Sunday, September 27, 2015

Russia Builds Up Syria Airbase, Police Gird For Unrest On Temple Mount

Russia builds up Syria airbase as US policy suffers setback

Moscow pressed its military buildup at a new airbase in Syria Saturday, as Washington admitted rebels it trained surrendered ammunition and equipment to Al-Qaeda in a fresh US policy setback.

A decades-long backer of the Damascus regime, Moscow has steadfastly supported President Bashar al-Assad throughout four and a half years of war that has killed more than 240,000 people.
Its recent deployment of troops and warplanes to Syria, combined with new arms deliveries to Assad's forces, appears to have prompted a significant shift in international efforts to end the conflict.
EU diplomatic chief Federica Mogherini and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif met Friday in New York to discuss "the need to bring the war in Syria, which has caused so much suffering, to an end," the EU said.

US Secretary of State John Kerry was also due to meet Zarif Saturday in New York, and Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet his US counterpart, Barack Obama, on Monday.
Saturday was the 15th straight day Russian transport aircraft had flown in troops and equipment to the Hmeimim base in Latakia province on the Mediterranean coast, a military source told AFP.
"For the past two weeks and again today a Russian cargo plane has landed every morning at Hmeimim," the source said, adding they all had fighter escorts.
At least some of the cargo was then unloaded and transported out of the airport, the source said.
- Russia aid 'turning point' -
US satellites have recorded increased activity by Russian forces at the base inside the Bassel al-Assad civil and military airport.
On Wednesday, the Syrian army used Russian drones for the first time, a security source in Damascus said.

Washington and NATO say recent spottings of helicopters, bombers, ground attack aircraft, tanks and troops prove Russia is building an airbase in Latakia, the Assad regime's coastal heartland.
Russian military aircraft have conducted reconnaissance flights over Syria but not yet launched any strikes, the Pentagon said.

One senior Syrian official called Russia's military involvement a "turning point".
Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Lebanese Shiite militant group Hezbollah, which has fought alongside Assad's forces, said Russia's military support would "affect the evolution of the ongoing battle in Syria".

- New setback for Washington -
Moscow's intervention comes with Washington's own policy for fighting IS in Syria in increasing disarray.

The US has a $500-million programme to train and equip vetted moderates recruited from among the rebels fighting Assad, but it has faced repeated setbacks.
In a shock admission Friday, the Pentagon said a group of US-trained rebels had handed over ammunition and equipment to Al-Qaeda's Syria affiliate, the Al-Nusra Front, purportedly in exchange for safe passage.
"Unfortunately, we learned late today that the NSF (New Syrian Forces) unit now says it did in fact provide six pickup trucks and a portion of their ammunition to a suspected Al-Nusra Front," said spokesman Captain Jeff Davis.
The unit, which included about 70 rebels, was trained in Turkey and sent into Syria last weekend.
Colonel Patrick Ryder, a spokesman for Central Command, which is overseeing the campaign against IS, said the pickups and ammunition represented about 25 percent of the materiel issued to the group.

"If accurate, the report of NSF members providing equipment to Al-Nusra Front is very concerning and a violation of Syria train-and-equip programme guidelines," Ryder said.
That was the latest blow for the troubled programme. The first 54 graduates were attacked by Al-Nusra in July, and the Pentagon says it is not sure what happened to them.
Last week, before the insertion of the new fighters, the US general overseeing efforts against IS drew disbelief from senior lawmakers when he told them only "four or five" US-trained rebels were on the ground fighting in Syria.

Police were on alert Sunday ahead of prayers at the al-Aqsa Mosque for the last day of the Muslim feast of Eid al-Adha, the Feast of the Sacrifice, amid reports that extremists had barricaded themselves in the compound, on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, in anticipation of clashes.

The flashpoint site has seen several altercations between Israeli police and Palestinians in recent weeks, sparking widespread unrest in and around the capital.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon instructed police to allow Muslim worshipers unfettered access to the mount on Sunday, while preventing the ascension of Jewish visitors, so as to head off any conflict.

Nevertheless, Jewish activists were planning to hold a prayer session outside one of the entrances to the Mount, and later attempt to break through and enter the compound, the Ynet news site reported.
The report said a group of several dozen men from the Muslim Mourabitoun group were spending the night upon the Mount with the intention of clashing with Jewish visitors should they attempt to enter the site.

The Mourabitoun were outlawed by Ya’alon along with their female counterparts, the Mourabitat, earlier this month after they were accused of attacking non-Muslim visitors to the Temple Mount and fomenting violent altercations with police.

Recent clashes at the site were triggered by a police raid at the mosque in the run-up to the Jewish new year festival of Rosh Hashanah that turned up pipe bombs, stockpiles of rocks and firecrackers as well as a barricade at an entrance to the al-Aqsa mosque.


Stephen said...



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Sparky said...

It's not , it's to use in the coming world war , China and Russia know EXACTLY what the west are up to , and are using this as a cover to move some of there armoury in place , they know this world war is coming , Putin knows all about the illuminati and there plans , he knows who controls our governments , he knows hey want a world war , he has done all he can to avoid this as long as he can , but they know the west are NOT retreating , so you can see now that Russia and China are manoeuvring things in place ready for this coming war , it will be Russia and China that history will show who started it , but for those in the know , we know the truth ! The west will keep pushing and pushing , and eventually they will leave Russia etc etc no choice , and we will have thier PLANNED world war ! Think I've posted it before , but a good u tube video to watch is " world war 3 is coming soon and here's why " it's 18 mins long !

Mrs.C said...

Mark - Forgive me, but some secular or otherwise, YouTube video means nothing compared to Gods Word. Its also very important to KNOW that any "plans" by little men running around on this Earth will not override Gods Plans whatsoever. HE is the One in control, He is the One sitting on His Throne.:) Where we are, right now in Prophecy, there is no "world war" involving China and Russia. In fact, Scripture tells us that it is Russia and their pathetic remnant tag-a-longs,that will be annihilated on the mountains surrounding Israel in the not too distant future.

Sandra said...

HI Mrs. C,

I agree with you on your points, God's Word confirms the future, it is faithful and true, as is the Son of Man. We are so lucky to be given this map of the future and know that God does not intent us to endure the coming wrath.
GG13, I have enjoyed your posting of scripture, thank you for taking the time.

Scott, the developments are coming so fast now, it is evident that we need to keep looking up. Thank your your faithful work


George said...

Mrs. C is it your belief that we will see the Psalm 83 event? With the buildup it could be just around the corner. With Russia now in Syria if there is any mishaps could it lead to the hook in the jaw for Gog to come and take spoil. What are your thoughts.

Respectfully George

GG2013 said...

Your very welcome. The postings are HS inspired. One day it may be scripture, the next it may be from the daily word which is
more of a reflection on the word in a different light. Either way, I was feeling what Sister Waterer was feeling and this solution seemed to come through prayer and reflection, all the glory goes to God alone. Just a vessel to help us all feel wrapped in his love while we wait.

God Bless!!

Mrs.C said...

George - Psalm 83 is not an event. God means what He says, and says what He means. There is no action, only plotting, and that same evil plotting has been occurring in the nations surrounding Israel for centuries. Psalm 83 begins with describing the plotting, and ends with a Prayer. It is an Imprecatory Prayer against these enemies, that have recycled the same evil since the beginning in the Garden of Eden.
The war of Isaiah 17, is Gods answer to that Prayer.
The Prayer
Psalm 83:13
13. O my God, make them like a wheel; as the stubble before the wind.

The Prayer Answered
Isaiah 17:13
13. The nations shall rush like the rushing of many waters: but God shall rebuke them, and they shall flee far off, and shall be chased as the chaff of the mountains before the wind, and like a rolling thing before the whirlwind.

Mrs.C said...

Isaiah 17:
Israel will have fought a war involving multiple fronts.
Isaiah 17:1 - Damascus
Isaiah 17:2 - Jordan
Isaiah 17:3 - West Bank
Isaiah 17:4-11 - Israel suffers greatly, barely survives, there is “desolation” and God tells us why He allows this to happen to them
Isaiah 17:12-13 The enemy nations surrounding Israel- attempt to "rush in" to finish her off. This is when God does intercede, at the end. He rebukes these nations, so as His people will not be wiped out, and the people of these nations "flee a far off".
Isaiah 17:14 - Gods Word tells us that Damascus, will be gone in a day.

Israel will have fought this Isaiah 17 war, completely alone. They will barely survive, have exhausted all of their weapons and no way to resupply, and the "world" will hate them even more than they do now. Israel will no longer have to worry about the enemy nations that surrounded her, but they pay a very heavy price for this. Israel is severely wounded, and defenseless. This sets the stage for the Ezekiel 38 invasion. Israel will be in a primitive state, and so will the invading Ezekiel forces. At the same time, we have to consider the fulfillment of the Judgment that comes against the nations surrounding Israel. God had Ezekiel devote 8 Chapters in the Book of Ezekiel, to the destruction of these surrounding nations. Ezekiel 25-32
Ezekiel 25 – Jordan, Gaza
Ezekiel 26 – 28 Lebanon
Ezekiel 29 – 32 Egypt

Mrs.C said...

George - Russia has been in Syria for a long time. The "hook in the jaw" will be retaliation, encouraged by the evil remnants of the tag-along-nations. The topography of the land surrounding Israel, will have changed dramatically following the Isaiah 17 war. Gog will hesitate to go in after Israel, but God forces him to, with His Hook, and it will be the end of Gog. Responding as an ally to Syria, whom everyone just witnessed Damascus being completely destroyed along with other surrounding nations. They change their mind, and turn away from the idea of invasion. But then God allows them to have an "evil thought", His "hook" will make it impossible to not act. This is one description of the "hook" by Jack Kelly:
"The “hooks in your jaw” symbolism comes from a special bridle used on a rebellious horse to make it submissive to the rider’s will. Sharp hook-like protrusions on the bit (mouthpiece) irritate the inside of the horse’s cheek, making it painful to resist turning when the reins are pulled and forcing to horse to go where the rider wants. It’s a graphic illustration of how the Lord will drag Russia into this confrontation."

Another description of the "hooks in your jaw", God gives us in Ezekiel 29, when He comes against Egypt. He describes it like catching and landing a fish

Ezekiel 29:4-5
4. But I will put hooks in your jaws,
And cause the fish of your rivers to stick to your scales;
I will bring you up out of the midst of your rivers,
And all the fish in your rivers will stick to your scales.
5. I will leave you in the wilderness,
You and all the fish of your rivers;
You shall fall on the open field;