Thursday, September 10, 2015

Syrian Refugee Wave Hits Europe: Invasion, Immigration Or Both?

The Syrian Refugee Wave Hits Europe: Invasion, Immigration, or Both?

It has become well-accepted in the West that Europe and the United States ought to welcome hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Based on the available evidence, that accepted perspective spells disaster for the character and safety of the West.
This week, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced that the United Kingdom would accept 20,000 Syrian refugees by 2020: “given the scale of the crisis and the suffering of the Syrian people it is right that we should do much more.”
French President Francois Hollande has proposed taking in 24,000 refugees, stating, “it is the principle to which France is committed.”
Germany’s vice-chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel, told public television that the nation could take up to 500,000 refugees per year. Since April 2011, Germany has processed nearly 100,000 asylum applications; Sweden has processed 65,000. More than 16,000 Syrian refugees now await resettlement consideration from the United States government.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper rightly pointed out this week that refugee policy will not solve the crisis in the Middle East. Canada, he said, must “fight the root cause of the problem and that is the violent campaign being waged against these people by ISIS.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed, explaining, “Because of the onslaught of militant Islam in the Middle East and in Africa, Europe is facing the waves, a tsunami of people tragically fleeing from the worst crimes that humanity has seen since the Holocaust.” But the media have no interest in fighting ISIS or Bashar Assad, so Harper’s and Netanyahu’s comments take a back seat to the moral posturing of various nations competing to see who can accept the most refugees.

Who Are These Refugees? That competition to accept refugees would be fine if we knew that the refugees plan on assimilating into Western notions of civilized society, and if we knew that they were indeed victims of radical Muslim atrocities. Unfortunately, we know neither. It is deeply suspicious that major Muslim countries that do not border Syria refuse to take in large numbers of refugees, except for Algeria and Egypt.

Iran has taken in no refugees. Neither have Pakistan, Indonesia, or any of the other dozens of member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain all refused to take any refugees, and explicitly cited the risk of terrorists among the refugees, according to The Guardian (UK).

Actually, images show a disproportionate number of young males in crowds of refugees. And those images reflect statistical reality: according to the United Nations Human Rights Commission, Mediterranean Sea refugees are overwhelmingly male: just 13 percent are women, and just 15 percent are children. The other 72 percent are men. Compare that population to the refugees in the Middle East from the same conflicts: 49.5 percent male, and 50.5 percent female, with 38.5 percent under the age of 12. Those are wildly different populations.

And they act in wildly different ways. According to The Daily Mail (UK), Syrian refugees have turned the Greek island of Lesbos into a “war zone,” and refugees in Hungary taunted police with Islamic chants of “Allahu Akbar.” Hungarian national television channel M1 reported on Tuesday that “Islamist terrorists, disguised as refugees, have shown up in Europe… Many who are now illegal immigrants fought alongside Islamic State before.”
Yet concerns about ancillary motives, repeated by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, have made him an international pariah. Orban rightly pointed out that refugees attempting to travel to Europe are not doing so “because they are in danger, it’s because they want something else.” Clearly, this is true. The father of the three-year-old drowned child, for example, lived in Turkey for three years before attempting to cross to Greece via rubber boat. There is no record of his abuse at the hands of the Turkish authorities.

The Syrian refugee crisis that the media bleats about is not a crisis. And the Syrian refugees it champions are often neither Syrians nor refugees. Fake Syrian passports are cheaper than an EU politician's virtue and easier to come by. Just about anyone who speaks enough Arabic to pass the scrutiny of a European bureaucrat can come with his two wives in tow and take a turn on the carousel of their welfare state.

Or on our welfare state which pays Christian and Jewish groups to bring the Muslim terrorists of tomorrow to our towns and cities. And their gratitude will be as short-lived as our budgets.

The head of a UNHCR camp called Syrian refugees "The most difficult refugees I've ever seen. In Bulgaria, they complained that there were no jobs. In Sweden, they took off their clothes to protest that it was too cold.
In Italy, Muslim African "refugees" rejected pasta and demanded food from their own countries. But the cruel Europeans who "mistreat" migrants set up a kitchen in Calais with imported spices cooked by a Michelin chef determined to give them the stir-fried rabbit and lamb meatballs they're used to. There are also mobile phonecharging stations so the destitute refugees can check on their Facebook accounts.
It had to be done because the refugees in Italy were throwing rocks at police while demanding free wifi.
This is the tawdry sense of entitlement of the Syrian Muslim refugee that the media champions.
Hussein said: "We have the feeling that the aid workers are heartless." (He) lives in a trailer that cost $3,000. The air-conditioner runs with electricity he is tapping from the Italian hospital. The water for his tea is from canisters provided by UNICEF. He hasn't worked, paid or thanked anyone for any of it."
And why would he? He's entitled to it by virtue of his superiority as a Muslim and our inferiority as infidels. There is no sense of gratitude. Only constant demands as if the people who drove out their own Christians and Jews have some moral claim on the charity of the Christians and Jews of the West.
What is happening in Syria is a religious civil war fought over the same ideologies as the ones practiced by the vast majority of the refugees. This is an Islamic war fought to determine which branch of Islam will be supreme. It is not a war that started last week or last year, but 1,400 years ago.
We can't make it go away by overthrowing Assad or supporting him, by giving out candy or taking in refugees. This conflict is in the cultural DNA of Islam. It is not going anywhere.
There are Christian and non-Muslim minorities who are genuine refugees, but the two Muslim sects whose militias are murdering each other are not victims, they are perpetrators. Just because Sunnis are running from a Shiite militia or Shiites from a Sunni militia right now doesn't make them victims.

The moment that their side's militia wins and begins slaughtering the other side, the oppressed will become the oppressors. Such shifts have already taken place countless times in this conflict.
The refugees aren't fleeing a dictator, they're fleeing each other while carrying the hateful ideologies that caused this bloodshed with them.
We aren't taking in people fleeing the civil war. We're taking in their civil war and giving it a good home.
There are already Syrians, Iraqis, and Afghans fighting each other in Greece. Muslim migrants are murdering Christian refugees on the journey over. And this is only the beginning.

The ranks of the refugees include possible war criminals like Abu Hussein, the commander of a Free Syrian Army militia named the Falcons of the Tribe of the Prophet Mohammed, who controls portions of a UNHCR refugee camp and threatens to kill aid workers when they won't give him what he wants.

The bleeding hearts of Europe and America want to take in the cute kiddies, but they'll be getting the Husseins instead who will be running neighborhoods in London, Paris and Toronto. And then the kindly natives will notice that their daughters are coming home late and wonder what is happening to them.
Syria will happen to them. Just as Pakistan and Afghanistan happened to the British girls victimized by the Muslim sex grooming gangs in the UK. Just as Saudi Arabia happened to us on September 11.
We are told that the Syrian refugees "stir the conscience" of the world; certainly not the Muslim world. The Saudis don't want them. Jordan and Turkey have resentfully set up refugee camps without actually offering permanent legal status to them the way that Europe, Canada and America are expected to.
What do Muslim countries know about the Syrian Civil War that we don't?
The Saudis, Jordanians and Turks have their own problems. They don't want to import the Syrian Civil War into their own borders. Only Western countries are stupid enough to do that.

The Syrian refugee crisis is a voluntary crisis. It would go away in a snap with secure borders and rapid deportations. The fake Syrians would stay home if they knew that their fake passport wouldn't earn them a train ride to Germany's Hartz welfare state, but a memorable trip to the Syrian Civil War.
Even announcing such a policy would lead to a rapid wave of self-deportations by finicky refugees for whom Bulgarian jobs, Italian food and Swedish weather aren't good enough.
The crisis here is caused by the magnet of Western welfare states. Get rid of the magnet and you get rid of the crisis. Stop letting migrants who show up stay and there will be no more photogenic rafts filled with "starving" and "desperate" people who pay thousands of dollars to get to Europe and then complain about the food and the weather. Put up border fences and the "hikers" will go back home.

The "humanitarian catastrophe" in which the migrants use their children as photogenic human shields would go away if the doors were closed to everyone except real refugees who were not part of this war. The only thing that taking in fake refugees does is attract more of them and that empowers the left which uses dead children for its power and profit at more places than just Planned Parenthood.
Slovakia has announced that it will only take in Christian refugees and that's the right thing to do. Christians are the real victims of this Muslim conflict. The vast majority of the refugees, many of whom aren't even Syrians, aren't. The rest of Europe should use Slovakia's refugee policy as a model.

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Peter said...

Just imagine what happens when Shia and Sunni are united in purpose rather than attacking each other.

Mrs.C said...

With what the Almighty God of Israel is about to do, Islam will be left irrelevant...

Scott said...

Indeed. Not only that. But they will have in fighting at the time the Gog-magog invasion takes place. Which is easy to see happening.

Peter said...

I'd like to make sure you I understand your viewpoint. You believe that Gog-Magog will happen, which will effectively result in Islam being wiped out, right? And then the Antichrist will appear after that, correct? And then the tribulation, which we won't be around for, right?

Unknown said...

Remember when the isrealis turned away from God their enemies were allowed to attack and plunder them? The same today if nations turn away from God the enemy will be allowed to come in and attack the nation until that nation repents. These thousands refugees may actually be allowed to come in from Almighty God himself to fulfill his purpose and will

Scott said...

Its a short version of what the bible says. However i dont think it can be proven conclusively. But at the latest i believe it has to happen within the first 2 months of the trib because i dont believe tbe burning of weapons will extend into the 1000 yr reign of Christ. Ultimately it looks lime we have gog magog happening as part of setting the stage for the covenant of Dan 9:27 and the beginning of the trib with islam devastated in the process, allowing for the Temple being built. Please dont try to turn this into pre wrath debate thanks

Mrs.C said...

Caroline - God deals with Israel/His People, separately and differently than any other nation on earth. We have known for decades that the US is not a major participant in the End Times, which is heartbreaking to witness, and signifies the obvious...we will at some point no longer be the world leader as a nation :( No matter how it happens, it will happen exactly as God wants it to...

Mrs.C said...

Exactly Brother Scott :) as Jack Kelly says in reverse :)
“The Millennium obviously can't happen till the Second Coming, because that's when the Lord returns to establish it. And the Second Coming can't happen till the end of the Great Tribulation. And that can't happen till the anti-Christ stands in the Temple in Israel declaring himself to be God. (2 Thes. 2:4) That's the event Jesus warned Israel to look for as the Great Tribulation's opening salvo. He called it "The Abomination of Desolation" in Matt. 24:15-21.
But that can't happen till there's a Temple. There hasn't been a Temple in Israel since 70AD and there won't be one until the Jews decide they need one. That won't happen until God reinstates their Old Covenant relationship, signaling the start of Daniel's 70th week. And that can't happen till the Battle of Ezekiel 38-39 is won, because it's Ezekiel's battle that officially draws the Jews back to God. (Ezek. 39:22) And that can't happen till the Church is gone, because the Church and Israel are mutually exclusive to Him. (Romans 11:25 & Acts 15:13-18) And that brings us to the present, because there is no preceding event for the Rapture of the Church. It could happen at any time."

Scott said...

Thats a good way to state it. Plus those concepts are further clarified in Dan 9 when it is explained to Daniel who the 490 years are for and there is no church in that picture. Not to mention the fact that the Church wasnt present in the first 483 years so how much sense would it be for the Church to be present for 3.5 or 7 of the 490 years? As far as gog magog timing and the rebuilt temple, i have a hard time seeing any temple rebuilding allowed unless its in a post gig magog scenario with a crippled devastated islamic population in the region

Scott said...

Gog not gig lol

Mrs.C said...

gig lol :) Yes indeed, in agreement Islam will be toast in that region :)

Waterer said...

Just a quick question. We were all looking for the Damascus war and then the Isis thing literally popped up over night.Isn't it possible that the Lord is moving people out of Syria because of this coming devastation?

Scott said...

Interesting thought. I think its also interesting that Russia 's base is close to Damascus.

George said...

Let me know if I am wrong, but...
Jeremiah 49, Isaiah 17, Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38&39, I don't think we will be here for any of that. It is my hope an prayer that we will be busy learning about our new home and getting close and personal with our Lord.
The Bema Seat Judgement. Rewards in the form of crowns. It will be amazing to watch that whole ceremony. Casting crowns at our Lords feet. The wedding and feast. We will be busy, content and completely satisfied.
Then following our Lord back for the final battle. So much destruction and chaos but we will be focused on our Lord. His victory, because He must reign.
And I have heard people say heaven will be boring.

Unknown said...

Amen George....did anyone really think this nuclear deal would fail, really??? Is it a surprise? This is all being incorporated into the final chapter....."you meant it for evil, but the Lord used it for good"....ring a bell? We must be very close now.

Scott said...

Peter. I wish you would read more commentary on those issues. Get Walvorrd's commentary on revelation or Daniel. Also. Look at descriptions of second coming in zech 14, matt 24, or rev 20. Where do you see a rapture described? I sure dont

Scott said...

And again. Jesus took the wrath of God for us. Why would we have to experience Gods wrath ? Doesnt that seem contradictory to you?

Scott said...

Peter. You are baiting for a debate in the topic its pretty obvious when you start talking about the timing of the rapture. And i have said dozens of times im tired of repeating that cycle over and over and over again it does no good. And one thing that always perplexes me. I never ever see pre trib folks going to "other" boards pushing that point if view. Yet almost every pre trib site gets flooded with post tribbers and mid tribbers pushing their views. Its a strange thing ive never figured out. But again. When i get the energy and in the mood. Probably in a slow weekend ill present the view and open it up for discussion (as ive said on many occasions). But otherwise the news if the day get obscured in this endless and extremely frustrating debate

Scott said...

Peter. If you dont understand the difference in persecution of Christians by men on earth and God's wrath during the tribulation, then we are so far apart its not worth wasting time honestly