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United In Israeli Hatred - Right On Schedule, Updates From The Middle East

Before getting back to the crisis in the Middle East, which is appropriately dominating the news this week, there are a couple of other interesting stories, the first of which is a must read. The answers to the various questions posed are obvious - it is a supernatural, inexplicable hatred of Israel, and it occurs exactly as the prophetic scriptures would indicate and right on schedule at the end of this age:

I have never met anyone, apart from Arabs who describe themselves as Palestinians, who really give a genuine damn about the Palestinians unless it is linked by an umbilical cord to the hatred of Israel.

Somehow the two things are welded together to the extent that you have to think what comes first - the Palestinian chicken or the Israeli egg.

Those that adopt the Palestinian cause use it as a club to beat Israel. Show me anyone who loves the Palestinians without hating Israel.
Their professed love of Palestinians is selective. They only love them if Israel is lurking there somewhere in their narrative.

They don’t actively love them if Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait and other Palestinian abusers are in the picture. Then they go silent. I wonder why.

  • No BDS campaigns against Egypt for their blockade on Gaza.
  • No pro-Palestinian protests outside Syrian embassies for their wholesale slaughter of Syrian-based Palestinians.
  • BDS has nothing to say about Apartheid-Jordan that has kept Palestinian Arabs stateless, actually in refugee status, since 1948.
  • No peep even against the Palestinian Authority that maintains refugee camps in the territories that they control and administer.
  • How can you be a Palestinian refugee when you live under the control of the Palestinian Authority

Go figure, because I don’t have the answer. Perhaps BDS does.

People who don’t care about the Kurds, Yazidis or Druze yell and scream about the Palestinian condition. Those who do nothing to help Tibetans overcome Chinese oppression, those who merely cluck about Rwanda, Sudan, and Darfur, suddenly discover the Palestinian cause.

If occupation is their schtick how come they do nothing to protest Turkey’s occupation of northern Cyprus or Morocco’s occupation of Western Sahara? Why no boycott campaigns against the two hundred countries that have an occupation issue? How come it’s only Israel that makes them mad?

This professed love for the Palestinians goes hand in hand with a professed hatred of Israel.
The deep hatred that festers against Israel, and I talk about deep hatred not criticism, is all about Israel being the nation state of the Jewish people.

It is an exclusive hatred that goes against all reason and logic, and it shows itself in the falsehoods, the perversion of facts, history and the blood libels with which we Jews are so familiar after centuries of similar defamation.

The UN General Assembly adopted ​six resolutions against Israel in a single day on Tuesday, the NGO UN Watch reported​, including a resolution calling for the ​return of the ​Golan Heights – together with its current inhabitants –​t​o Syria.

No resolutions were passed ​condemning China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, ISIS, or any other ​country that regularly violates human rights.

“Surreal barely captures the scene whereby the world is under assault by terrorists killing in the name of Islam and martyrhood — as Palestinians are doing while stabbing Israeli Jews — and the UN’s response is to reflexively condemn Israel in six separate resolutions, all of which are one-sided,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch.

The resolutions, which are non-binding and drafted by the Palestinians and Syria, ​called – among other things – for Israel to end its so-called occupation and cease implement​i​ng​ Israeli law​ in Jerusalem.

One resolution claimed that Israel’s hold over the Golan Heights, captured in 1967, was “a stumbling block in the way of achieving a just, comprehensive​,​ and lasting peace in the region.” According to UN Watch, the resolution further demanded that Israel hand the land and its people ​over ​to Syria.

Neuer slammed the disproportionate assault on Israel, claiming that it undermines​ the UN’s credibility as an impartial body that promises equal treatment of all nations.

“Today’s farce at the General Assembly underscores a simple fact: the UN’s automatic majority has no interest in truly helping Palestinians, nor in protecting anyone’s human rights; the goal of these ritual, one-sided condemnations remains the scapegoating of Israel,” said Neuer.

Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge has posted the flight paths of the Russian aircraft according to Turkey and to Russia.
We know that Turkey is lying for three reasons.
One reason is that NATO governments lie every time that they open their mouths.
A second reason is that Turkey’s claim that the SU-24 was in Turkey’s airspace for 17 seconds but only traveled 1.15 miles means that the SU-24 was flying at stall speed! The entire Western media was too incompetent to do the basic math!

A third reason is that, assuming Turkey’s claim of a 17 second airspace violation is true, 17 seconds is not long enough for a Turkish pilot to get clearance for such a serious and reckless act as shooting down a Russian military aircraft. If the SU-24 was flying at a normal speed rather than one that would be unable to keep the aircraft aloft, the alleged airspace violation would not have been long enough to be noticed. A shootdown had to have been pre-arranged. The Turks, knowing that the Russians were foolishly trusting to the agreement that there be no air to air encounters, told pilots to look for an opportunity. In my recent article, I gave a reason for this reckless act:

Turkey’s explanation to the UN Security Council gives itself away as a lie. The letter states: “This morning (24 November) 2 SU-24 planes, the nationality of which are unknown have approached Turkish national airspace. The planes in question have been warned 10 times during a period of 5 minutes via ‘Emergency’ channel and asked to change their headings south immediately.”

If the SU-24 takes 17 seconds to fly 1.15 miles, the SU-24s would have only traveled 20.29 miles in five minutes. Does anyone believe that a supersonic aircraft can fly at stall speed for 17 seconds, much less for five minutes?

Do not expect any truth from any Western government or from any Western media. Governments and media know that the Western populations are uneducated, unaware, and can be relied upon to accept any preposterous story. In the West the Matrix has a firm grip. The Russians need to wake up to this fact.

There was no acknowledgement from the “experts” that ISIS is a Washington creation or that until the Paris attack Washington was strongly backing ISIS with both words and weapons against the Russian air attacks that caught both Washington and ISIS off guard. This is extraordinary considering the fact that US responsibility for ISIS was acknowledged on TV by the former head of the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency.

Gullible Americans who give money to NPR are supporting lies and propaganda that have resulted in the deaths and dislocation of millions of peoples and that are leading to WWIII. The Western media whores are complicit in the crimes, because they fail their responsibility to hold government accountable and make it impossible for valid information to reach people. The Western media serves as cheerleaders for death and destruction.

What happens now?

Turkey used its last “freebie” by shooting the Russian plane down. There will be no Western coalition no-fly zone in northern Syria, for which some Senators and presidential candidate crazies were trying to get headlines advocating; at least not the kind they wanted.

Future “threats” to Russian forces will be dealt with by force, and I think world opinion will back this Russian stance. Another card was played on Tuesday, with the announcement that Moscow was going to provide fighter cover for all future bombing missions, something that did not get much attention.

What was missed is that it will take a lot of fighter planes to do that due to the number of sorties being flown daily. And therein lies the silver lining in this tragedy. Erdogan’s mistake in shooting the bomber down has waived the green flag for Putin to bring in enough fighter power for the Syrian coalition to initiate a no-fly zone on any uninvited airstrikes anywhere inside Syrian if attacks on Russian planes were continue.

Between the fighters and advanced missiles, Russia can put a defensive bubble over Syria. It does not want to do that, preferring to establish a real coalition to help do the work and share the cost. China, for example, has been invisible in all of this.

The West’s succession of bad strategy, lies, and tactical blunders is pushing world opinion toward the Russian example of leadership on the world stage. The EU is shifting away from the Russian sanctions with predictions that they will be over sometime in 2016.

Washington has burned bridges with a growing number of European citizens; it is not trusted, and for very valid reasons. Talk of anger over being treated as an occupied people is common now, with the EU as the main tool being used against its own people.

And back here in the US, we ask the same thing — is the system being used against us, where we have a ruling class whose poll numbers are close to single digits? Russia is teaching us all a lesson here. Don’t wait for the monster to come knock on your door. Go knock on his, and do unto him as he would do unto you, and save a lot of lives in the process.

Dominant Social Theme: Russia is evil and Putin is Hitler.
Free-Market Analysis: This CNN article is basically a recap of the accepted Middle East narrative as it now stands. What's going on in the Middle East increasingly resembles – on the surface – an evolution of the "great game" that created World War One.

As it is impossible to believe Turkish F-16 pilots would fire missiles at a Russian plane without authorization from President Tayyip Recep Erdogan, we must ask: Why did the Turkish autocrat do it? Why is he risking a clash with Russia? Answer: Erdogan is probably less outraged by intrusions into his air space than by Putin's success in securing the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad, whom Erdogan detests, and by relentless Russian air strikes on Turkmen rebels seeking to overthrow Assad. ...

Buchanan also mentions that Ukraine economic actions against Russia are expanding once again. Ukraine is targeting now-Russian-annexed Crimea and threatening to withhold electricity. "Crimea receives 85 percent of its water and 80 percent of its electricity from Ukraine," Buchanan tells us.
Most provocatively, Buchanan inquires, "Are [all] these events coordinated? Has the U.S. government given a go-ahead to Erdogan to shoot down Russian planes? Has Obama authorized a Ukrainian economic quarantine of Crimea?"

Buchanan finishes his column with the observation that, "we could find ourselves eyeball to eyeball in a confrontation with Russia, where our NATO allies will be nowhere to be found."

And a question as well: "Has anyone thought this through?"

Following a meeting with Vladimir Putin, Francois Hollande has proved himself to be an independent leader, who is willing to disregard US interests, defense expert Konstantin Sivkov told Sputnik.

"For the first time in a long time a politician controlled by the US made a stand against … American geopolitics," Sivkov noted. "Hollande is acting tough and disregarding US interests in the process. By promoting ties with Russia, the French president is 'creating cracks in NATO's spirit,' essentially splitting the US-led coalition. This deals American geopolitics a major blow."

The analyst believes that the meeting could lead to real military and technological cooperation between Russian and Western forces engaged in the fight against ISIL. 

Hollande's visit to Moscow, according to Suslov, has also put an end to attempts to "consolidate the US-led coalition against Russia and to exclude any contacts between Russia and the Western coalition on activities in Syria."

Since the Nov. 13 terror attacks in Paris, we have seen a distinct spike in the vociferous defense of Islam on the part of the left. Along with patent denials that Islam and Muslims have anything to do with terrorism, those on the left have been shilling for the Obama administration’s desire to admit thousands of potential jihadis from war-torn areas of the Middle East into the United States.

Barack Hussein Obama and his co-conspirators continue to advance the narrative of benign Muslim refugees and the existence of sound vetting processes for their admission. Obama ridicules those in America who urge caution, labeling them as ninnies who are afraid of “widows and orphans” despite women and children being a clear minority among the European refugees.

Through all of this, the leftist press and politicos alike parrot Obama’s talking points verbatim.
On an average day, leftist media operative and activist Sally Kohn (against whom I’ve faced off publicly once or twice) engages in some of the most odious subversive activity against the American people, the rule of law, and Liberty itself. Recently, her social media has exhibited an incomprehensibly craven defense of Islam and its adherents.
Here, Kohn employs the most decrepit illogic imaginable in opposing American prudence in considering Muslim refugees for admission into the United States.

If we violate our core values and refuse to show kindness to refugees, anger and desperation drives them to ISIS. 

This feeble emotional blackmail extrapolates Americans’ characteristic generosity to suicidal proportions, and is the same raison d’ĂȘtre liberals have used to keep us awash in illegal aliens from Latin America. That aside, the premeditation of people who slithered into Europe expressly to abuse Europeans’ generosity (not to mention maiming and killing them) apparently doesn’t raise a red flag for Kohn. Nor apparently does she take into account the 1400-year history of Muslims celebrating their patron demon Allah having “clouded the minds” of enemies who showed compassion toward Muslim populations, only to be cruelly subjugated by the same Muslim populations later on.

The correlation between the rise in Muslim violence and liberals rushing to their defense is undeniable: The more that Muslims themselves affirm our need for vigilance against Islam, the more their advocates on the left engage in damage control through disinformation calculated to placate native populations whilst Islamists advance their agenda.
The liberal narrative concerning these refugees has been beyond Orwellian, and to the rational mind, it all appears quite surreal. This widespread, toadying defense of Muslim brutality by liberals is an exquisite example of mind control via all of the methods of propaganda brought to bear against a population.

Why do leftists advocate for a policy that will domestically destabilize America? As with so many harmful policies they’ve supported, they do so that they may later offer a statist, liberty-killing remedy. In this case, the cure will be a more well-developed surveillance and police state, which they surmise Americans will welcome when we’re being hacked to death on our streets by Muslims.

The bipartisan legislation upon which the House voted last week to augment screening procedures for Syrian refugees passed 289-137. Although Obama said he would veto this measure if it got to his desk, the upside is that we now have a list of 137 members of Congress who should be stripped of their citizenship and exiled to Syria.

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