Tuesday, November 10, 2015

U.S. Fighter Jets Sent To Turkey To Guard Against 'Russian Aggression', Syrian Army Enters Aleppo Air Base After ISIS Siege

US Fighter Jets Sent to Turkey to Guard Against 'Russian Aggression'

The Pentagon has stationed a new fleet of fighter jets in Turkey. While ostensibly aimed at protecting US bombers targeting the self-proclaimed Islamic State terrorist group, top defense officials also say the jets are meant to deter "Russian aggression."

The US-led bombing campaign in Syria has been conducting airstrikes against IS targets for over one year, now. These strikes have been carried out by B-1 bombers, A-10 and AC-130 attack planes, and while they haven’t been terribly successful, these bombers have never faced any real danger in the field.
Yet, the Pentagon has suddenly decided that these planes need to be escorted by a fleet of six F-15Cs.

"At the request of the government of Turkey, the US Air Force F-15Cs that arrived last week will conduct combat air patrols to assist in defense of the Turkish airspace," Pentagon spokeswoman Laura Seal said in a statement.

But according to a defense official speaking to USA Today on condition of anonymity, the F-16Cs are largely present to defend against hypothetical attacks from Russian and Syrian fighters.

While both the Russian and Syrian military campaigns are focused on combating IS, the Pentagon has cited month-old claims of Russian jets violating Turkish airspace as justification.

"Turkey faces increased instability along its border with Syria and Iraq and irresponsible behavior from actions in the region," Seal said. "This includes the incursions Russia made into Turkey’s – and thereby NATO’s – airspace in October."

That incident, however, was immediately addressed by both Russian and Turkish authorities.

The deployment of new fighter jets came as the Obama administration also announced a plan to station up to 50 US Special Forces "advisers" in Syria. Reversing the president’s pledge of keeping ground troops out of foreign wars in the Middle East, many have already voiced skepticism that those forces would stay out of combat operations.

Syrian soldiers fought their way into an air base in northern Syria on Tuesday and freed military personnel inside, state television said, after a nearly two-year siege by Islamic State insurgents at the facility.
A military source close to the government said the army was working to secure the Kweires air base in Aleppo Province, where soldiers and officers have been under attack since 2013.
It is the most high-profile victory for Syria's army since Russia launched an air campaign in support of President Bashar al-Assad on Sept. 30.
Syrian state media said that Assad congratulated the head of the military air base for the steadfastness of the troops and also the commander of the offensive which broke the siege.

Britain-based monitoring group, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, also said that an advance party of troops had reached the air base and "broken the siege."
Syrian troops have also been supported by Iranian forces and Lebanese Hezbollah fighters in a push to regain territory, largely in the north, lost to insurgents during almost five years of conflict.

A 6.9 magnitude earthquake has struck off the coast of Chile, some 100 kilometers west of Coquimbo, according to USGS.
The epicenter of the earthquake was located at a depth of just 10 kilometers (6.2 miles), according to the United States Geological Survey, which initially reported it as having a magnitude 6.6.
There were no immediate reports of any injuries or damage having occurred to local buildings. Chile’s Navy confirmed that the parameters of the quake did not suggest a possible threat of a tsunami occurring.
The quake affected the same region as the deadly 8.3-magnitude earthquake in September, which killed at least 15 and forced over one million people to evacuate their homes, triggering tsunami warnings in California and Hawaii.

Oklahoma is now the No. 1 earthquake area in the world, an Oklahoma Corporation Commission spokesman said Monday.
Spokesman Matt Skinner said the state is unique in terms of frequency.
"We have had 15 (earthquakes) in Medford since 5 o'clock Saturday morning," he noted. "We've got an earthquake issue."
Skinner said the world is going through a seismic phase.
"Oklahoma is absolutely unique in terms of the number of earthquakes we've had," he said.
Jim Palmer, OCC director of public information and manager of consumer education, said Oklahoma is unique in North America. He said there are other parts of the world experiencing enormous numbers of earthquakes.
"In North America, Oklahoma is very unique and unique in the world, in the sense that it's concentrated so much in just one area," Palmer said.

We have all seen what has been happening around us now for a very long time. We have all seen our police departments transform from entities that deserved and received the respect of the people, into something, that for all practical purposes, is looking like another branch of the military.
We have witnessed “The War On Drugs” for how many decades now? Has it done anything to make this problem go away? Not one bit. The only thing that it has done, is allow the Federal Government the transform our once “Protect and Serve” Police departments, into an organization that looks at each and every one of us…… As an enemy.
I watched a video last night from the Next News Network, with Gary Franchi. It was titled: Breaking… Obama Federalizes Police forces in six US cities. I watched that video, and as it got done I sat there thinking of a video that I had watched years ago, I couldn’t remember exactly who did it, but I remembered that it was in regards to the Christopher Dorner case. I found the video last night, it was done, the day after Christopher Dorner was burned alive. Christopher Greene of AMTV did the video called, “Red Alert!! Obama to Federalize local Police Departments”. This was done on Feb. 8th of 2013. He saw it and tried to warn of it then.
I listened to videos of the Dorner case, where police are calling out to others to get the gas cans, and set it on fire. And then they laugh. They laugh until they realize that they were being listened to. I thought back then….. Why would these officers do this? Dorner must have known something, about someone, and that someone wanted those secrets dead.

Our government, and the very anti-freedom players, in this chess game of One World Everything, bussed in protestors from numerous locations to partake in what became the destruction of areas of that city. That made us all raise a brow. Then the government called in the National guard, and that made us raise a brow. They had every available cop in riot gear from head to toe, looking exactly like those from the Guard, only they were in blue or black instead of camo. But, they didn’t stop the madness… The didn’t stop the burning of buildings and cars, they didn’t stop the looting of stores. They didn’t stop it at all, they just sat there and watched. They had reporters from places such as Infowars go up to them and point out the location of Moltov cocktails that would be used, and these officers didn’t seem to care, at all.
So, we could easily see that there was a bigger agenda with the Ferguson story, and wouldn’t it all become clear when the Power Brokers of the left, people like Al Sharpton, came on to the scene. We watched Sharpton and others talk about all the unfair treatment of one race and how the ONLY way to make that change, was basically, to destroy the city. Now, this man doesn’t seem to care at all when 15 or 20 black people get killed every single week in Chicago, I haven’t watched any videos like this of him demanding his people stop killing themselves, every single day, in places like Chicago, Detroit, and so on….. 
No, guys like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, they show up when the White House needs the attention on something. And, this event was the beginning of what would soon become the title of this article. Reverend Al got up in front of the world, and spoke of all these unjustices. He spoke of all the horrible things that have happened to black people, by being the victims of all this discrimination. He didn’t call for the people of Ferguson to stop destroying the innocent business owners stores, he didn’t call for the protestors to calm down, so no one else got hurt. What did Reverend Al call for? He called for FEDERALIZING the police….

In March of 2015, Obama and his minions have declared a program where they are taking over control of our local police departments. They didn’t get a lot of people stepping up to volunteer for this, so they had to look for police departments, in counties that were having massive financial trouble, and in exchange for some temporary financial relief, these counties sold out the people that they are supposed to….. SERVE.
Obama has lauched what has been dubbed “National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice.” He has picked six cities, where each and every city has the majority of the residents being minority of some sort and every city except one, is massively controlled by the left.
The first six cities to be targeted as pilot sites will be Birmingham, Alabama; Fort Worth, Texas; Gary, Indiana; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Stockton, California.

Now I will add in here also, that in my research I have found that there are many other cities now open to this also. So, I will ask you all, how can this possibly be good? So, these six cities, at least these are the ones they admit to, will be run, under control of the federal government. Doesn’t that not sit well with enough people that someone stands up to fight against, or try to stop this? And Texas? How can this happen in Texas? Doesn’t Governor Abbot talk constantly about how he is NOT going to allow the Federal Government to tell him what to do?

This will bring up all kinds of new questions. If it is a federal police force, will violations now be federal? Will something that would have been a local issue, now be a federal issue? I don’t know for sure, that is why I am asking. This is something that we should all look into more, and find out more about.

I don’t want this to get too long, but I want to point out that this in no way can end up being a good thing for people who want and love freedom, and the Constitution. Look at what has happened in the last couple years. Whether a false flag or not, the shooting in Charleston has eliminated things such as the Confederate Flag from our lives. There is no debate on these things, they are just done and nobody stands up to stop them. Some might say, I don’t care about the Confederate flag, ok, but what if tomorrow it is the American flag? No debate, no voting, just removed and gone… People banter back and forth, to the fact of whether these events that bring upon all of these new dictatorial powers are real events, staged events or a combination of both. I guess people it doesn’t really matter, because, the federal government is doing things that are so removed and illegal to the Constitution, that is SUPPOSED to be the law of this land, that if something doesn’t happen immediately to stop them I fear this once great nation will completely cease to exist.
Think about something else in researching this also. The federal government has and does use the military in certain ways pertaining to federal things. Does this open a doorway to the day when we might get pulled over for speeding by the Army, or the National Guard? Think I am being silly? Think it could never happen?

The incident at Missouri University yesterday where a photographer was harassed and assaulted for trying to exercise his First Amendment right in a state controlled PC zone is reminiscent of other incidents of intolerance in American history.

For instance, at the Salem village in Massachusetts in the late 1600s where inflexible religious precept disallowed religious and political opposition, an attitude that ultimately resulted in the Salem Witch trials and the execution of suspected heretics and witches.
The incident in Missouri is not fairly analogous to the Salem Witch trials, but the comparison is apropos considering the inflexible and dogmatic attitude of the protesters who had the president of the university,Tim Wolfe, removed because he failed to acknowledge his “white privilege,” a racist precept as odious as the religious intolerance in Massachusetts four hundred years ago.
The events in Massachusetts resulted in violence based on prejudice and the same would be true, if the opportunity arose, in Missouri. The students, indoctrinated by Marxists at the university and infected by the contagion of “social justice” predicated on sexism and racism, are as intolerant and potentially violent as their counterparts in Massachusetts.
A more accurate political comparison would be Mao’s Red Guards in China during the so-called Cultural Revolution. Mao’s youthful Red soldiers helped him re-educate millions of Chinese who were considered enemies of the Cultural Revolution.

The students in Missouri and on college campuses around the country have yet to abduct and re-educate those who do not subscribe to their “social justice” agenda, but they have repeatedly demonstrated a desire to do so.

Mao encouraged students to attack “counterrevolutionaries” and those who deviated from the Maoist ideology. His pogrom was carried out with particular enthusiasm and violence. Millions of people were killed between 1967 and 1971 for the crime of resisting the Revolution and engaging in thought crime. Marxist and socialist professors on American campuses have demonstrated they would like nothing better than to follow a similar path.

In Cambodia in the late 1970s a pattern similar to the one in China unfolded when the brutal Khmer Rouge led by the vicious Pol Pot embarked on an agrarian socialist revolution, resulting in killing fields and around three million people slaughtered. Pol Pot was an admirer of Mao. The Chinese tyrant congratulated Pot in 1975 for installing radical communism. In a way Pol Pot’s experiment was more successful than Mao’s—it resulted in turning everybody in Cambodia into a slave afraid to resist a political orthodoxy imposed by violence.
Students in America duped by Marxists are following a similar path and are acting as the vanguard of violence to come. The inability of the students in the video above to realize they are betraying the cherished and hard fought principles of liberty—freedom of speech and political discourse and the right to be free of coercion and violence—is a mind-numbing first step leading down the path to “social justice” totalitarianism.   


Sandra said...

Interesting that Oklahoma is having all these earthquakes, correct me if I am wrong..Did they not removed the 10 commandments? Are they not installing a statue of Satan? Throw God out, the earth groans.


Mrs.C said...

Off topic :)
To all the Veterans that have Served this Great Nation, THANK YOU & GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS! Lifting up in Prayer, those of you with horrendous scars on your hearts, your souls,bodies & minds, for what you bravely endured and continue to endure. To the LOMLF,1stLT Caver,in your great humility you will never say so, but I will. Your Country recognized you deservedly as a Hero, and you are my Hero too! I am honored and Blessed to be your wife...Greatly thanking you , your Brothers & Sisters in Arms, for all of your sacrifices that you made for this Great Nation...for us...

Scott said...

Amen mrsC. Totally agree

Sandra - interesting observation. We"ll have to keep an eye on that along witb the overAll increase in quakes

WVBORN56 said...

Debka file is reporting Israel bombing raid at the Damascus Airport....one rumor is suggesting Putin has told all nonessential folks out of Damascus...Hmm! Retaliation for the downed Russian passenger jet? This is mere speculation on my part. I wonder if Damascus will be hear in the morning? Most of this stuff is way above my pay grade but certainly things continue to heat up! I have always felt the church would not be here for Isaiah 17...time will tell.