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Why Would Turkey Shoot Down Russian SU-24? Prophetic Implications?

Of course that is how we watch the news these days - through the lens of biblical prophecy. It is hard to see any significant international news without one eye on the news and the other eye on the prophetic scriptures. 

In this most recent development, we know that ultimately Turkey and Russia will come together in order to invade the Nation of Israel; a fact that seems inconsistent with current events. But as with all prophecy, we know that sooner or later Turkey will once again be aligned with Russia. We now watch and see how long Erdogan will last as Turkey's leader. 

This article may shed some light. In fact we have come to expect very deep insight and analysis of current events from New Eastern Outlook and today is no exception as several commentaries are posted on this site - all worth reading. 

On November 24 the Turkish Air Force shot down a Russian SU-24, which was carrying out sorties against terrorists in the Syrian province of Latakia, near the Syrian-Turkish border. It’s reported that both pilots managed to eject, but one of them was shot dead in the air as he parachuted down, while the other is reported to have been successfully rescued by the Syrian army. The bomber was brought down by two Turkish F-16 fighters.

Turkey claims that Russia’s SU-24 was warned over 10 times that it is violating Turkish airspace, but refused to cooperate and was shot down.

According to Russia’s Ministry of Defense, the aircraft did not invade Turkish airspace, which is clear considering the fact that it fell within Syrian territory. In the evening, after a meeting with the Jordanian monarch, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin publicly confirmed that the plane was shot down half a mile away from the border and crashed 2 miles away from it. Russian leader called this attack a “stab in the back” carried out by the supporters of terrorism, stressing that this tragedy would have “very serious consequences for Russian-Turkish relations.” Hours before that statement, Ankara declared that Turkey was going to hold a meeting with NATO and the UN. Putin underlined that it was not Moscow that brought down a Turkish aircraft, in fact, the situation was quite the opposite.

Well, Moscow can and should demand the UN Security Council condemn the downing of the plane, which was engaged in an anti-terrorist operation.

So far, the members of the Russian government have shown a lot of restraint while commenting on the situation. A spokesman for the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, at a press-conference refused to comment whether and when Russia would be discussing this situation with Turkish officials, since Turkey, he believes, should have contacted Russian authorities immediately after the attack. He also stressed that there’s no way that Turkish media sources, that published reports that Russia’ Security Council had an urgent meeting, know when Putin summons the members of the Council better than he does.

In the meantime, Ankara has been busy helping Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United States instigate ‘revolution’ in Syria, by assisting extremists and giving them shelter, along with arming and training militants.

Turkey is actively engaged in smuggling operations, buying stolen oil that was extracted in Syria. That means that Ankara is profiting from the Syrian conflict, while allocating a part of these profits to sponsor international terrorism, and taking advantage of its status of a NATO member. As for the United States, Britain, France, Germany and other Western countries, they all turn a blind eye to this fact. Yet, such actions are a direct violation of a number of international conventions that prohibit the financing and sponsoring of terrorism.

Periodically, Ankara voiced calls to establish a no-fly zone over northern Syria, paired with claims that it’s going to send troops to Syria to finalize the overthrow of the legitimate government of Bashar al-Assad. And now Russian warplanes, together with the French and US aircraft have begun to purposefully destroy columns of oil trucks, thereby undermining the profitable “business” of Erdogan’s accomplices.

Of course there is another possibility. Everyone knows that Turkish military bases are usually packed with Pentagon and CIA operatives. It’s not a secret either that the Turkish military hates their Islamist president, so they could have created this provocation to set him up. The deterioration in bilateral relations between Russia and Turkey could as well be the end of Erdogan, and Washington will only benefit from this since it’s fed up with the stubborn Turkish president. The EU won’t be too sad either, since Erdogan sent hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Syrian refugees, financed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which allowed ISIL to infiltrate a number of European countries while disguised as among them. The direct result of this move was the inhuman terrorist attacks in Paris. Qatar could play a role in all this too, after blowing up Russia’s A321 over Sinai, it’s safe to assume that Doha won’t hesitate to bribe Turkish pilots to bring down an SU-24, which did not even try to fight back, likely assuming that it was safe in the Syrian sky from the strikes of Russia’s “ally”.

The question here is – what should Moscow do next? No matter what explanation Ankara is going to give, a Russian military plane that was engaged in the fight against international terrorism has been brought down. Mere apologies won’t do, but there’s a chance that Turks, who have gone irrational in the Erdogan era, won’t apologize at all.

As it was with the downing of A-321, Moscow is simply bound to take actions. This, of course, doesn’t mean there’s going to be a military response, even though Russia has the capacity to level all military facilities in Turkey with minimum effort. However, these are bad times for emotions. First, there must be a thorough investigation. It is also imperative to stop the flow of Russian tourists to Turkey, which receives billions of dollars in profit from them. After all, today they brought down a military aircraft, and tomorrow they can start shooting airliners down in broad daylight.

Next step – the utter and complete ban of all kinds of products that are produced in Turkey, since Russia can easily replace those with the agricultural products from Iran and Central A

And, of course, it’s high time to halt all infrastructural gas projects that involve Turkey. Moreover, on November 23 in Tehran at the summit of the GECF Vladimir Putin has already announced his intention to triple Russia’s LNG exports to Asia. As for Europe it will be supplied with the second string of the Nord Stream pipeline. It’s safe to say that Turkey, under the sitting regime, is as unreliable a partner as Ukrain

It will also be appropriate to reduce the level of diplomatic relations between Turkey and Russia by recalling Russia’s ambassador to Ankara. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has already canceled his trip to the Turkish capital.

And, of course, it’s about time to double or triple the efforts to find those who planned the bombing of Russia’s airliner over Sinai. These will reveal the countries that are sponsoring terrorism, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey. And then Russia will bring those responsible to justice. There should be no surprise if we are to find some Turkish officials in the dock at a trial in Moscow. The world has to know who is responsible for the ongoing chaos and the spread of terrorism in the Middle East and Europe.

Instead of immediately apologising to Moscow for the Turkish Air Force downing the Russian SU-24 being part of the Russian Air Force group from the Hmeymim base, whose war with IS terrorists and other terrorist groups on Syrian territory is not just empty words, but real action, Ankara was quick to come out with offensive attacks against Russia. And for some reason, it then went on to demand that the NATO Council convene, although not only wasn’t Turkey attacked, but rather itself committed an act of aggression. It is impossible to differently interpret the attack on the plane of the anti-terrorist coalition performing the mission to destroy terrorist locations in Syria. Moreover, the Turkish F-16 did it when the SU-24 was in Syrian airspace.

What is all this: stupidity, a mistake, or something else entirely? If we disregard the version that it was provocation planned by the US or Qatar, or Saudi Arabia (the cancellation of the Saudi king’s visit to Moscow on November 24 three days before it was set to take place seems rather strange) with the help of the Turkish military, then it is quite clear: this kind of aggression is dictated by the nature of the current Turkish state headed by Islamist Erdogan, who considered himself the Sultan and decided to create a neo-Ottoman Empire in the Middle East, even relying on all sort of unsavoury groups such as ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra, Jabhat al-Fath, etc.

First, if after the incident with the Su-24, the Turkish Air Force invade Syrian airspace, the Russian Air Force have the right to shoot them down, whether by means of anti-aircraft defence, or by its military aircraft. After all, Russia has not formalised an agreement on the prevention of air incidents with Turkey or the US and the Pentagon spokesman confirmed on November 24 that the case of the SU-24 was not covered by it. That means, the opposite is true. All the more so as Syria has invited the Russian Air Force to help in its fight against terrorism. Turkish aircraft were not invited, and they may well perform the task of covering the oil smuggling routes from the ISIS territory, thus facilitating the financing of terrorism, which is contrary to the UN Security Council resolution. Furthermore, the invasion of Syrian airspace by Turkish aircraft poses a threat to our air operations to combat the ISIS and other terrorist groups.

Second, if the Turkmen tribes fighting against the Syrian army – Russia’s land ally – who took the bodies of our pilots do not return them, the Russian Air Force has the right to launch an attack on their location as allies of terrorists. Mercy cannot be shown here.

Third, it is necessary to completely destroy all oil and oil product smuggling routes from the ISIS territory to Turkey in order to deprive the terrorists of their sources of funding, and capture the Turkish nationals engaged in illegal operations with Syrian oil and bring them to a tribunal as the criminal accomplices of terrorists. It is particularly important to bomb the entire oil smuggling route in the border area with Turkey, be it roads, bridges, or anything else.

Fourth, it is necessary to provide maximum assistance to the Syrian Kurds in their struggle against the ISIS and other terrorist groups, given that Ankara is not letting them to engage in a fully-fledged attack on Raqqa, the ISIS “capital”. In general, it is necessary to urgently raise the issue of the Turkish Kurds’ right to autonomy and other political and human rights at the United Nations. After all, the Kurds of Iraq and Syria have an autonomous government that guarantees their rights as a minority. It’s high time that the Turkish Kurds were provided with the same. Additionally, the time has come to remind the United Nations of the right of nations to self-determination. Kurds make up a third of the Turkish population. This even gives them the right to establish their own state. After all, this has already been granted to several thousand residents of the Kingdom of Tonga in Oceania so why is Turkey depriving 20 million people of their historic territory? The Ottoman Empire ceased to exist 100 years ago.

Fifth, it is vital that any cooperation between Russia and Turkey be discontinued, including tourism, any air services, business communications, the construction of nuclear power plants on Russian loans, all gas projects must be stopped, and simultaneously halt the supply to Turkey. What they have done today is a heinous crime for which Ankara must pay in full.

The world watches and waits for the next phase of this war, a war which is developing with breathtaking rapidity into a world war in which all of us will suffer.  Hopes for peace in our time have vanished along with the humanity required to achieve it.  The anti-NATO, anti-war movement has not developed as we hoped and those who are engaged in the effort now risk arrest and worse as accomplices of ‘terrorism.” All I can say is prepare yourselves as best you can for what is coming, and try to resist, try tospeak out, and try to hold the flame of civilization aloft as long as you

And this....

War With Russia To Defend ISIS? -

Hey, remember back in those “good ol’ days” we called the Cold War when we thought World War Three would begin over some penny-ante border skirmish in Europe? You know, a Soviet plane gets close to the border, we panic, it gets shot down. Then the Soviets decide to shoot down the next plane that tries that again. Then it escalates from there. Well, folks, have a look at this.
There. Putin just placed some long-range surface-to-air missiles in Syria. The next Turkish F-16 pilot to play Top Gun is going to get a hotfoot he’ll never forget. Ok, but let’s get back to the Cold War for a second. Can anyone imagine it being 1983 and Reagan giving the okey-dokey to shoot down a Soviet aircraft? Of course not. Not even Reagan was that bonkers. If Turkey had said they were going to do that, they’d have been told in no uncertain terms: Absolutely not. We’d have never allowed a NATO nation to threaten such a thing, much less carry out that threat. They’d have been told to follow the protocols which are to send up planes and escort the aircraft away. That’s what NATO has been doing since they provoked the Russians into resuming Bear bomber excursions close to NATO airspace. They escort the planes away. They don’t shoot them down, no matter how many bloodthirsty whack-jobs were calling for it.
Also, the surviving crewman of the shot-down Russian plane has been recovered. Guess where? Syria! Gee, how’d that happen? If the Russian plane was in Turkey, how comes the Turks didn’t capture the guy? And since the pilot was killed by ground fire coming from al-Qaida, there are only two possibilities there. One, the plane was in Syria, which we can pretty much say is a given. Or, two, the plane was in Turkey and al-Qaida is getting safe haven in Turkey. So, ok, Turkey, which one was it? Was the plane in Syria when your F-16s ambushed it? Or are you harboring al-Qaida?
I bet NATO nations that want to stay out of this are crapping enough bricks to build a pyramid at this point. I hear tell that Turkish F-16s cross into Syria with some regularity. Sooner or later, one will get bagged by a Russian SAM crew. Or the next F-16 to shadow a Russian plane is going to get a supersonic parting gift. “Vanna, tell our contestant what he’s won!” “He’s won a surface-to-air missile and a free trip by parachute into the arms of his air rescue crew!” Turkey goes whining to NATO and demands assistance. There, we’re in World War Three. I tend to think this entire thing has been staged and Turkey was coached in it by those who want to get us into a war by any means necessary. I tend to think that actor is the Pentagon. They probably think the President and Congress aren’t getting us into a war fast enough.
Here’s what’s obviously going down over there. Turkey is, and always has been, supporting al-Qaida and ISIS. Both of them are covertly supported by the United States which is why a year-plus-change-you-can-believe-in’s worth of airstrikes haven’t even cost ISIS a magazine subscription. ISIS and al-Qaida have been using Turkey as a safe haven and that’s the starting point of the ISIS version of the Ho Chi Minh Trail. How come ISIS keeps getting resupply? Because Turkey is where the supply depot is. So, ok, ISIS ends up nuttier than a fruitcake but we still need them to get rid of Assad, so we just kick the can down the road, hoping an international coalition will get rid of ISIS later. But here came the Russians and no one thought that would happen. And it might not have if NATO and the U.S. had minded their own business in Ukraine. So Putin moved up his pieces on the board. But now here was the chance to get the war we wanted to start in Ukraine started in Syria and kill two birds with one stone. So to speak. Hence, Turkey was not challenged and warned off by the U.S. when they said they were going to shoot down Russian planes. In fact, that’s exactly what the Pentagon needed. And now it’s happened.
See, the Pentagon thinks it can win a war with Russia. Seriously. They do. Because even if it goes nuclear, as long as we wipe them out and we’ve got a handful of bureaucrats and generals alive in their fuehrerbunkers, we won! Hooray! Aren’t you all excited and proud to be an American right now? Gee, it’s swell to know we didn’t scrap all those nuclear weapons after the Cold War. We scrapped the air raid sirens so, hey, if you’re in the shower you might not even know the world is going to end before you’re done washing your hair. Don’t worry about drying it, the heat flash will do that for you.
Don’t you just love it? I can’t see any other conclusion that can be arrived at except that we’re about to risk a war with Russia over al-Qaida. Makes you wonder if al-Qaida ever was formally off the CIA payroll.

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