Saturday, April 9, 2016

The New Fascists

The New Fascists: Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris, the Attorney General of California, is an example of the new jackbooted fascists pretending to be responsible public officials.

Democrat politicians like Harris and Jerry Brown demonstrate their disgust with the Constitution by placing their own political beliefs above the will of the people, when Brown refused to defend Californians votes for Prop 8, and free speech, when Harris tries to criminalize speech she doesn’t like.

While some will reject such strong language, there is really no other way to describe an attorney general who uses the full power of her office to attack a reporter who is discomforting one of Harris’s donors.
When confronted with irrefutable evidence that Planned Parenthood was profiting by selling the human organs of aborted babies, and modifying the abortion procedure without the consent of the mother in order to improve profits, Harris conducted a raid on the apartment of David Daleiden, the brave investigative journalist who exposed Planned Parenthood’s profiting from the modern equivalent of lampshades made from human skin.
Apparently women’s health being placed second to PP profits does not bother Harris any more than the idea that money is being made selling the body parts of unborn children does.
Liberals revealed their fascist leanings by being enthused over Harris’s attack on the press. For one of the core beliefs of fascists is that the press cannot be free. If the truth is out there, then the evil of fascism will turn people against it.

Can you imagine the medias response if a Republican attorney general raided the home of a liberal investigative journalist who showed that the NRA was selling guns to terrorists? Yet the MSM is either silent or supportive of Harris’s fascist misuse of government power.

Of course, there is also a defining silence about how Harris’s own website proclaims her support for Planned Parenthood and how she’s received many donations from PP and affiliated groups and individuals.
Once again, imagine if the hypothetical Republican attorney general mentioned above was a big supporter of the NRA, and had received many donations from the NRA, how the media would be screaming about conflict of interest and persecution of the press.
But because modern liberals are fascists at heart who believe that anything is okay so long as it furthers their cause and increases their power, Harris can get away with her police-state tactics.
Although she is black, Harris apparently has no problem with the fact that Planned Parenthood is practicing what Jesse Jackson called “genocide” against blacks. She is supportive of the fact that PP “clinics” are primarily in minority areas and that black women are five times as likely to kill their unborn daughters than white women.
A non-racist who supports a woman’s right to kill her unborn child would say that abortion should stay legal but that society should address the root causes of the much higher black and Hispanic abortion rates. Yet Harris has said nothing.
Another example of Harris’s enthusiasm for persecuting free speech she doesn’t like is her legal attack on anyone who disagrees with the left’s bizarre belief in the thoroughly discredited concept of man-caused climate change. 
Even though all of the computer models on which the left’s fixation relies have been shown to be wrong, Harris wants to prosecute companies that have financed research that shows the contrary.
In doing so Harris achieves a fascist two for one; she manages to distort science to support her personal prejudices -- just like Stalin did -- and use the full power of government to silence voices she doesn’t like.
It’s time for conservative leaders to stop acting as though people like Harris and Brown are good American’s who simply disagree about what the best course should be for the country.
With the MSM lying to cover the fascist totalitarian nature of many elected Democrats we need the faces of conservatism, especially elected officials, to shine a light on the Democrats subversion of the Constitution.
Interestingly, the fact that “conservative” leaders treat monsters like Harris politely is one of the main reasons Trump is enjoying so much support. For all his many vices, he’s perceived as being willing to spit in the face of people like Harris who are eager to subjugate the American people to the fascist demands of the ruling elite.
Sadly, however, Trump would appear to side with Harris on persecuting the press since he’s advocated making it easy for politicians to sue any reporter who says something he doesn’t like. On the plus side, Trump’s example has helped legitimize the historically harsher rhetoric of people like Ted Cruz.
It’s time for conservatives to realize that the old patriotic liberals of the 1950s are long gone and their progeny are virulently anti-Constitutional fascists who yearn to make America into a police state.
As a result, we need to use the same harsh rhetoric that has worked in the past against truly evil people such as the Nazis, the Communists, and the KKK in order to drive home to American voters who won’t hear the truth from the MSM just what sort of monsters these Democrats are.
While Christ calls us to love our enemies, He does not say that we must act as though their policies well-intentioned when they are not. Hence we must love even people like Harris, while taking every step necessary to prevent her from oppressing Americans she doesn’t like.

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