACORN itself was convicted in Nevada in 2011 of a species of election fraud.
Virginia is only one of Soros’s targets. He vowed last year to spend up to $5 million supporting lawsuits challenging voting laws in states like North Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

"We hope to see these unfair laws, which often disproportionately affect the most vulnerable in our society, repealed," he said at the time, describing himself as being "proud" of his involvement in the legal proceedings.
Soros aide Michael Vachon added it was "disingenuous" for Republicans to say that electoral integrity measures such as voter ID don’t prevent voter fraud, a crime he claims is "nearly nonexistent." Those laws are "meant to give Republicans a political advantage on Election Day.”

Soros also bankrolled the now-defunct Secretary of State Project which aimed to install left-wingers who believe voter fraud is a myth as secretaries of state across the fruited plain so they could tilt the playing field in favor of Democrats. The 527 political committee that could accept unlimited financial contributions paved the way for Al Franken’s 2008 theft of a U.S. Senate seat by installing ACORN-endorsed community organizer Mark Ritchie as Minnesota secretary of state. A study by Minnesota Majority stated that illegal voting by felons may have put Franken over the top.

Soros, himself a convicted felon, is a longtime funder of soft-on-voter-fraud and pro-felon re-enfranchisement groups, according to IRS filings.

Through his philanthropies Open Society Institute and Foundation to Promote Open Society, Soros has donated to the ACLU Foundation ($4 million since 1999), Advancement Project ($8.6 million since 2000), Center for American Progress ($10.1 million since 2007), Center for Constitutional Rights ($1.5 million since 1999), Demos ($5.5 million since 2001), Institute for Policy Studies ($800,000 since 2002), Electronic Privacy Information Center ($470,000 since 2000), Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law ($4.4 million since 1999), League of Women Voters Education Fund ($2.5 million since 1999), NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund ($2.8 million since 2004), People for the American Way ($6.2 million since 1999), Progressive States Network ($1.4 million since 2006), Project Vote ($1.6 million since 2007), Sentencing Project ($4.2 million since 1999), and the Tides Foundation and Tides Center ($56.7 million since 1999).

While Soros attacks Virginia from the outside, a Hillary Clinton surrogate has been assaulting it from the inside.

To clear the way for fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton to capture the White House this year, the irretrievably corrupt Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe unilaterally restored the voting rights of 206,000 convicted felons in his important battleground state in April. The move, which critics say violates the state constitution, is without precedent in Virginia's history and is particularly noxious coming as it did two days after the state's General Assembly adjourned.

Laughably, the former Democratic National Committee chairman claims that parachuting 206,000 felons onto voter rolls months before a critical presidential election isn't a ploy to help Democrats. “Too often in both our distant and recent history, politicians have used their authority to restrict peoples’ ability to participate in our democracy," McAuliffe said, implying that letting murderers and child molesters vote is somehow good for society.

This can’t bode well for the nation’s future.

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